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Toï Doï - Technological


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Guest Epic Automata

Listened to this one again after some time, as I had put it on the shelf with

the other not-so-great albums. Figured I'd give it another try. Well, I still

didn't like it. What I did like was the programming - lots of great sounds and

samples. But, my god, could music get more repetetive and boring than this?

Some artists, unfortunately, are really great at making great sounds but are

not very good at making actual fully-developed songs that keep you guessing

and keep you on your toes (Haldolium is another great example - incredible

programming but poor song-making). Anyway, sorry to be the only trasher for

this album, but I give this one a 6/10.

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It's growing on me.....slowly....but surely.......it's coming in like a comet,

first it's small and distant but then it becomes larger and larger, until the

point of no return, when it hits the surface of your brain and it fires it up

like a vulcano doing it's usual business of rampage and destruction.

I bought this album after reading the reviews on this site and when I first

listened to it, I didn't like it that much. I diceded to read some more

reviews , to stimulate me in hearing things I might had overlooked. Then I

found to look beyond it's seeming simplicity and "read in between the lines"

and found an intricate and delicate sound that's weaven through-out the album,

sometimes hearable, sometimes created by the silence between the other sounds.

This man has succeeded in creating something more delicate then your average

album, instead of letting the sounds take you to another dimension, he creates

the opportunity and space for your brain to fly away by itself and only

stimulates your emotions in a real subtle way. It might not always be great to

listen to, but taken in at the right time, it's magic!

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Guest djsvirka[at]goatrance[dot]com

I have a Cd from your new album and I am so Imprest, I listen it,..... It was

so much energy in this music, with one word I am so satisfy, thank you alot

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Guest deviantdidg[at]yahoo.co[dot]uk

"Technologic" is great - track 8 is my favourite. Superb B movie alien type

noises :) Gilles is a top geezer too - so go out and buy his album!


Mike Indidginus.

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Guest kokko[at]hotmail[dot]com

There is so much energy in this album that it´s hard to handle often =) But

when you are loaded enough and put it on you will be on fire! :)

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Extremely refreshing release, melodic psy but with lots of new stuff. The

melodies are great, very powerful, and everything works well. Toï Doï has his

own style, he doesn't copy anyone, and it seems that he is ready to

experiment. The tracks differ from each other quite a bit, so this doesn't get

boring (at least not easily). Without doubt one of my favourites from the year

2000. For me the absolute highlights are tracks 3, 7 and 8. 9/10

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Guest vortech604[at]onebox[dot]com

Excellent, excellent stuff!!


My favos:

1. Replicant (Track 3)

2. Nuage D'Encens (Track 7)

3. Spiraldive (Track 6)

4. D Liss (Track 9), why is this underrated here??

5. Updays (Track 8)


Anyway, needless to say, this is an exellent stuff for fast good power people,

be careful on empty highways while listening to it! :)


Thank you, Gilles / Toï Doï !

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Guest Defbydelta...

...is this real? im i dreamin? is this earth?

where do all the strange noise come from?

im scared, HELP MEEEEEE!!!!

Aha, ok its just Toï Doï.. Phuu..



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Guest Defbydelta...

Oh shit this IS GOOD!!! "Up days" is fuckin amazing

what a rush, what a trip, u want it to never stop just wanna dance till ur

foots start to blead its the best!

nice from the start to its end..



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Guest ejaouen[at]rurintel.fr.eu[dot]or

This is a pure jewel very full on, melodic but never noisy. All tracks are

great but my favorites are the 1 and 2. I am always happy when I put this CD

in my player.

No less than 10/10 maybe the best of all my cds.

Good luck on publishing the following toidoi albums (which are ready) I'll buy

them as soon as they will be available

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Guest Bezkurton

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW IT's MY TURN TO REVIEW THIS.Giles best friends are


better to say somekind of new PSYCHEDELIC GOA because hi mixed old(for sure

the best) goatrance AGRRESIVE SHIZOFRENIC MELODIES and he is riching them with

earpainles psychedelies(example track 3).In the 7-th track there is one

very hard inteligent melody(4 min and 10 sec)and after the melody there are

fast mindblowing psichedelies who after a few time becomes to another


this on parties and alwais will by in my set!For this are spend 3 ears,and

that shows that giles is one serious musician in the trance music,that is very

diferent than nowadays bands!!!!!!!!!for other perfect LSD tracks like


10/10 Dj-morodohium MACEDONIA.

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Guest earthborn44[at]hotmail[dot]com

It is a great album indeed, i just would love that he included in the tracklist

psystic (one of my favorites of all time), for me this, d'eden space and

morpho crisis are his best creations, ok so if you want to listen to nice psy

trance there's also miraculix, psyside, cpc project, psykovsky, droidsect,

wrecked machines,magus, process, krumelur, etc...

All the anterior groups are unique, away from repetitive and comercial


If somebody here wants to chat about psytrance here's my email.


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Guest Smarthowie

very great album, almost all tracks here are excellent, fast, nice basslines,

KEEP up the gOOd work tOidOi, I`m lOOking forward to buy & hear the next album

of yours!!!! :) peace..

