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  1. > Unreal OST :drama: > Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong Of The Right :posford: > Download - Effector > Gridlock - Further > Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible > Hallucinogen In Dub :clapping: > Recoil - Unsound Methods
  2. Carbon based lifeforms - proton electron
  3. Sounds promising, are there going to be newer versions? I like the dub-ish groove.
  4. Switchblade Symphony - Serpentine Gallery Absolutely fantastic album beautiful...
  5. exceptional in the way that it's not braindead copypaste trash beginning is very promising - arcadia magik is possibly the favourite, around the middle it sort of dies down yet stays interesting. I would very much like to hear some rhytmic or stylistic variations (at least a bit) but that's probably forbidden in these albums It's still refreshing stuff and dance friendly
  6. Mysteryof the Yeti - The Yeti Revelation Sacred Communication
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