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  1. Hey.. One new trak online. Its 145BPM Hope you like it... http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/jetomusic.htm 03 Jeto - Racing
  2. If you got the latest version of Cubase 2 you should be fine... I used the same 2x2 box and I have not much latency at all Make sure you get the newest drivers for it. LIVE is a good option as well.
  3. Jeto

    V/A - Pressure

    V/A - Pressure Artist: Various Title: Pressure Label: Spun Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Soundaholix : Revolution Of The Mind 02. Earthling And Bushman : Waking Life 03. Juvenile And Cyrus Virus : Forbidden Planet 04. Wizzy Noise : Tropic Remedy 05. Gms And Space Tribe : Alternate Future 06. Alternate Vision : Out Of The Loop 07. Gms And D-tek : Lod Dorados 08. Dino Psaras : Thank You For Calling 09. Gms And The Antidote : Power Surge 10. Dynamic : Ovni Review: 1. SOUNDAHOLIX - REVOLUTION OF THE MIND this one opens with quite a deep approach... very deep bassline... good for night... 2.EARTHLING & BUSHMAN - WAKING LIFE this one is progressing more into a fluffy... coming out of the night... really nice work on this one... I am looking forward to some new Bushman... this was also featured on new indian label Third Eye Records. 3.JUVENILE & CYRUS the VIRUS - FORBIDDEN PLANET this one has a nice feel to it... i really like the synth sounds in this one... i looking forward to both thier new releases 4.WIZZY NOISE - TROPIC REMEDY i like some wizzy.. but this track wasnt much my style.. maybe too tribal.. i think it will grow on me with time 5.GMS & SPACE TRIBE - ALTERNATE FUTURE its nice to see gms colaborate with a pioneer in goa trance... seems like they are geting in touch with thier roots maybe this track is very suprising...not the typical GMS... 6.ALTERNATE VISION - OUT OF THE LOOP this is a good floor filler... i believe there was a mixup with the name of this track 7.GMS & D-TEK - LOS DERADOS hehe... what can i say this one is just really amazing... i love those samples... 8.DINO PSARAS - THANK YOU FOR CALLING ok this is a very nice idea.. but comon.. its a bit too cheezy for me... good effort.. its nice to hear once or twice but too many times 9.GMS & ANTIDOTE - POWER SURGE this one is very groovy.. nice outcome fro this colaboration... 10.DYNAMIC - OVNI this one suprised me.. they got some cool sounds and fx and nice sample All in all.. i think this is a pretty good release... My fav are #2,3,5,7,9,10 SPUN crew did it again... Thanks for this good music and keep up.. lots of more goodies coming.. including remixes and albums of killer artists! and support them.. they are in USA.. this one is availible in the stores all over ! The SPUN records website is www.spunrecords.org check it out for upcoming releases and artists. they also have a forum!
  4. Jeto

    Vibra - Civilizations

    This is a killer album... Its very well blended psytrance... not the typical full on... it varies from some nice progressive to full on... Its an excellent buy... some tracks have MAJOR amounts of FUNK.. I would say the funk factor is rather high... all groove... some killer ones here... 75% of the album normal person will like.. gauranteed...
  5. Jeto

    Yahel - Hallucinate

    Some very good... club stuff here... its trance.. but very clubish.. good sounds... nice ideas.. well executed.. listen and fly!
  6. Jeto

    V/A - Think Sync

    V/A - Think Sync Artist: Various Title: Think Sync Label: Compact Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Dual Head And Wrecked Machines : Which One 02. Psysex : Altered States 03. Sub 6 : El Novasion 04. Cosma And Omc : Keep Your Mind 05. Domestic : Simulated 06. Atomic Pulse : Reborn 07. Pixel And Cyclic : Twist A Gain 08. Panick : Cheezy Poofs 09. Dual Head : Blackin Human Bass Megamix Review: Over here we got some quality music.. I recon this is one of the best releases in the early months of this year. Top notch acts with top notch music. With a little combination of all.. you will hear some full on, progressive and melodic stuff in here... its got subtle combination and mixture of some groovy styles... First track is a collaboration between Dual Head = Pixel and Domestic and Wrecked Machines/ a Brazillian act. the outcome is excellent... next up is none other than Psysex... this track was previousy released in a compilation which was released in Japan only.. now is the chance to hear this gem. track 3.. Sub 6 just blows my mind every time I hear thier track... this one is very groovy.. such a diffrent style.. very laidback..almost dub/trance...very well blended... Probably my Fav on here...Cosma.. RIP got a very nice full on morning track here..Domestic's track here is nice.. after long time we finally get a domestic track...Atomic Pulse track is nice..similar style to most.. morning full on... then up next is a collaboration between Pixel and Cyclic = 1/2 of Gorlation Corporation...intresting work here... very well blended... Another one of my favs....Track 8 .. Panick.. his style is very unique and he is very talented.. this track is groovy towards the end..watch out for his full lenght album SooN! this CD closes with a rmx to a very known track which stomped all the floors... well Done boys!... This is truly a good release from ComPact! Keep Up! I suggest you buy it
  7. Go Sahar! Killer Disc here!
  8. Jeto

    V/A - Full On 6

    Deifnatly a fine compilation from HomMega, The cover has actually the real waveforms of the track. Almost all of these tracks are killers... Highlights 1,3,6,7, and 9. This Infected Musroom track is definatly influenced by 80s eletronic music...
  9. Jeto

    V/A - Kamaflage 2

    One of the best releases in this style... Psy House.. Dragonfly has really taken it to another level! Highly recomended for people looking for a more mainstream approach to trance.
  10. Jeto

    V/A - Jokers Files 2

    Oh yea... the first one had much more substance to it...what happened... some jokers compiling? seems lack of punch...
  11. Jeto

    GMS - No Rules

    This album is one of the best of 2002... Clean cut and very well produced... Bansi and Riktam have done it again... this time the formula is on!
  12. Jeto

    GMS - No Rules

    Definatly my cup of tea!
  13. Jeto

    Lish - Dejavoodoo

    Damn... Whats with the Cover???
  14. Jeto

    Hujaboy - Hujajoy

    Nice one... The guys up there got it covered... So what you waiting for .. go get it
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