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Guest Digital Brain

Dont get this album on CD-R or on mp3. Get it originaly bought from a CD store.


Extra Hard Psychedelic Goa Trance. You got the progreesive bass line, you got

the psy samples and melodies and the goa-trance melody which is the soul of

all tracks in the album. Best track, which may also be the best track in all

goa-trance history, is Nuage D'Encens which I think on French means Black

Snow.What a methaphorical resemlance to what awaits us in the future. One of

the best CD's i have in my possession. But like I said, get this CD if you can

ORIGINAL. If you cant find it in a store, dont try looking for it at all. The

melodies and psy samples are so comleksed that you would be dissappointed if

you know that you have it but with a decent sound quality. 10/10

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Guest Psykret

This is Crazy madness,it think it might cure sickness for mentally ill


I LOVE IT!!!! 10/10



Watch out for this one,it might destroy your head!

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Guest Slave2rave

I absolutely have no words to describe this. I could review it track by track,

but i won't. Every nice word on this planet wouldn't do justice. So i prefer

not to comment on them. Just listen to it, close your eyes and listen. Ok,

don't use head phones, 'cause you won't be seat for more than 35 seconds. And

you better believe me. Gilles, i always knew, since the beginning, that you

had it in you. Thanks for doing it so perfectly! 10/10, if it does any


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Posted Image


Toi Doi - Technological


1. Star shoot trippers

2. D'eden space

3. Replicant

4. Enfants sacres

5. Ze cosmo trips

6. Spiral dive

7. Nuage D'encens

8. Up days

9. D-Liss


Probably one of the best Goa/Psy Albums I have ever heard, Technological by the french producer Toi Doi was one of my first Goa albums, and I still love its energy a lot.


01 - Star Shoot Trippers

The album starts off with an ambient, spacey intro and a robotic voice sample taken from the movie "Dune", until a quite heavy beat and a pounding bassline kick in. Spacey FX and trippy synthlines constantly add more drive to the tune. Until at 3:30 a razor sharp synthline starts melting its way through the listener's brain. This very non-melodic track constantly picks up more and more layers until it releases its full madness in a great climax in the end. This is Hi-Energy Psy at its best, far from bein plain Full-On (9/10)

02 - D'Eden Space

Picks up the trippy, cybernetic feeling of the first track. Again lots of LFOed, harsh and trippy synths guide the track towards the first climax at 4:15. The lead melody is very dark and haunting. The track's structure is very similar to the first one so we are taken on a very hard trip again. The track is quite long though and doesn't manage to keep up my full attention during its full length. Neverless, a very enjoyable track (8/10)

03 - Replicant

This track gets more melodic finally, and this is not a bad sign at all. This is classic Hi-Energy Goa like it should be. It probably can't get much trippier. More and more layers of very futuristic "technoish" synths are added. Awesome! (9.5/10)

04 - Enfants Sacres

Extremely hard track with a monstrous bassline and a very hard percussion. Has some very interesting passages with creepy synthlines. Sounds like it is probably a precursor of the Dark Psytrance of nowadays. All in all, a bit disappointing (6/10)

05 - Ze Cosmos Trips

A dark, demonic voice introduces this tune which again starts off very obscure. There are a lot of weird FX all over the place that clearly have remind me a lot of the nowadays' Darkpsy again, but here it has been done a lot better than on track 4. Massive FX melt their way through your brain, metallic synthlines remind of a world inhabited by hostile cyborgs. While other tracks on this album already fit the title of the Album, this one would fit a soundtrack to Stanislaw Lem's nightmares. (9/10)

06 - Spiral Dive

While this track runs at a quite fast pace, it's probably one of the least energetic tunes on "Technological". And it lacks a bit the great FX of the previous tracks, though there are some great mind-grinding sounds inside. Solid (7/10)

07 - Nuage D'Encens

Great beginning with some kind of slapped bass sounds, then it picks up a very weird talkbox-type synthline, spaceship FX, and even a female singer sample (which fits very well). Again, Toi Doi present us more and more layers on top of each other until it explodes a pure cyber-mayhem. The leads are not what I'd call melodic, because they are very repetitive, but somehow it works amazingly well! (9.5/10)

08 - Up Days

This is the ultimate space trip! All the other tracks have been quite multi-layered as well, but the depth of this tops it all. This is maximal, trippy Goa at its best. Describing all the images it creates within me and the state it puts me in would probably become too long, so I just say you must listen to this one! (10/10)

09 - D-Liss

Again, a very trippy tune, this time not so cold, metallic and cybernetic as the rest of the album was. In fact, this track is very warm Dream Goa Trance that is well placed as an ending of the album. Very deep and detailed track with a great mood. (9.5/10)


Overall rating: 9/10


A very dark and trippy album with a very artificial and robotic atmosphere. This is a great Oldschool Dark Goa album that also coined the Dark Psy artists very much. If you like a maximal style and a rather high tempo, you should really check out this album.

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