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  1. Digital Mystery Tour - Sleeping Among Trees Lying in a beautiful forest That track is SO trippy
  2. Listening to Pink Floyd - Dogs and lights up a spliff
  3. I think i'll go with Tales Of The Inexpressible. Around the world in a tea daze settles that
  4. The new BT album So far I really enjoy it, a beautiful piece of music
  5. Schmo


    Agree with you there, infact most tracks on that album fits these autumn times Celtic Cross - Shwazz is another track that comes to my mind
  6. Omnimotion - Japan Almost cheesy, and I rarely enjoy vocals.. but I love this! So soothing & so beautiful
  7. will definatly get this one. BT is great
  8. Alex Stealthy - Something Is Wrong (Kasey Taylor Remix) Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis (Blue Room Project Remix) Kosmas Epsilon - A Dream Deep Space Organisms - Vaporised Deep Space Organisms - Natural Orbiter Deep Space Organisms - Bass Oxygen Orchid - Silverlining Orchid - Transcontinental Orchid - Galactic Railroad Perheps some of these?
  9. I like your idea, sounds like something I would like to hear Koan - Sirens maybe? found here: http://www.discogs.com/release/624620 or Entheogenic - Earth Song
  10. Awesome! Thanks man, I just adore that track Keep up the great work
  11. The first couple of samples sounded ok.. wanna hear more
  12. I just read this interview with Andromeda where Anders (Half of Andromeda) says that he made the track Sensations when he was falling in love with his girlfriend. I think you actually really can hear the love in that track and since I believe im pretty close to falling in love (for what I believe is the first time in my life) I would really appreciate some recommendations for more tracks you think has the same theme. Love is in the air
  13. Didnt know about that section, thanks I can add Derango - Secret Surroundings & Space Tribe - Nothing Is Impossible to the Simpsons quotes
  14. As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling
  15. Amazing! Especially the last song.. whats it called? Wish I was there to see it live. The drummer is outstanding. Great work man
  16. He is playing at stockholm trance festival this summer: http://www.stockholmtrancefestival.com/
  17. A Logic Bomb is a trojan virus that is triggered when a certain specified condition is met.
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