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Stupid artist names!


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"PSYCHODELIC SPECTACLE CASE" seems a bit foolish.. Btw I think my own nick is cool; suddenly it just emerged OOMyD :) .. Anyway, has the opposite topic (coolest names) been brought up? I think Subcouds is too cool a name, can't believe they gave it up...


Nice avatar. I've always thought our logo looks best on a white background though; the black is a little difficult to read at that size.

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Well...technically, Xenomorph is the "scientific" name given to the creatures from the Aliens movie. Thats what type of "animal" they are. Xenomorphs.


Yes, cause of their alien shape....Xenomorph means something of an uknown to us shape....of a shape we haven't seen before....

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100th monkey

Angry dwarf


Chillage people




The misted muppet

Vibe Tribe

Wizzy Noise


Are all quite shit.

Thankfully even artists with crappy names can produce good music.

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It's hard to approach a question like this because if you like some artist's music, the "name" will give you a positive impression.


Alright here's some artists that I like (even if some of them not that greatly) that aren't exactly brilliant in my mind:


amanite fx



dimension 5


space tribe


you really only have to translate the name in your mind for some average full on-act. would I check it out if only the name would be decisive?

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Im quite fed up with all the artists naming their project with an "-ix" ending.

For ex:






and so on.....


i dont know

i think its better than an artist name consisting of an acronym of countries the artists' origins are from


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