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Found 18 results

  1. Release Date: 2022-09-29 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU004 Digital Downloads Available From: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload SpaceWarp greetings to you all and welcome to our freshest release "Journey Through Time", the long-awaited VA compilation from our Label DJ and living legend, Domino! "Journey Through Time" is a testament to Domino's deep-rooted, life-long involvement within the psychedelic trance scene, having rocked trance-floors across the world for over 30 years. UK psytrance pioneers ManMadeMan lead you into the soundscape of “Journey Through Time”. Their groovy sound entices you in, before handing over to the Italian psychedelic legends, Etnica vs Pleiadians, who reboot and teleport you into their world of psychedelic wizardry and audio mystery… Japanese producer UNI delivers his hypnotic punchy sound that hooks you in before USA psytrance producer Coral, raises the bar once again, with her trance-floor stomper! Greek producer RIGEL’s quirky mad tones catch the imagination, and lead you into the psychedelic world of Indian producer Boombaba, who’s deeper, energetic sound is a trance-floor pleaser. UK psytrance duo DRIVE is a new, all female, psytrance act comprising of Jasmine and Sonya from ManMadeMan, their inner siren is unleashing as their hypnotic playful sound, drives you forward into another world, as Israeli producer Astrogano engages with her mesmerizing remix of this Astral Projection timeless classic! The sound of Domino is clearly evident as she weaves together the psychedelic strands of known and less familiar artists including female Japanese producer Tomocomo who takes you on a journey of deep, warming melodic Goa trance. UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam delivers a full-on psychedelic experience before the depth charged psychedelic beats from French psytrance legend Neuromotor brings “Journey Through Time” to a perfect close. “Journey Through Time”, is encapsulated with driving psychedelia throughout, mastered by Rigel, with an artistic backdrop by Mick Usher and compiled by label DJ, Domino. Until next time… Domino Links & Social Media: Soundcloud - Instagram - Facebook - Interview With Domino SpaceWarp Records: Releases Links & Info
  2. Be Psychedelic have realeased "Be Psychedelic – Polish Scene Vol 1" a limited edition compilation CD featuring 9 mind warping tracks from Polish artists with an exclusive bonus track "The Fourth Day" from psytrance legends, Etnica! Compiled by Be Psychedelic creator Dragon, "Be Psychedelic – Polish Scene Vol 1" is wrapped up nicely in hexagonal eco-pack covering with artwork design by Sati Design and mastering by Piotr Moondancer Stelmach. Artists & Tracks 01 KINO OKO - The Intimate (138 BPM) - 6:08 02 MOONDANCER - The Pastiche (124 BPM) - 6:27 03 ASPHODEL - Sing To God (115 BPM) - 4:31 04 KHAKHULLA - It's A Amphibians Or Reptile? (148 BPM) - 7:33 05 MIRACETI - Morning Light (133 BPM) - 8:20 06 DEVI DEVINE - The Revolution Of Consciousness (148 BPM) - 7:50 07 PSYSUTRA - Neurostorm (Acidized) (150 BPM) - 8:26 08 ARTHA - Avatar (143 BPM) - 8:07 09 MAIN APE - Mechanic Future (145 BPM) - 6:55 + BONUS TRACK EXCLUSSIVE 10 ETNICA - The Fourth Day (145 BPM) - 8:50 Compiled by: Dragon (Be Psychedelic) Mastering by: Piotr Moondancer Stelmach Artwork by: Sati Design LIMITED CDs are available. Please visit the Be Psychedelic Facebook page link or the shop link below. CD + Shipping: 13 Euros Be Psychedelic Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bepsychedelic Be Psychedelic Shop: Shop
