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Toï Doï - Technological


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Toï Doï - Technological


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Artist: Toï Doï

Title: Technological

Label: Avatar

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. Star Shoot Trippers

02. D'Eden Space

03. Replicant

04. Enfants Sacrés

05. Ze Cosmos Trips

06. Spiraldive

07. Nuage D'Encens

08. Updays

09. D Liss




Ok.. A long awaited album finally released...on Avatar Records..

1st track starts of with a sample similar to dancing galaxy by astral

projection.. into a typical kickdrum... very hypnotic.. samples of voices very

muffled or something of this sort... no breaks in this one..2nd track sounds

very much like Paranoic Sensation - Matrix (Rmx)..

in my opinion... very nice kickdrum and cruncy sounds everywhere...It gets

REALLY twisted after a while... One of my Fav tracks of this year...very

psychedelic..3rd track was just crazy...all building up to something... 4th

track sounds kind of old school a bit.. has some nice samples... nice one...

5th one has some nice sounds... but kinda bored me...6th one is another one of

my favorites.. the intro is just too great...very dancy... GREAT ONE...7th one

has a very funky slapy kind of bass... some vocal samples... everything making

sense in the end kind of track with key changes etc...8th track is quite old

school sounding... and the closing track 9 is very hard kickdrum... the whole

song is kind of minimal and hard...I would say this album has some nice

songs... specially #2 #4 and #6 !!!!! 9/10!

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I sat down to ear this album for the first time but i couldn´t stay seated for

a long time. Gilles Coia made me jump from the sofa and start jumping around

for 79 min. Such power and strenght in his music...MAN!!! Then when I started

to breath normaly again I gave it a second listen and I was blown away,

especialy with "Nuage d'encens" and "Up Days". These two tracks have such

twisted melodies, that punish your brain without any kind of compassion...yes,

this is the kind of headache i like. Very strong competitor to album of the

year! 10/10

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Guest God[at]dj26brian

i greet thee,0'Gilles Coia the goatrance reviver and only godsend artist to

come out with a knock out ,in- your - fucking -face album.The Perfect Recipe

for a excellent,raw goa party.Drilling at its best especially

Nuage d'encens,Spiral drive and updays.

(i always knew this guy had it in him)

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Guest Goa Spirit

i really waited in aticipation for this release.. and i wasn't dissapointed...

toi doi - a.k.a. gilles coia is one of those groups that i heard on

compilations and wondered why they didn't have an album out... well its

finally here... rocking rocking album... as usual the best releases seem to be

agian coming towards the end of the year... 7.5/10

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Guest AtomicCow

I like this album. It's very energetic and has a bit of an oldschool feel to

it sometimes. I think that in the middle of all this minimalism it's a good

sign. At first the tracks sound very complicated but later you realize that

there aren't many layers to it and the melodies are fairly simple and

repetitive...it's just all very well concealed. Track 2 really gripped me at

first..the sound effect in the beginning blends really well with the bass and

then that haunting sound. I didn't give the rest of the tracks a good enough

listen to judge them individually...so I just have a very general impression

of this album for now.

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Guest front[at]netc[dot]pt

MAN!!! I think I'm going to need PROFESSIONAL HELP after two or three weeks of

listening to TOÏ DOÏ. Where did this guy found inspiration to create such

music? He must have spent some time in a mental institution! 11/10

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Guest smokeBuddha

This is a pretty damn good album. Best thing is that it combines newer stuff

with a really old school feel. I love it. Very psychedelic and highly

recommended. 9/10

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Guest Slidingtrancer

This must be one of the best cd's I own(and i have a lot). i first felt a

little dissapointment at the minimalistic bassline, but soon even they worked

for me. I think this is one of the best releases of 2000. Even if you don't

like his 'sound', there is pure nostalgia and beauty in this one!.

It's nice to see some oldschool goa comin' back with some new elements. Track 2

and 3 aren't that great and maybe a bit repetetive, but from 4 on this will

make you dance AND enjoy :-) I especially like song 8- Updays, which has some

nice vox and strings in it. This album is surely enjoyable and that's why i

give it a 8.5/10 ( i degraded some because of the first 3 trax) :-) BoM!

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Guest goapsytrance[at]hotmail[dot]com

I can FEEL my brain twistiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg? This album is really good,

very very psychedelic, a delicious blend of oldschool and newschool. Each

individual layer of sound is quite simple, but there are so many of them and

they change so often that it adds up to complex, full-on psychedelia. While

it is true that the songs sound similar to each other, the album is still

definitely worth buying. Best tracks are 6, 7, 8, all good on the dancefloor.

Keep it coming Gilles! 8/10

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Guest Chai Whaller

Absolutly wicked-now you know what those monster tracks Goa-Gil was belting out

of his D-8s. Warning if you dont get it the first time its going to snap your

neck the second and not recommended for minimalist listening poofs.More Alien

noises than Tim Shuldt put together.

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Guest roark_in[at]hotmail[dot]com

this guy iz a nut...one of the best samples ever to b heard come

from this dude..havoc and +energy r the words that come to mind......

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Guest o ho ho ho ...

good stuff, i'm not sure how to classify it but if you are open minded you will

love it, on the surface it sounds extremely simplistic but funky, on the

inside (after a little while) its almost as good as Infeced, Astral or

Hallucinogen - my favorite artists :))) 8/10 at least!

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Guest AMP - heirofset[at]yahoo[dot]com

He is good and makes you jump. Still I was a little disappointed when I watched

him play music on a party.

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Travelling companions,

thank you with you all which express your enthusiasm with listening of my

album, that gives me still more desire for making you travel,

I take care there!

So long on the dance floore.

Gilles / Toï Doï

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Guest SunStorm[at]Goatrance[dot]com

Oh dear god... This music makes me wanna open my french book and start

studying.... I'm not sure that's a good or bad comment... but what i know for

sure is that this is 100% great psytrance!! Just luuuv the acid in Star Shoot

Trippers! but I dont like track nr 7... Can't swallow the wierd

bass/acidline(?) in the beginning...

keep up the good work! 7.5/10

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Guest mikkolahti[at]yahoo[dot]com

WOW WOW WOW! what more can I say? Definetly one of my best albums ever! Truly

magical and intensive music! All tracks are VERY good. track 1 is a bit

repeative but exellent also.

I´m amazed... Thank you Toï Doï! =)

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Guest agibson684[at]earthlink[dot]net

It's been so much fun experiencing each one of these tracks. This album

presents a perfect combination of driving rhythm and psychedelia. Each track

seems to be peak time material and undoubtedly should place you in groove

nirvana. Toi Doi definitely has his mind in the correct place for wanting to

move people. There is no deviation from his formula. I find this an

essential release and have already inducted it into my personal trance Hall of

Fame for being so true to Psy-Trance and delivering to me an ear to ear grin

at each listen. With much love, respect and apreciation for Toi Doi's work I

must say 'Namaste'. Epitome of Dance Trance!

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Guest -Shroom-

THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!! You cant imagine how long i waited for this album to

come out!! When it finally came out i was so dissapointed...NOT!!!

This cd was beyond of what i thought!! When i came from a party, i started to

hear the cd, even i was so tired, i fuckin started to dance!! and when i got

to track 7 (Nuage D'Ecens) my heart started to pound so hard, i thought i cant

breath!!! this track is simply Crazy Wicked PSYCHEDELICA!!! after that track i

couldn't even listen to the tracks after that one. I was shocked. i will give

it 100/10. this is such a good cd! i would buy it even if it was just a 2

tracks in it!

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