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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that the whole album is very dancefloor friendly. Hope I'll have the chance to hear GoaTree in a live party! Id probably colapse from all the energy in these tracks hahah
  2. Artist: GoaTree Title: Black Star Of The Death Tracklist: 1. Carbon - Nomad (GoaTree Remix) 2. GoaTree - Vader 3. GoaTree - Damned 4. GoaTree - Labyrinth 5. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death 6. GoaTree - Cell Connections 7. GoaTree - No Time To Waste 8. GoaTree - Hide And Clap I have heard of GoaTree but I dont think I ever went through his music so I'm doing this with a fresh set of ears. This is the black star of THE Death, not of death in general, but of a certain, particular death. Mysterious, wouldn't you say? Anyway, if you are expecting a dark and serious atmosphere like I was, you shan't be dissapointed! Lets begin! 1. Nomad (GoaTree Remix): Introduces us to the theme of the album which is the combination of goa and dark/forest and I couldnt be more happy with it because it mixes the best of both worlds! It made me bounce around in my chair which is always a good sign! Highly psychodelic! 5/7 2. Vader: I expect nerdgasms just because of the name alone! Anyhow, the special part of this track, beside it being an amazing track, is its sample: "Vader... was seduced... by the dark side... of the force." It repeats a lot but its so damn catchy that I couldnt stop myself from saying it along with the track every...single...time! The track itself is 303 and melody heavy. At 7:20 we have a cool little playful melody followed by a great semi-climax. Masterfully composed track. Love it to bits! 7/7 3. Damned: 5/7 4. Labyrinth: Has a 3 minute long intro which builds up into a melodic explosion which persists for a good part of the track but it doesnt overstay its welcome. The track then slowly winds down to its conclusion. Great stuff! 6/7 5. Black Star Of The Death: I always have high expectations for title tracks and I was pleasently surprised this time. IMO, its the best track on this album. It has a HUUUUGE climax. I love successfully executed climaxes! 7/7 6. Cell Connections: A more simplistic track which sounds very oldschool to me. Has a dose of playful and funky rhythm. 6/7 7. No Time To Waste: First part of the track is high-tech heavy which then weirdly transitions into a twisted folk melody. Wasn't particularily impressed by this one but its far from being bad 4.5/5 8. Hide And Clap: A nice conclusion to the album. Nothing special but it does it job of signing off. 5/7 Summery: A darkpsy infested goa album with a couple of gems. Tracks are complex, well and patiently structured and decently varied. This release is of a big caliber and it came as a pleasant surprise. 6/7 You can download for free or choose to support the label and artist (name your price) at: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/black-star-of-the-death
  3. There is a special place in my heart for Neogoa Records because of that very reason. Going through the album right now! Maybe Ill be back with a review :3
  4. I have grown to love Ovnimoon immesurably! Sometimes I listen to a couple of his albums in a single day when Im in the mood! Anyway, the album. I actually like it more than Trancemutation of The Mind. It is more agressive in nature and that suits me more. Everything that Ovnimoon makes is gold!
  5. I completely agree with everything you said. This release is so near perfection. 5/5 no thinking required!
  6. Your ability to fish out underrated releases is one of the things that keep this forum alive. Ive never heard of this project. Downloaded it and Im on track 2 and so far its bloody awesome! Edit: Now Im on Eurythmia and I think Im in love with this dude
  7. Well I get that. You prefer old-school and thats completely fine, but some of you guys are saying that neogoa releases arent giving you anything really new. That bothers me a little bit because that is such a common negative critique on this forum and its not well founded IMO. You could argue that oldschool doesnt give you anything new either. No surprises there too. This IS psytrance. Sure goa changed a little bit but not by that much. If you are seeking novelty, I dont think you will ever be satisfied again with this genre.
  8. Well, the first CD so far is pretty enjoyable. I really like mid-tempo tracks that are on it. Liquid Flow - Event Horizon is a track I know from before and is one of my favorite slow-mid tempo tracks. Not sure what surprises you, novelty vampires, are expecting, but this is solid IMO.
  9. The only one I liked is Our Own Happiness (Dickster Remix) and the reason for that is that its structure is similar . Everything else is butchered by stage 4 proggy cancer . Also, the fuck happened to Psychomaschine? When it started I thought my YT player had a brain fart and switched over to my Boris Brejcha minimal playlist lol. Got bored somewhere around that track and didnt bother with going further.
  10. Good find! When it comes to forest I usually only enjoyed releases from lituanian Forest Freaks label, but this is definitely on par!
  11. I dont agree cause I think 2017 is pretty weak in the sheer number of goa releases EDIT: Fucking hell, this is the 3rd time Ive listened through it today. Heck, I love it through and through. 5/5 EDIT 2: Shit, I need to buy this!
  12. This is a very good album! Why isnt this getting any attention? I like this one far better than any of the Filteria stuff
  13. All these attempts to try and squeeze out a pozitive out of a complete garbage release... It brings back memories because these are oldschool goa tracks that he butched. That isnt a good thing. What an unambitious attitude towards music...
