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  1. love it symphoid, especially the orchestral theme. whatever downpoints the track features there are so minor one has to specificly listen for them, and are therefore only worth metnioning for the complete perfectionist. personally is love the whole mix of orchestral influences and electronica, and although perfectly fitted for games and movies, this song holds up perfectly without beong backed by those visuals, for a track so remindfull of a soundtrack to envoke those images without the accompinement (SP?) of these visuals is just class A work
  2. excellent stuff people. been doing some research of my own, and the sixdegrees label (banco de gaia) has some very nice comps: the arabian travels (1 &2) cheb i sabbah (although more eastern then middle eastern) all electronic, but more "authentic" based then a lot of hte psy chill releases. and aah yes of course how could i have forgotten toires amazing music
  3. nice! been looking for middle eastern stuff accually, found natascha atlas who has a beautifull voice, but apart from the marc eagleton project i found her work to much hip hop influenced. does anyone one know of some more middle eastern (influenced) music, doesnt have to be electronic hybrid or anything at all
  4. hehe good stuff. you young man have too much free time on your hands!
  5. incredible stuff! one of the more enjoyable ambient i heared in quite a while
  6. he devious, a bit off -topic, i too have the holy mushroom vinyl and while bought cheaply second hand it's not in great condition (although not bad at all..), the begginig of "Etnica-Mystical Appearance In Goa" seems recorded awfully low in volume. you have the same problem with your copy or just my luck on the pressing?
  7. absolutly amazing stuff this! very technoish, and because of the flatness it weirdly sounds even more fresh, like they realy just are doing it for the fun of it. not that weird though imo, but i like stuff weird weird weird
  8. may i ask what the cover is that you put for "dark madness" ? (or artist that you consider there?)
  9. dan the automator - music to make love to your old lady by no seriously, check it out (it has a slight patton-esk quality to it.....
  10. great it's back! good job mars. and yes, when it was on line again, and i read the temporary banning and rules i too felt:"hey WTF?, thats not right, i might just leave, he toke away the freedom of the place" calming down i realised that that was BS, your right, some rules need to be here. some people just immediatly speak their heart, some wait and see that their first reaction were a bit over active. i too come here for the off topic nonsense, i lost interest i most "modern" trance music a along time ago, but coming here and shooting crap is always nice, talking about trance doesnt interest me, talking with people from around the world (or at least reading their comments) does interest me, i am sure this will continue, we just need time, and through your efforts, the time the forum needs to heal itself is minimal. i respect the effort you put into this, and i can only hope that people that felt offended with your harsh reactions (ttue or untrue is not important here), realise that the people make the forum, not the rules.
  11. Odd Harmonic - Coincidentalism Artist: Odd Harmonic Title: Coincidentalism Label: Demon Tea Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 08'48" Truck Of Bones 02. 06'00" Spear Hunt 03. 05'59" Of 04. 07'17" Parathoxyphenylathylamine 05. 04'55" A Deadly Dance 06. 06'32" Subtropical Beat Retreat 07. 05'32" Great God 08. 06'04" Boomwhoppa Baby Review: This must be the most psychotic cd in my collection. The first couple of times you listen to it, most of it seems random noise, and out of rhythm and harmony. But then you listen some more and patterns emerge from the chaos, and it becomes dark, sinister music. Most of it might be energetic but it is not danceable, because of the complex breakbeats and al the weird little bassy tones that fly through the songs. It's extremely hard the discribe the music, but the best way would probably that this could be the soundtrack to some stage/movie version of A Brave New World (A.Huxley), dark doomsday scizophrenic future sounds, that will show you a world filled with masshysteria, rain, dark big city's and gloomy gnomes that rip up your speakers as they try to come out of it. It' a mixture of breakbeats, dark trance sounds, weird little melodies and a lot of bass sounds. For anyone that want's something frightening weird!
  12. spacemonkey

    Ubar Tmar - True

    i am up grading it to a 10/10, after extensive listening!
  13. If you like Anime (Japanese cartoons/manga) This stuff will probably apeal to you. It has the same strange combination of happiness, harshness and sudden unexplainable humor in it, wich makes it really interesting, but for the ones not totally known with this strange Japanese style of making stuff completely incomprehensible and they might consider this utter crap. Whenever you feel happy and you want to hear hyper- active completely thick pasted sound blasts of weirdness put this on and be blown to pieces. Certainly not an album for every-day listening, but when in the mood, a favourite, go try it out if you like stuff like texas faggot, you will probably be positively surprised. I like true better then this, it's more dark, but one can certainly not put this off too easily as just the product of a deranged Anime freak, they is more to it then might apear at first listen.
  14. This is good stuff! old, slow, but powerfully pumping on like a diesel engine! They have a really weird style and i must say i don't know if i would get it if i didn't know supermindway, but since i do i can hear the way they try some of the stuf they didi there here but can't really grasp it yet. It's like some strange Underworld gone completely stoned and freaked out, the way they use one little highpiched sound and bring you into some kind of hypnose. once again good old stuff!
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