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  1. hI there! JaraLuca - Neon Nebula is OUT NOW !! Check out our Bandcamp : https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/neon-nebula
  2. Introducing the transcendental voyage through space and sound, JaraLuca unveils the mesmerizing "Neon Nebula" EP, which contains 4 Goa trance tracks in old-school style and one EBM Goa trance track finishing this EP. Crafted with unparalleled artistry by Łukasz Zając, this EP delves into the depths of the psychedelic cosmos, offering a cosmic experience like no other. Embark on a journey through time as you explore the five enchanting tracks, each laden with intricate layers of pulsating rhythms and hypnotic beats. Drawing inspiration from the golden age of Goa Trance, JaraLuca breathes new life into the classic genre, infusing it with a modern twist and euphoric energy. Tracklist : 01. JaraLuca - Neon Nebula (Original Mix ) 145bpm 02. JaraLuca - Callisto ( 2023 remix ) 145 bpm 03. JaraLuca - It's Insane ( Original Mix ) 145 bpm 04. JaraLuca - 100 % ( Original Mix ) 145bpm 05. JaraLuca - Eclipse Sequence ( Original Mix ) Credits: Music written and produced by Łukasz Zając Mix & Mastering - Łukasz Zajac ( JL Studios ) Artwork - Łukasz Zając License - Mamomam Records Release date: 07.08.2023 Soundcloud preview :
  3. Hi! Today we want to present our new release: Saygun - Intergalactic Smuggler! It's a debut single made by new Polish goa Trance artist - Arkadiusz Biskup ( Saygun ) Bio : Saygun, also known as Arkadiusz Biskup, is a Polish Goa Trance artist whose journey into psychedelic trance began in late 2018 when he attended a party at the Protokultura club. After discovering a love for the genre, he pursued a career as a DJ and producer. His debut self-produced track, "Intergalactic Smuggler," marks the beginning of his foray into Goa Trance music. "Intergalactic Smuggler is the story of a mysterious figure who traverses the far reaches of the galaxy, using their cunning and expertise to smuggle contraband goods and forbidden technology. Saygun takes you on a journey through this interstellar outlaw's exciting and dangerous world, featuring pulsing beats, intricate synths, and ethereal atmospheres that will transport you to another dimension. " Written and Produced by: Arkadiusz Biskup Mastering : Łukasz Zając ( JaraLuca ) License: Mamomam Records MAMOMAM022 Release date : 24/03/2023 DOWNLOAD LINK -> https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/saygun-intergalactic-smuggler
  4. Hi there ! ACID SYNDROMS is OUT NOW !! https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/acid-syndroms
  5. Mamomam Records is proud to show you samples of our upcoming V.A. compilation made by JaraLuca ! 18 tracks ! 22 artists ! Tracklist : 1. U-Rel - Sunrise ( Orel Sharoni ) 2. Gezenstern - Le Jardin Hypnotique ( Vladimir Hummel ) 3. Mania – Apotheosis ( Emil Zuccon ) 4. Shisho - 95 Vibes ( Roey Aisha ) 5. GoAtmika - Spicy Nirvana ( Eylon Kadish ) 6. Astrogano - Stop It With Your Mind ( Noa Astrogano ) 7. Ray of Light & Processor - Ascension ( Michael revach and Rotem Sahar ) 8. Journey Into Sound - Empty Kingdom ( Czellux Gabor ) 9. AutoFlow - Live and Let Live ( Florent Siudryga ) 10. Ezoterica - Polyfondria Synthologica ( Petar Hadrovic ) 11. GoaD - The Haunting ( Anders Munk ) 12. JaraLuca & Artha - U.F.O ( Łukasz Zając and Michał Bączek ) 13. Been There - Normal Resolution ( Ofir Binder ) 14. Event Horizon - Snail Dance ( Or Noy ) 15. Sykespico - Diwana ( Nadav Elhadad & Matan Levi ) 16. Raziel - Giving Up Is Not An Option ( Raz Harush ) 17. Morphic Resonance - Unhinged ( Cristian Fernandez ) 18. CKAB - Zuckerberg Swamp ( Seppe Cruysberghs and Stijn Croes ) Mastering : Lukasz Zajac ( JaraLuca ) except track 6 and 16. Artwork - The Essence Release date : 21/08/2021 SAMPLES :
