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  1. Hi there ! We are not angry on anyone We have been decide with Toxeed that his track will be a bonus, because he released this track on his album on CD in May 2018. here is the link to purchase his album - https://toxeed.bandcamp.com/album/shamanic-the-wise "Mamomam Records is proud to present you new goa trance compilation collected by JaraLuca - " V.A. 303 Syndroms ! It's a sequel of "Syndroms" series. Compilation contains 9 tracks in digital version and 8 tracks on CD" Everything is in the description Peace !
  2. EP is OUT NOW !! GRAB YOUR COPY ! https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tuning-in-24-bits
  3. Hello there ! We would like to announce second EP of very talented music producer Marcin Pawłowski aka Netsu . EP will be released in the end of April on Mamomam Records! Stay Tuned ! "We often think of ourselves as focused when we are working on solving problems, or doing some other kind of mental work. But by focusing primarily on our thoughts we are separating ourselves from what is happening around us. If we are thinking about the world instead of participating in it, we are always one thought away from where life is actually taking place. Sometimes the smallest objects and phenomena can reveal to us the intricate and beautiful wonder of the universe. By turning our attention and focus towards what is right in front of us, towards what is really unfolding underneath the illusion of our separateness, we can tune into an inexhaustible well of awe, wonder and peace. We can tune into life itself. " 1. Netsu – Life Will Survive Us 8:48 93 BPM 2. Netsu – Unspeakable World 8:22 86 BPM 3. Netsu – Ego Boundaries 8:30 96 BPM 4. Netsu & Miraceti – Nothing Special 7:16 121 BPM Credits: Music - Marcin Pawłowski , ( track 4 - with Szymon Marcinkowski ) Artwork - Marcin Pawłowski Mastering - Astropilot We will presents you samples very soon https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/
  4. Hi guys !! Neogenia - Soul Collector is OUT !! Here is the Bandcamp link https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/soul-collector We invite for download and support artist and label Thanks
  5. Hello Psynews ! Mamomam Records is proud to presents samples of our upcoming release : Neogenia - Soul Collector . 3 before unreleased tracks from very talented Serbian producer David Davidov. Stay Tuned ! "Resting peacefully in eternal darkness She beginns to whisper to him the sacred chants of universal harmony once more. And as her loyal warrior, in his first breath he projects the path in front of him, showing him all the lost souls he has to collect for the great Mother as a humble offering for his existance. Through many broken realms he dances and fights his way through what we call our world, seducing and capturing all the souls he needs to ascend in Her arms with all the children She had left wondering between the great Void and endless light. Each sound of this story is his path of true offering, love and dedication for the universal harmony that keeps collecting and breaking itself over and over again. Three of the most sincere breaths will take away your soul where it was created, where it always belonged. '' SAMPLES : Tracklist : 01. Neogenia - Soul Collector 11:56 149 BPM 02. Neogenia - Secret Chamber 10:49 149 BPM 03. Neogenia - Nothing Lasts Forever 09:53 149BPM Release date : 15/01/2019 credits : All tracks written and produced by Daniel Davidov Mastering by JaraLuca Artwork by Miraceti
  6. Thank you for your good words !!
  7. Hi there, I want to ask you to take your 5 minutes to fill this short form about how you get music Results from this form will be for all active goa trance labels. If you have 5 free minutes, please do it for us LINK - > https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1do3t4MamBu4WzOwAhF8VtjcuU88Imjw6v3gXYRBhb8E/edit
  8. Thank you all for nice comments !!! <3 If anyone of you have already bought this compilation please leave a comment under this release in our bandcamp We will be greatfull ! Today we uploaded all tracks on Soundcloud for easier listening . Cheers !
  9. Hi there !!!| 303 Syndroms is out !!! https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-303-syndroms
  10. https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-303-syndroms Release date 10.10.2018 !! Stay Tuned !
  11. ॐ Hi there !! Today we would like to present you samples of our upcoming goa trance various artists compilation - 303 Syndroms compiled by JaraLuca !! It's a sequel of "Syndroms"in our label. More info soon ! Tracklist : 1. Hypnoxock - Heaven Can't Wait 2. Clementz - Meditasjon 3. Median Project - Space Monkeys 4. Goad - Entranced 5. JaraLuca – The Ektoplazm 6. Omneon - Power Of The Ori 7. Artha - Hall-Lux 8. Proxeeus – Suydam Bonus track - Toxeed - Milky Way Credits : Mastering - Ovnimoon Artwork - Miraceti Release date : very soon ॐ SAMPLES :
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