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  1. tSo, one album in Suntrio and one in DAT? He has a lot of material anyway :-P
  2. And it's up on discogs, can someone please add the cover as well? But please, only scanned images, we don't want certain people removing them again And before ppl start again, it's called humour
  3. But still no full version of Particule And I remember an old track from the MP3.com days, downtempo with samples from a movie with some cute little alien having a conversation with an old lady. Anyone knows/remembers the title?
  4. Elysium by far, and kristian in general on all his side projects. In the chill side hol hol Baumann for sure
  5. Anjuna shop is essentially offline. I don't know why the Bandcamp account is still active though
  6. I don't understand how Anoebis got mixed in all that. He just found some cds and he is selling them. If we have a problem with that maybe we shouldn't use Discogs ever again. And if someone thinks they are expensive let's see how many people paid (put any amount you want) for a rare, out of print, promo, signed, etc etc release. I, for one, am grateful. And least, things like that, shows us that noone knows everything, no matter how loud they yell. I just want to dance to good music, anyone with me?
  7. Can someone now add the release on Discogs? Except if Anoebis account and site have been hacked by Tal and he is trolling us
  8. I have a sealed copy of 3om3 if you want it. We can come to an arrangement.
  9. Especially interested in Gangguru. Ultimate is one of my favourite tracks ever.
  10. Man, just forget the audio. Buy the books, close the door, dim the lights and off you go.
  11. The 4th track has been released before on Lucid Flux comp. And I find it slightly expensive for a 6-track comp to be honest. Having said that..I will buy it. It is Matsuri after all
  12. Trying to calculate.......3 most psychedelic goa trance dzzzz albums....dzdzzzzz....number 1 Ely$$$$!!um - M000n2000n....dzzzzz.....Failure imminent.....Number 2....All systems critical........Brain damaged....... Stick with the top 100 mate. Less casualties that way
  13. Well, he said that it would be released whether the funding was successful or not.
  14. You have to try this: Messiah - Hypnosys (Elysium Remix). You wont be disappointed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUkyLpWkIcg
  15. Well no, just a way to show your support to the artist, and the signature is a thank you from the artist to you. It's becoming automatically a collectors item.
  16. Sold out indeed. I know that the last copy was sent to me
  17. A great track indeed. I have contacted Cronomi and Michal himself to get some more info but htey haven't got back to me yet. Either I wasn't supposed to know yet or I dreamt the whole thing .
  18. I am pretty sure that I saw that a new artha album is coming but I can't, for the life of me, find the relevant info. Can someone help?
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