  3. ORDER ODONATA - Metamorphosis OUT NOW! Dragonfly Records emerges from the cocoon and spreads its wings to fly once more. We are delighted to announce the highly-anticipated relaunch of Dragonfly with the next installment from the seminal Order Odonata compilation series, curated by label manager Robin Triskele and mastered to sonic perfection by Grant Collins (Darshan) @ 4DA Studios 1. Etnica & Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Thunderbolt 2. InnerZone – Unlimited Happiness (303 Mix) 3. Total Eclipse – In Merge With Space 4. Youth - Saturday Night 5. Hautacam - Redshifted 6. Mirson – Island Of Sanity 7. Nervasystem – Beyond The Brain 8. Bumbling Loons – Anisopteran 9. Robert Elster – 4-ACO-MET Aptly entitled, Metamorphosis, includes nine cutting edge tracks that pay homage to early pioneers of the Goa Trance movement. At the same time, it also celebrates the evolution of the psychedelic scene and its perpetual motion into the current time with featured new talents who are driving it forth on dance floors across the globe. A no-holds barred psychedelic journey is on the agenda. It will take you from the sounds of Melodic Goa Trance with TSUYOSHI SUZUKI and ETNICA, INNERZONE and TOTAL ECLIPSE to blasting Full On dance floor dynamics with YOUTH, NERVASYSTEM, HAUTACAM and MIRSON, before BUMBLING LOONS and ROBERT ELSTER (aka VIBRASPHERE) leave us on a beautiful high with their deep, chunky hypnotic Trance grooves. Listen/Order at Bandcamp: www.dragonflyrecordsuk.bandcamp.com Listen, Stream & Order from your other favourite online outlets dragonfly.lnk.to/orderodonatametamorphosis ORDER ODONATA was first released in 1993 by music producer and Killing Joke Bassist, Martin ‘YOUTH’ Glover. “Order Odonata quickly created a complete revolution in electronic music that continues to this very day. Now considered to be the very first trance album released, it became the default template and inspiration for an entirely new genre, Psychedelic Trance (otherwise known as Psy Trance), and over the preceding 26 years, it still retains its fresh vibe, relevance and timelessness. Today Psy Trance is bigger and more relevant than ever before! The world has never needed all the different people to come together and dance as much as it does today, so it seems like the right time to continue the Order Odonata tradition once again.” YOUTH, Milwaukee 2019 released December 13, 2019
  4. Ovnimoon records 1. Cellar Door 07:34 2. Creativity Portals 08:00 3. Singularity Spike 08:38 4. Aperture Science 08:08 5. Wormhole Wizard 08:02 6. The Rabbit Hole 08:50 7. The Summoning 08:26 (feat. Etnica) 8. Multidimensional 08:17 9. Universal Evolution 08:31 Creativity Portals is the fifth album produced by Rigel Vasili, artist from Greece. This is 2019, pretty much every psytrance album sounds well produced, and mastered with great attention to details. But on the music side, this album did not grab me for the most part. I do believe the review section should also include albums that we didn't enjoy much. Tough luck for Rigel : ) For me this is a kind of psytrance that is hard to like, it is between progressive, full-on and techno, but it's not really deep and not really melodic either. This reminds me of the techno era of Etnica, not surprised when I found out track #7 was a collaboration with them, and it's nothing special. Of course it's not all bad, track #4 has a cool sample vocal with interesting energy all along. Track #5 is more psychedelic than the rest, and track #6, The Rabbit Hole, is a solid number with acid lines and a catchy melody in the second half of the track. Tracks have some melodic sequences here and there, there is a touch of (noisy) electro, but coming from Ovnimoon records I expected something deeper and more inspiring. The good ingredients just stay on the surface but don't develop enough, and focus is mostly on the progressive (full-onish) bassline, and dancefloor energy, so I thought most of the album was forgettable. To each their own, I rate it 5/10, hopefully it will please some people on this forum! Listen / Buy: https://ovnimoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rigel-creativity-portals-ovnicd129-ovnimoon-records
  5. After the relative success of the previous Etnica / Pleiadians mix set that I posted some four years ago, I decided to make another mix set. This time I experimented with mixing in and out between different versions of the same track. So each segment in this mix is a sort of mash-up of two different versions of that track. I hope that I managed to convey that there is simply no rest from the onslaught that is Etnica - Pleiadians - Crop Circles. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART I will post the track list in a couple of days. And - if you like it, please consider a repost!
