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  1. Hey! How are you all!It's been quite some time! Hope you're doing great!
  2. Goazzz...

    RIP Nemo

    What??? Fuck.... RIP my old friend! I still have a warning from you in my account! Sad news!
  3. Did i just posted on Psynews...? Oh my....
  4. good afternoon!

  5. good afternoon!

  6. Someone kick Insejn in the balls for not leeting us read the old offtopic!
  7. Hey!! Good to see Off-Topic back after ages! It's been so long.....
  8. Give the hacker to the people!! He'll get a nice old-fashioned spanking in the Psynews square! Ha!
  9. Thanks for the link Antic!! Hey all, long time no see!! :clapping:
  10. I was working last night and didn't have the watch the whole thing! A big thanks to Krelm!! I d/led it and i play it at the cafe i'm working!
  11. There are no Infected Mushroom anymore! They just don't exist....
  12. If i listen to one more tune from Joti my head will explode! I've seen him countless times playing in the past but that's a decade ago! Is he still alive?
  13. Thank you for another quality mix Nemo! Lovely mixing, and nice selection of tracks!
  14. .rar sounds perfect for packaging!
  15. Locals are for sure friendly to strangers, since many generations grew up with the tourism! What do you mean about safety? We don't expect any terrorist act in the Greek countryside anytime soon! If we decide to go there, we could arrange a meeting, lets say 1st day chill out area, 3pm or something so we'll all meet! Check the psynews album and keep faces in mind! I wouldn't worry about that! I seriously think to do this fest! It would be nice if we could meet there altogether! Lets do it!
  16. I refuse to spend money on an album with such a cover! I'll d/l it most likely!
  17. Is the link still working bro? Last time i checked it was uploated on SendSpace and now it's on another website! Fix it cause we're waiting in the queue!
  18. "Ψυχή" means soul! In ancient it used to mean the same as well! Modern Greek evolved from Ancient, and although there are some differencies in the meaning of some words, in this case the meaning is the same! In ancient Greek it used to mean the soul of an alive creature, the immortal part of it's being that after it's death it will leave it's body but it will not die with it! And this is exactly what it means in modern Greek as well!
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