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  1. They did something similar with Time Paradox comp. The last track was also released by Anjuna (which apparently is back).
  2. Another release from Matsuri Digital, and unfortunately another ridiculous price. Too bad, and I really like their technoish sound.
  3. All of the tracks are excellent. Even the two live versions are worth it. Check them on bandcamp
  4. You know it's coming from Dat records, don't you?
  5. https://www.discogs.com/user/thanosp81/collection Here you are. about 50 that I haven't added yet, so just over the 1k mark.
  6. No worries. I don't care about the covers (much), only about the music, and since I didn't have them in the first place....
  7. CBL's 3 albums are the reason for the first time not to preorder a DAT release.
  8. Wow, someone converting to psy/goa at her 40ies? Openmindedness much?
  9. Artha - Chaos Getting warmed up for his new album
  10. I work with that as well (and HepC) so go ahead and pick one
  11. Well, if you use Goa Trance as a means to take over earth, then please, by all means, come in.
  12. Aaaaah, to be new to Goa...... :)
  13. Extracting DNA from human cells infected with Hepatitis B in order to sequence them and check for mutations providing resistance to certain drugs. And listening to GoaRadio at the same time obviously .
  14. You can "fight" all you want, I don't care. I just want the music.
  15. Let me be the devil's advocate here for a moment please. If buying directly from the label (any label) makes such a big difference, shouldn't the customers see some of that difference on the prices as well? I find it strange that in most cases I have to pay the same amount of money for ordering either directly through the label or through another seller. Sometimes it's even cheaper @_@ (e.g. Matsuri digital) It's the same case with preorders. I usually end up paying more for a cd that isn't even out yet than someone else that bought the cd a couple of months after release. Surely, it should be the other way around, shouldn't it? I support my music and buy originals and I have a maximum monthly expenditure limit (otherwise my wife would have divorced me by now), but in the end every little bit I can save, eventually it will go towards another cd purchase. Thoughts?
  16. When I first saw that a new album from Offer was coming out I was sceptical. I thought another crap album from a veteran just trying to make some quick bucks from the resurgence of Goa (yes KoxBox, I'm looking at you). But then I listened some samples, and then the album. And now I wish it was published in cd format as well
  17. The you should try early techno. Production values are top notch compared to the rest of the electronic genres.
  18. thanosp81

    Etnica - Nitrox

    I actually really enjoyed Nitrox. It was the album that persuaded me to move to Progressive Psychedelic trance (as called back then) instead of desperately trying to find some proper Goa sounds. And Triptonite (Playa mix), what you say? Magic
  19. And here we have our final answer summarising all the little bits. :0
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