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  1. LOL man I remember once falling asleep to my ambient and downtempo playlist which has some dark ambient albums and I had some elm street shit shuteye kid you not, anyways space ambient with soft pulsating interludes always gets me in a hazy limbo mood so it might work for ya
  2. I apologize if the topic was confusing, primarily I was requesting suggestions of those styles but it's also awesome to hear what other styles, like the full-on ones padmapani shared, you think are gone or are on it's last push gonna to give a proper listen to those psysex and nervasystem albums for sure, tears rolled for no more breaks though, I only find progressive breaks nowadays which are good actually but goa breaks are on another level
  3. More like industrial break-beat with some metal elements, when I heard the doom one I remembered this soundtrack, It's done by Paul Leonard Morgan and he simply rocks IMO
  4. Proud owner of the Aurvana's here good warm balanced sound for in-ear buds, for on-ear I got the skullcandy grind wireless for 35 bucks and they are very good for wireless heaphones, I enjoy metal and goa a lot with these. For big ass cans I got the AKG K550 second hand, I find they are a bit stale for dance music unfortunately
  5. Styles almost always circle back and are approached with new gear and sometimes married with other ones, so I was wondering if there's a shortage atm for these or i'm just not looking good enough. Ideas do grow stale so i'm prepared if these are not coming back Thanks in advance my fellow Goa-heads Twilight ala Twisted system or Phatmatix? Theres a wave of new night time coming form South America particularly Mexico but it's not like the good ol' twilight Progressive/minimal ala Beatbizarre Lewd or X-dream? Goa or psy breakbeat like Endora?
  6. I'd say 7, not bad not great and definetely not remarkable interesting stuff from the full-on camp (psylocibian, hypnocoustics, braincell, manmademan) unique stuff from LOUD mad stuff from the goa camp (hypnoxock, proxeeus, KOB, morphic resonance) i'm still waiting for the black noise debut album and that awesome analogy sound like martian arts don't know enough about the ambient/downtempo/experimental though
  7. Bumpy bump also the albums must be diverse in the trance/sound spectrum that's for sure X-Dream - Radio Pleiadians - IFO Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch (not goa strictly speaking but what the hell ) Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet (for dancing my naked ass off under the careful watch of the moonlight) Koxbox - Dragon Tales
  8. Awe-inspiring read somewhere around here that this is the golden era of downtempo psy, thanks Paul
  9. Holy Jesus H. Christ on a monocycle!! Just what I was looking for i´m also checking the Forest Freaks label, muchos thank yous
  10. I love both producers and the dark/forest heavy in psychedelia sound , could any of my fellow trance heads suggest similar artists or frequencies?
  11. Glad you liked this stuff groovy and also entrancing Argentina is a paragon of this sound Another recent track by Fabri Lopez More summer vibey melodic stuff by Andrea Cassino
  12. Not cool at all, it´s sad no matter the scene when human greediness, ego-centrism, general disinterest or just plain apathy and incompetence get in the way of something as fundamental as music. I too wish you the best Anu, hope time brings you back if you like
  13. I´ll chime in my fellow tranceheads, didn´t know Vincent De Moor nor that Ferry Tayle remix so thanks for sharing Timewave has been mentioned in the progressive atmospheric trance topic Daniel Scott The great Solarstone adding his magic to an also great track by Driftmoon
  14. Couldn´t have said it any better
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