  14. Jizz in mah pants! And it actually sounds a ton better than the original! Whoever thought that would be possible
  15. Just gone back to listening to this one. Damn, it deserves more attention.
  16. Before I get into it, was wondering how would you rate it?
  17. YEAH! Love it! The dude is from Serbia and Ive never heard of him...
  18. I started digging said Ovnimoon's album. Just love how his psy-trance is infused with goa sounds with just enough of story telling. Are there any great albums similar to this one? Thanks
  19. Ive listened a couple of times and IMO every track is inferior to the original in every single way except mastering and production. I dont think that the statement from Pleiadians/Etnica saying that this is what their music should've sounded like 20 years ago is true. This clearly has Morphic Resonance's style written all over it! This is MP's interpretation of their music and nothing else. Even though he has his own style, I dont think this has enough originality (or anything else for that matter) to get me to listen to his remixes over the originals. Its not bad but it is as I expected it to be: Not good enough. Ps: He butchered the climaxes in one of my favorite tracks Maia. Its so god damn sloppy
  20. Ovnimoon's Invocation on Inti made me check out the rest of his music... Love how its all goa-ish! It's great psytrance. Especially this album.
  21. Im looking forward to this, but damn, this has a potentional to fail so majestically. Also, I hope this wont be just a bundle of recycled tracks. As much as I liked his remix of Space Dwarfs, it was identical to the original in structure...
  22. Title: Inti Label: Suntrip Records Release date: 19.04.2016 Tracklist: 1) Ovnimoon - Invocation 2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu 3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph 4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream 5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur 6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions 7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden 8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition) 9) Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise Inti means "sun" in quechua. We have a cover art of a sun rising in all its glory and the release comes from SUNtrip. Convenient! Im not a big fan of Suntrip, especially not recently. Floating, sunshine-filled and butterfly infested soundscapes are not my thing. The reason why I am taking the initiative of writing this is because of the HUGE names I see in this comp. Now, the way I do these reviews is write the intro, play a track and write the first impression of it as that is what I value the most. So this going to be a raw, empirical and intellectually unbiased review! 1) Ovnimoon - Invocation: Now, I know Ovnimoon as a psy-trance artist, not goa, and that is why I was surprised to see him here. The track builds-up pretty quickly and Im surprised by the recipe here. Hardhitting and somewhat dark-ish. The tempo is amazing and the moment the acid kicks in its a bliss. I definitely wasnt expecting something like this! @4:00......... a salve of chills went down my spine! AMAZING. One climax after the other! Ovnimoon needs to take into consideration to do a full length goa album! 7/7 2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu: Triquetra are Elric and Jurian Reinartz, brothers I suppose? They are pretty new and its awesome to see new faces in the scene! Again, hard and dark. I think Suntrip realised that the sun is also a 4.5 billion year old megaball of fire which will consume the star system as we know it one day. The feeling of the track reminds me somewhat of the feeling I had when I heard Howling At The Moon by Cosmosis, with its lightsaber-like melodies which feel like theyre slicing your brain into thousands of coronal sections. Orgasmic build-up all over the track. A great track! Good job, Triquetra! 6.5/7 3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph: Not to repeat myself, the album continues in its thematic direction.Ok, this thing is plain EVIL! A track for parties definitely as it's very rhythmic and simple. Its nothing special but it does it's job. Simply put, It's good! 5/7 4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream: We all know what to expect from this guy, AACCIIDD! A bit unconventional track considering his style in The City Of Moons. He builds up the track patiently and doesn't go overboard with chaos as he did in his album (which wasnt bad at all.) But even though it is a bit more serious as I said, there isnt much that is gripping my attention and its a bit crude to my ears. A touch above average 4.5/7 5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur: These dudes again! They must be doing something right if Suntrip gave them 2 slots on their new release. Lets see... What I hear is youth energy, careful planning, a balance between an adrenaline rush and a story. The track is good IMHO! Their sound and style sits very well with me. 5/7 6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions: The kings of melodies are back! At some moments the track feels a bit foresty! Its pulsating in such a way and it feels very experimental to me. A unique experience. 5.5/7 7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden: HIER KOMMT DIE SONNE! and with it comes floatiness. God... This track feels incredibily out of place, but then again, I never liked Mindsphere's style. Even despite that fact, this track faired pretty well but its a thorn in my eye. It simply doesnt fit 4/7 8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition): Funny Crossing Mind decided to name this track Entropy, for it is its opposite. Melodies that remind me of BPC and at times it hints uplifting trance(?) All in all, a mid-tempo track with deep-minded and melancholic melodies. Dawn is upon us! 4.5/7 9) Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise: You feel the X-rays warming your skin, you feel the wind's caresses and the sand tingling the soles of your feet. Its light, but its not floating. Its epic, sophisticated and vast just like the importance of our Sun. Its source is bright and endless, she resuscitates the hopeless. Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting! I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to this compilation. It deserves my epic seal of approval! 7/7 Phew, what an experience! From the chaotic darkness that the first part of the compilation represents (to me) to the sunrise, kindness and blissful melodies... This release made me realise that I spend too much time indoors. I will definitely remember this release and I highly recommend it to everyone! Favorite track: 1. Stream it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk82AnCYxUsjkC5iKR0DvFzt6vKt2lmcg Buy it here: -Suntrip store: https://suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD45/ -Bandcamp: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-inti
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