  6. DAT Records are proud to reissue the original I.F.O. album together with an incredible live set for the first time ever on vinyl. Released in a 4LP Deluxe Gatefold, it is a stellar edition and a real collector’s item for whoever wants to own the most important album of the Italian Maestros. It comes in 3 versions, Black, Red Transparent + Black and the special Galaxy Version that is a mixture of colours and includes glitters made of silver dust. Each version features the records pressed at 180grams and exists in 100 copies. Tracklist: Pleiadians - I.F.O. Live A1 Pleiadians - Merope 12:36 A2 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:42 B1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:26 B2 Pleiadians - Maia 10:37 C1 Pleiadians - Electra 9:46 C2 Pleiadians - Taygeta 9:23 D Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix) 10:25 Pleiadians - I.F.O. [i.dentified F.lying O.bject] E Pleiadians - Maia 11:14 F1 Pleiadians - Taygeta 8:38 F2 Pleiadians - Merope 9:15 G1 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:23 G2 Pleiadians - Electra 9:09 H1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:35 H2 Pleiadians - Celaeno 11:45 The music has been gently mastered, taking extra care in preserving the dynamics of the original recordings, after an attempt restoration process that was needed for many of the tracks found on the DAT tapes. Prepare for an interstellar voyage, a joyride of space galactic music mayhem that will take you to places you cannot imagine! Official Release Date: 7th July 2017 Get your copy now on www.datrecords.it
  7. Hello all, Here's your chance to own this super rare 12" by Etnica! I have now put this up for auction here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/172845029157? Starting at a very reasonable £249 Thanks again for looking
  8. Hi, I am selling my copy of this rare 12" classic by Etnica. The record, sleeve and jacket are all in near mint condition. Played only one or two times if that! Super rare cancelled 12". Limited to around 50 white label "test press" copies. Please contact me if you are interested. Any sensible offers considered.. And crazy high ones too Pics are available upon request. Thanks
  9. 01. Pleiadians - Alcyone (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 02. Pleiadians - Maia (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 03. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 04. Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Rmx II) 05. Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 06. Crop Circles - Different Species (Morphic Resonance Mix) 07. Etnica - Phetalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Rmx) Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=3684&Itemid=1 To be released on 12th May!
  10. Psy-Fi Warming Up Tokyo 2017.3.25 (Sat) Open/Start 22:00 at UNIT&Saloon&Unice,Daikanyama, TOKYO   Entrance : 当日5000円/On the day 5000yen 前売チケット3000円/Advance Tiicket 3000yen. ※プレイガイド等の情報は下記をご覧下さい。    Line Up : 2/16 Updated!!!   ■UNIT - "Psy Fi × MATSURI" Floor -Sound Acts The Delta from Germany (Boshke Beats/Nachtstrom Schallplatten) - Live Etnica by Mauri Etnica from Spain (Etnicanet Records) - DJ Set Matsumoto Zoku - Live   -DJs -Freestyle & Trance Set - YUTA (Matsuri Digital/Liquid Drop Groove) MASA (Space Gathering/Hypnodisk) REE.K (Space Gathering/Hypnodisk) -PA ACOUSTIC -DECO Kanoya Project -VJ OVERHEADS KOTA -PERFORMANCE Seira -LIGHTING Yocchi (Mind of Vision) ■SALOON - "MATSURI Dark Side of Trance" Floor -LIVE Fullmoon Mondo (FULLMOON REC./NEWWORLD) Slum (Sunflowers Of Today/FULLMOON REC.) Eikiller (和刻/Free Radical Rec./FULLMOON REC.) -DJ BuzZ (Sangoma Records/God of Death/Abracadabra) AK-2 (Mind of Vision/Chirakari Crew) Take&Mog (Occulta Rec./Uroboros Rec.) DJ HISA (OverDrive/Good Vibes) -DECO Kanoya Project -PA OtOdashi ■Unice - MDG & 神眼芸術 presents "Tokyo Underground Groove" -LIVE Doppelgenger (Guruz/Asylum) vs Kojiro (Re:Birth Festival/MoV)  GUUSUN (Matsuri Digital Groove) -DJ REE.K (Space Gathering/Hypnodisk) DJ Yogurt (Upset