  6. Mamomam Records is proud to presents you our next release : TRIPlets Together - The Grudge !! TRIPlets Together (Maciej Soboń) is young musician, music producer and DJ from Cracow, Poland. In 2017 heard psytrance for the first time and decided to make it. His favourite generes are fullon and goa which he tries to cobine. Debut "The Grudge" EP is released with Mamomam Records. credits released December 19, 2020 Credits: All tracks written and produced by Maciej Soboń Mastering - Maciej Soboń Artwork - The Essence www.facebook.com/TheEssenceVisualArts/ Follow TRIPlets Together Facebook - www.facebook.com/TRIPletsTogether Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/triplets_together MAMOMAM018 credits released December 19, 2020 GET THIS RELEASE FROM BANDCAMP - https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/triplets-together-the-grudge SAMPLES :
  7. OUT NOW ! Grab your copy ! https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/descent-of-the-gods
  8. Hello World ! Today we want to presents you samples of our next release : Jedidiah - Descent of The Gods ! I "It is inspired by the way in which man through time could understand reading, writing, technology, much is said about superior beings who came from space and became the gods that each culture worships, carrying wisdom, intelligence and being capable of evolve, body, mind and soul, that is why the question: Are we alone in space?" Jedidiah - Joaquín Rodríguez, better known as Jedidiah in the psychill genre. This project was born in March 2011. He released his first release Inner Spirit in 2015, since then he has made compilations, EP, albums, remixes and worked with artists inside and outside the country on many labels around the world. Tracklist: 1. Jedidiah - Descent Of The Gods ( Ft. Existence ) 2. Jedidiah - Asintmah 3. Jedidiah - Eloah 4. Jedidiah - Rama 5. Jedidiah - Ometeotl 6. Jedidiah - Mitra 7. Jedidiah - Kukulkan 8. Jedidiah - Barong All tracks written and produced by Joaquín Rodriguez Artwork by Sati Mastering - JaraLuca License - Mamomam Records Release date will be published soon. Stay Tuned !!
  9. BeS - See it's OUT NOW ! grab your copy ! BANDCAMP - > http://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/see-24-bits
  10. Mamomam Records is proud to presents you samples of upcoming new release and debut E.P : BeS - See ! Bio : After years of exploration through the ocean of frequencies, Switzerland based producer BeS, found his home in the visionary realm of Psychedelic and Trance music. With his first E.P See, he invites the listener to embark on a kaleidoscopic journey through time and space, engaging the body, mind and soul. Mixing breakbeats with ample dreamy synth leads and pure ambient soundscapes; allow yourself to enter the meditative state. All Tracks are live recorded via Ableton with Hardware only Gear: -Korg Minilogue / Emx1, Er-1 and Ea-1 -Roland Tr8s / Tb-03 -Yamaha Qy100 -Yamaha E-Guitar -Digitech Polara Reverb -Delay Yodelmaster -Boss Bf-3 Flanger Tracklist : 01. BeS - Meditative state( 100 bpm ) / 07:55 minutes 02. BeS - Jamex ( 108 bpm ) / 08:09 minutes 03. BeS - See (100bpm ) / 09:07 minutes POEM : See Author: Eloise Martin Macrocosmic law, microcosmic pulse. Hearts open, beating to the subtle rhythm - the algorithm of thought. Minds, fuelled by love or fear. Two eyes to look, but only one to See. Mastering - Atrus Artwork - Netsu, Edit - Miraceti All tracks written and produced by Yannic Portmann
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