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  1. Hello everybody, As we have had a lot of people asking us how we perform live lately, we decided to share this video with you, to show you how we perform: http://youtube.com/watch?v=EAW5cQ32dv8 Hope you will like it
  2. Good luck with the new label Best wishes from SWeden
  3. Well , whatever you downloaded from the net mate can't possibly be a liveset by us, the only previous liveset we recorded was the one at Cillas Kok and now this one from 2006. Thanks for the comments about the liveset, hope to see you on a dancefloor soon
  4. Forgot to post the tracklist: 1.Our World 2.Desert Tale 3.El Mariachi 4.Drums Of Africa 5.I wanna be a robostar 6.Gaudium-Nordic Nature (Tegma Remix) 7.POTS-Eifelgold (Tegma Remix) 8.50.000 Watts Live Edit 9.A Night in Cairo 10.Spooked
  5. To celebrate Moni's Tegma interview for Psynews we now give u one of our recent livesets free for download Go grab it from this url: http://tribalvision.cz/Tegma/music/Tegma_Liveset_2006.mp3 Hope you'll enjoy it.
  6. We will perform in the same festival as Transwave in July, where they will perform for the first time again in ages. Will fill u in with how their new stuff sounds like
  7. Hello everybody, You can download a clip with footage from our last 2 gigs in Vienna and Prague. It features also Dj Slater and Jason spinning in Prague. Hope you will like them. You will find the video at: www.tegmatekk.com then go to the download section. (The file is in Divx format so u'll need a codec for that, available at www.divx.com)
  8. Interesting work as always. Keep it up!!
  9. Only if u dont make a member of the project! Now pass the bottle!
  10. Im quite fed up with all the artists naming their project with an "-ix" ending. For ex: Astrix Magnetrix Charasmatrix Phatmatix Trinitrix and so on.....
  11. Absolutely mate we will play a lot of album tracks, and we're also looking forward to play in Vienna See u in the party
  12. No msn not safe for special discussion. We need secure line for digital encryption to talk music ideas. Better call telephone digital code. I need transfer files to you.
  13. Interesting indeed, maybe u can provide vocals for some Tegma trax? We are rich and have superb studio and live close to RUSSIA.
  14. @ moni : Ok now I get ur point! Im sure u'll like this album then, as we are very satisfied with the result!
  15. No not really Moni, as said this album will be proggy, so sorry to disappoint u But i'm sure u will appreciate some trax from this album aswell
  16. @ sherlock: it will be a mixture of various styles of prog and on top of that a touch of world music (that's why we called it Around the world in...) About the cover, a dude from the Czech Republic called Quapim made it, he has also designed most of previous Tribal Vision's artwork and covers... Thanks for the comments, hope u will like this release.
  17. Yes the third album is almost ready my friend, it will be quite different from the last one though, more proggy orientated this time It will be out on Tribal Vision in March
  18. Hello y'all it's x-mas and one has to be generous So we uploaded a track for free download on our website, http://www.tegmatekk.com ( go to the download section) The track is from a one-time project named Path of Paradise and the track name itself is "Path 1", the style is ... well u decide Hope you will like it!!
  19. Quite a good album , as always Wizzy delivers 7,5/10. The production and sound quality is excellent.
  20. Highly Recommended! One of my fav albums 9.5/10
  21. Nope no gigs in Denmark planned for the moment mate, but usually we play in Copenhagen every 6 months or so , so let's see
  22. Ok thanks to our friends at Tribal Vision all the files are back in place, ur lifesavers guys The video is at: http://tribalvision.psytrance.cz/Tegma/video/Tegmalive.wmv Enjoy
  23. Sorry the video will be back online later today , our bastard ISP is accusing us of uploading illegal(??) files. Guess you're not even allowed to upload ur own music for a service you pay for...
  24. Hello y'all we have posted a clip from a party we did in Sweden to celebrate the release of our second album. http://www.tegmatekk.com/video/Tegmalive.wmv Its a wmv file so it runs best is Windows Media player Enjoy Ps; Psynews forum celebrity Elysium is guest starring in the 30 first seconds
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