Recordings) Terubi (神眼芸術/Tokyo Underground Style/ Rhythm9) Dr.Waxman (Bass Ment Style) -DECO Taiki Kusakabe -Sound MMU -VJ Chrisholic Kagerou ■Shops Matsuri Digital Official Shop Guusun Official Shop Ponkotsu Fiction 神眼芸術 GURUZ HappyShake AmazonHospital ピンクガネーシャ HARRY Q (鍼・マッサージ) Tag me 英利花(Henna Tattoo) STONE63 (Live Painting Workshop) ■Venue : 〒150-0021 渋谷区 恵比寿西1−34−17 ZaHOUSE ZaHOUSE bld, 1-34-17 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 03-5459-8630          ■Information : Event Page : www.facebook.com/events/1967207763506760/ Web :http://matsuri-digital.jp/ Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital/ UNIT :http://www.unit-tokyo.com/       ■注意/Notice : ※ 未成年者の入場不可 / Minors are not admitted. ※ 要顔写真付きID / Please bring your photo ID. ※ 再入場不可 / Re-enter is not permitted.      ■前売りチケット/Advance Ticket @プレイガイド チケットぴあ/Ticket PIA [Pコード/P Code:323036] https://goo.gl/ekLtr7  ローソンチケット/Lawson Ticket [Lコード/L Code:323036] https://goo.gl/TQDneB   イープラス/eplus https://goo.gl/TCpF5G clubberia http://www.clubberia.com/ja/events/263818   @Shops Psychedelic Garden 〒160-0023 新宿区西新宿7-8-2 福八ビルB1 Fukuhachi Bld B1, 7-8-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0023 Tel: 03-5925-2588 営業時間/Open Hours:12:00-22:00   Rhythm9 (リズム9/下北沢) 〒155-0032 世田谷区代沢5-31-8 5-31-8 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0032 Tel: 03-6805-2119 営業時間/Open Hours:12:00-22:00 会場となるUNITでも販売中です。 at UNIT sell the ticket from 4th Feb 2017.
  11. Hello everyone, it is with great pleasure that I can finally announce the tracklist for VA - Analog Trips. I am sorry it took so long but, we wanted to be 100% sure about all tracks, since we ran into sound troubles and we couldn't find a perfect rip for one of the tracks. I am positive you will all be thrilled about this release as we were creating it, me and Mark aka DJ Solitare. It's the second of a series of three, that has as a theme the Analog sounds/vibrations and from Dreams we shifted towards Trips this time, denoting the music here is quite trippy in itself. All the tracks have been tested and carefully selected by yours truly together with Mark and we are sure you'd like the diversity but also the consistency and the quality of the music contained. With no further delays, here is the front cover and below, the tracklist: Tracklist: 1 Medicine Drum - Angelic Force W&P By Andy Guthrie, Chris Deckker 2 Elysium & Yaco Vam - Tears In The Rain W&P By Kristian Thinning Andersen & Yacco Vijn 3 Gus BUS Till - That Sounds Swell! W&P By Gus Till 4 Earglobe - Spherelobe W&P By Simon Posford, Nick Barber 5 Excess Head - Expo W&P By Graham Wood 6 Opale - Krakoa W&P By Greg Bailay 7 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Lost & Found W&P By Dick Trevor, Matt Coldrick & Andy Smith 8 Etnica - Human Geometry W&P By Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti, Max Lanfranconi 9 Doof - Giving Godhead W&P By Nick Barber Hopefully released sometimes in June, as soon as it is pressed and delivered to the distributor, i will know an exact release date. The release will have a wonderful 8 page booklet with histories about the tracks and how we found them, all nicely packaged as usual. The graphic came out real nice and we wanted to dare a bit , with a lovely model that allowed us to use her portrait for this angelic compilation. Cheers!! Draeke
  12. Hi all, Approximately three years ago there was a couple of teasers published of Chakra remixes. One popped up on SoundCloud and it blew me away, it was Chakra - Liquid Troll (Micky Noise & Chakra mix) and a little later I found Chakra - X-files (Etnica remix) another version here I asked both Chakra and Micky Noise about the Liquid Troll one, and they said it would be released on a tribute-like compilation of Chakra tracks with the working name "Chakra & Friends". Since then I have heard NOTHING about this. Does anyone else here have any clue? EDIT: I made another google attempt and came up with this facebook post. Seems like one of the spots on the compilation was reserved for this contest winner.
