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  1. I can't say I don;t envy you in a way. More releases available for you to buy, cheaper, easier to get etc etc. However I love my music and I love my cds as well. And since I don't to any crazy extents I don't see any reason to stop. Moreover, my 10 months daughter loves playing with my cds anyway, especially that pink jewel case of Chi-A.D.
  2. Remember that some day there was not a market for Crop Circles album either. And I'm talking about a limited number only, probably around 100 copies. It would essentially be like an inside thing. If we want something as a community we can publish it ourselves. Self funded in a way That should make things a bit easier. As for copyrights etc etc most of the music I have in mind is available by the artists themselves (and mostly free) so why not? They will get as much as possible back.
  3. Just started the thread and we already have requests for future releases, lol.
  4. @antic604 No worries That's the reality anyway. And I understand the cd sales are really low, but is a number like a 100 so out of reach? Maybe the label owners could shed some light, although I'm afraid it will be dark as well @U.F.Orb That's the spirit @psychedelic chipmunk Hard to explain, it has been discussed many times before. In the end it is a matter of preference and whether you actually OWN something digital. I have the same issues with books. Reading a pdf just doesn't do it for me. And books are a lot bulkier than cds. I'll soon need another room for my collection
  5. I am an oldschooler Goa fan, and as most people at my age we don’t do good with digital releases, especially if you have the collectors bug. But this is the 21st century and since our music is not commercial either, it makes sense that a lot of releases are only digital. Free, quality digital only releases, don’t make things any easier for me. So what happens with that? So far I was able to push those releases to the back of my mind and pretend that they do not exist. However, there are some releases they keep coming back to haunt me. Notably, these are: The two lives of Hol Baumann Live At Sonic Live Nuit Hypnotique #4 The live versions of Elysium tracks: Live Versions The Live Remixes So I decided to print them myself and make them look like a proper release. They don’t look professional by any way, but still they are good enough to quench my thirst. For some time. And then it hit me. Kickstarter, 100 copies limited edition, 2xCD 8-panel digipacks. I didn’t see any reason they artists would refuse, I wouldn’t lose any money since all expenses would be included in the Kickstarter campaign price (if successful), all the extra income would go to the artists (I have a full time job, I don’t do it to make money, if any), could it really happen? Ehh, no. Too many things to consider for someone that has no experience in things like that would probably make my first try a disaster. And here I am, asking your advice, help, recommendations. Do you think that there is a market for that? Would you contribute to the campaign? Do any current label managers, artists, graphic designers want to help/get involved or just express your opinion? Everyone getting involved would be paid of course and the sum asked would affect the final amount price asked on kickstarter. For now other albums/comps I would like to see released in physical format are: LSD’s digital releases All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub (The Remixes) The Cerronnos Dub Rituals EP Zion604’s digital releases (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven) Entheogenic’s digital releases Gaia Sophia, Enthymesis, Anthropomorphic, A Singularity Encoded Please get involved. What I only need at this point is your opinion. Discuss away
  6. Just got it. Looks sweet, Can't wait to finish work https://www.discogs.com/Chi-AD-Earth-Crossing/release/8896306
  7. Actually, that looks quite good. And the idea of plugins can take it to next level.
  8. Harthouse Compilation Chapter 5 - Bitter Fruits Harthouse Compilation Chapter 7 - 1.327 Tage
  9. Min: £4.3k Med: £7.6k Max: £13.0k About 1.1k cds. Over 100 with no price. I don't really care about expensive, rare, out of print etc editions. The cheaper I find it, the happier I am (as long as it's legit). So far I've never paid much more than £20 for a cd.
  10. Do you have a favourite cataloguing software? Do you even use one? Or do you think your discogs account is enough? Personally, for more than a decade I use OrangeCD. Cheap to buy, you keep it forever, constantly updated and has everything you need (and more). So, what program do you use? (if any)
  11. Already available for pre-order from zion604
  12. Just received confirmation they shipped the cd today. Can't wait
  13. This is getting weird really fast
  14. You know it's gonna happen
  15. Sunkings, I would love to see them back
  16. And let the Loudness War begin.
  17. As the title suggests, can you think of an album that is really bad or even out of place, but it was actually released by a quality label? As an oldschooler two come into my mind. First: Brainman - Brain Food. The 6th release of legendary TIP records and...what the hell is that? Who is that guy and what is he doing in TIP? 0/5 Another one, not bad, but seriously out of place is Total Eclipse - Access Denied. Jazzy drum and bass? by Total Eclipse? In Blue Room? WTF??? So? What albums do you think are out of place?
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