  13. Hello all, Some time back I made a mix of Etnica and Pleiadians tracks, kind of "duel" like. People seem to rather like it, and I thought that maybe you would like to have a listen as well. Tracklist: 01. Pleiadians - Maia 02. Etnica - Shadow Dance 03. Pleiadians - Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral remix) 04. Etnica - Party Droid 05. Pleiadians - Jungle Trax 06. Etnica - Nice Toy 07. Pleiadians - Electra Total time: 1:07:02
  14. Hi, i have some cds for sale/trade, you can pm me your offers, or mail 2trancentral@gmail.com The list will be updated frequently, so check back...i can ship cds without jewel cases (where possible) to reduce the cost. SOLD Various - Accidental Occidentalism Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light SOLD Various ‎ Survival Of The Trippest SOLD Various ‎ Survival Of The Trippest - Part II Electric Universe - One Love SOLD Various - Celtic Records SOLD Cosmosis - Moonshine E.P. SOLD Pleiadians - I.F.O. Various - Pro Cannabis II SOLD The Morphogenetic - Reports From The Morphogenetic Research Lab SOLD Bypass Unit - Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses Bypass Unit - Green Dreams SOLD Aeon - Transe Modulaire Doof - Let's Turn On SOLD Solar Quest - Orgisms SOLD Various - Temple Of Dreams SOLD Mystery Of The Yeti - The Mystery Of The Yeti (Mint) SOLD Various - The Prophets Of Psychedelic Trance Various - The Prophets Of Psychedelic Trance - The Second Pilgrimage SOLD Various - Yellow (TIP) SOLD MFG - Project Genesis SOLD MFG - The Prophecy The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird SOLD Various - Heavy Mental Music Vol. 1 The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences (Mint) SOLD Various - POF Trance Collector Volume 2 SOLD Various - Black Rhino SOLD Masaray - Cosmic Trancer SOLD Various - Fill Your Head With Phantasm - Psychedelic Trance Moksha - Mindworx 97-99 SOLD Various - Nataraja - Volume 2 Goa Gil - Spiritual Trance Vol. 2 Growling Mad Scientists - Chaos Laboratory (Mint) X-Dream - Children Of The Last Generation (Maxi-CD) S.U.N. Project - Macrophage Etnica - Totemism - Etnica Remixed 1996-2006 SOLD Various - The Truth Of Communication (Mint) SOLD Miranda - Real Rush Various - Best Of 100 (Spirit Zone) Various - High Times - Deep Psychedelic Diving SOLD Lunar Asylum - Lunar Asylum Patchwork - Patchwork Various - Goa Räume Vol. 1 - A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance Various - Goa Räume Vol. 2 - A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance SOLD Various - Goa Räume Vol. 3 - A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance Various - Goa - Tel Aviv Various - Subsonic Meltdown Various - Psychedelic Electronica - Psychic Deli Volume II Various - Cult - A Miracle Summer Breeze (Mint) Various - Cult II - A Miracle Summer Breeze (Mint) Asia 2001 - Abduction Various - A Voyage Into Trance Vol. 2 - Dragonfly (Mint) SOLD Sid Shanti - Deck Wizards - Aural Sect Zodiac Youth - Devils Circus (Mint) SOLD Various - Travelling SOLD Various - Travelling 2 SOLD Various - Travelling 3 SOLD Various - Travelling 4 SOLD Various - Travelling 5 SOLD Cosmosis - Contact (Digipak version) SOLD Various - Psychedelic Beer SOLD Electric Universe - Unify SOLD Various - The Digital Dance Of Shiva SOLD Shivasidpao - The Album SOLD Various - Psychedelic Goa Core 3 SOLD Various - The Colours Of Shiva 2 Various - The Colours Of Shiva 3 Various - Tantrance 4 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance SOLD Evolution - Oscillating Phenomena SOLD Dark Nebula - The 8th Sphere T.E.V.O. - 6 Jahre Vor - 3 Zurück SOLD Orion - Metamorpheus Various - Sympathy In Chaos SOLD P. Cok - Acid Trooper SOLD X-Dream - Radio SOLD Various - Global Psychedelic Chill Out - Compilation Vol. 1 Various - Global Psychedelic Chill Out - Compilation Vol. 2 SOLD Various - Global Psychedelic Chill Out - Compilation Vol. 4 Various - Global Psychedelic Trance - Compilation Vol. 2 Various - Global Psychedelic Trance - Compilation Vol. 3 Various - Double Dipped SOLD Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? SOLD Various - Destination Goa - The Second Chapter - DG2 SOLD Various - Destination Goa - The Fifth Chapter - DG5 Various - Destination Goa - The Tenth Chapter - DG10 Various - Eternity Vol. 1 Various - IsrAliens - Futuristic Psy-Trance For The Year 2000 Various - Irresistible Meltdown SOLD Various - Eclipse - Psychedelic Trance Various - Goa-Head 1 SOLD Various - Goa-Head Volume 4 Various - Goa-Head Volume 6 Various - Goa-Head Volume 9 Various - Goa-Head Volume 26 SOLD Electric Universe - Stardiver Various - Goa Trance - Psychedelic Flashbacks 2 Tripticon - The 7th Portal SOLD Various - Psychedelic Visions - The Best Of Transient Records SOLD Various - Psychedelic Visions Vol. 2 - The Best Of Phantasm Records Various - TIP.World Singles 2000 Various - Distance To Goa 4 Various - Distance To Goa 5 Various - Distance To Goa 6 Zmachine - Man Made Machine Various - Psycho Laboratory Various - Open Air - Season 2005 Various - Psychedelic 3D (digipak) Various - Spirit Of Ankh 1 Various - Free Your Funky Chickens Various - Full On Volume 3 - Audio XTZ Tarsis - Vacuum Various - Underground Progressive Trance Vol. 1 Man Of The Last 3rd - Evosonic Asia 2001 - Ra Various - Holy Mushroom (High Society) Various - The Independence Trance Revival (Phonokol)
  15. Electropunks Team Welcomes Summer with a Unique Event that will blow your mind!! Get Ready to Blast .... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *LINE-UP* MAX LANFRANCONI ( ETNICANET, IBZ)- DJset DICK TREVOR (NANO RECS, UK)- Live NIKOS (LIQUID LOVE, GR)- DJset JORDAN (ETNICANET, GR)- DJset -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENTRANCE FEE: 15 euro VENUE: INBOX Club, Leoforos Vouliagmenis 22, Neos Kosmos. DOORS OPEN: 23.00 DOORS CLOSE: 09.00 FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/400265970089453/400294380086612/?ref=notif&notif_t=like
  16. Title: Spirit Voices compiled by Daksinamurti & Gata Freak Artist: Various Label: SANGOMA Catalogue: SANGCD04 Format: JewelCase Audio CD /Digital Release: December 2012 / Jan 2013 VA/ Spirit Voices compiled by Daksinamurti & Gata Freak 1. Ianuaria - The Theory of Elements 2. Yudhisthira - Bhumandala 3. Primordial Ooze- Impact Theory 4. Gaspard- Get with the program 5. Southwild - Twiddle My Dot 6. Synthetic Chaos - Nothing is fucked 7. Via Axis - Light Portals 8. Yudhisthira - The Room (Braincell rmx) 9. Soladria – Ussr Signal 10.Etnica - Surpressive Fire Greetings inhabitants of the blue planet! Sangoma Recs presents a new dose of tasty medicine for your ears – this time compiled by label owners Gata Freak & Daksinamurti. The two present a very special selection of contemporary psychedelic gems, tested on various dancefloors around the planet. Music with soul - prescribed by your sonic witchdoctors - combining ancient knowledge with modern technologies for an ecstatic trance dance experience. A perfect treatment for all aimless wandering “Mzungus” out there in search of something real. Organic and driving grooves, melodies with the vibe of the golden Goa days and new surprises await you on this spicy audio & visual journey. Authentic music written by some of the most creative and unique artists within this scene ranging from trance veterans like Etnica to leading contemporary artists and big names of tomorrow. Music with love, peace and compassion - communicating to all living beings. Let the spirit voices guide you through the night. “The old dream of progressive humanism is fading fast. There are still those who dream of the conquest of the biosphere by the technosphere, the human control of biological evolution through genetic engineering, and so on. But attitudes are changing around, and within, many of us: there is a shift from humanism to animism, from an intensely mancentred view to a view of a living world. We are not somehow superior to Gaia; we live within her and depend on her life.” Sheldrake (biologist) 1994 http://www.sangomarecords.com http://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords http://www.facebook.com/Djdaksi
  17. Hello dear forum followers, I am pleased to announce the fourh release of DAT Records: Etnica - Live in Athens 1996 - 2CD Etnica need no introduction: they have been storming the dance floors all over the world for two decades now. Innovators since the very beginning, they inspired many producers and are considered to be leaders and among the best artists ever in the Goa Trance realm. The release of this live set is something that was very much needed, to signal to the world how epic a live performance can be. On that night of the 12th of October 1996, magic was created, a wonderful set was recorded, and it is now ready to be broadcast to the world. As a bonus track for the first disc, we have the magnificent Time Dilation, in a beautiful Morning Mix courtesy of Etnica, that will surely deliver a smile on your face for its eternal beauty. The second CD features a selection by Draeke of Etnica’s best unreleased productions, spanning 1995 to 1998, their golden years. Prepared to be teleported into another era, where analogue synths were kings and where the group used samples wisely to weave stories into fantastic multi-layered tracks. All in all this album is a must-have, a historical document from an era where digital production was still unknown and where the music was created in its purest form. The tracks have undergone significant re-mastering and restoration, as the DAT tapes where the music was kept were not in the best condition, so they are now available in the best possible sound. So sit back and enjoy Etnica’s timeless melodies. All the classics of the band are included in this release - you have no excuse to not like this opus. Have a safe ride! Disk 1 - Live in Athens 1996 1 Etnica – Intro 2 Etnica – Plastic 3 Etnica – Floating Universe 4 Blue Planet Corporation – Antidote (Etnica Remix) 5 Etnica – Nice Toys 6 Etnica – Vimana 7 Crop Circles – Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix) Bonus Track: 8 Pleiadians - Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix) Disk 2 - Best Of Unreleased 1 Etnica - Mankind 2 Etnica - Electric Shower 3 Etnica - Rotating Fields 4 Etnica - Fluorophilia Camps Bay 5 Etnica - Blinded Moon 6 Pleiadians - Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix) 7 Etnica - Mental Puzzle 8 Etnica - Phthalic Vibes Compiled & Selected By: Draeke Artwork By: Totemical & Mars Mastered By: Analog Dimension Special Audio Restoration of "Mental Puzzle" By: SeeWhyAudio Distribution By: Arabesque Digital Distribution By: Record Union Release Date: 7 December 2012 Audio Samples Online! Draeke
  18. Richpa

    Etnica - 2012 EP

    Artist: Etnica Album: 2012 EP Label: Neurobiotic Records Style: Full On, Psytrance Tracklist: Impact (08:47) Axis (07:30) Triptonite (Pleiadians Live Mix) (08:30) It's really hard to be unbiased enough when it comes to any Etnica/Pleiadians material, at least in my case, they're probably one of the few projects that got special status in my psytrance book. They doesn't need any introduction, so I'll skip that part and try to focus on their latest effort - an three-track EP (2012) that came out on Italian label - Neurobiotic Records. First of all, don't expect or hope for some spectacular return of melody that has been trademark of thier work and sound in 90's, this is pure full on psytrance release with some really interesting moments and there are few melodic parts that sounds great to me. First track - Impact, got one minut and a half long intro with atmospheric melody in background, sounds like abastract ambient perfect for some Ultimae compilation, but right after that comes huuuge beat, first thing that you'll notice is crystal clear sound and production, nice fullonish basslines are perfect addition for very energetic beginning. Around 05:30 mark comes second break with melodic build-up which reminds me on late Pleiadians style and I like it, alot! Second track is Axis, and right after short intro speech rhythm comes and you can feel that this one will be much more brighter, it got pretty much melodic bassline with nice effects in background. First build-up is around 03:30 minute and it sounds hmmm, interesting it got some weird melodic percussions that I find pretty much funny and catchy. Overall it's not a bad track, but after repeating it few times it gives that good old it's so generic feeling. Last track on this EP is Pleiadians live remix of legendary Triptonite track and I'm sure that many people will judge this whole EP on this track. Why? Well it's Triptonite and we heard a bunch of good and bad remixes (of Triptonite) and when it comes to remixing something that is some sort of cult, people always experience more deeply known track and this one definitely is such a track. My opinion about this remix? Well it's one of better ones, even it's in some full on style, (BUT!) it got enough of melody and I'm sure it works / will work very well on every dance-floor, still orginal version is my all-time favorite. Conclusion - It's not best Etnica release, but it's solid, at least to me. As much as I love Etnica/Pleiadians from the old days, I love their newer stuff aswell. Favorite track from this one is Impact and I'm sure it will grow on me even more. Don't like that much Axis, I find it dull/boring and Triptonite is, hmmm, cool. Artwork for this release looks clean and nice, and production and soundquality is just perfect. You can preview/buy this release at Beatport.
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