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  1. i mean necroing a thread after 12 years just to diss somebody is pretty damn cold. And hilarious
  2. im definitely gonna try out the new Bassline update. Looks really amazing. Im loving your musical research man, keep posting
  3. electric blue, and the nexus is for sure the best ones on there imho. There are some poor ones like Sticks and stones but its such a cool futuristic and more minimal approach and they really nailed it tbh. Techno Drome is also a killer track and infinite justice.
  4. these are great in that price range! https://www.thomann.de/se/behringer_b2030a_truth_aktivmonitor.htm aswell as these https://www.thomann.de/se/jbl_lsr_305p_mkii.htm
  5. holy crap. A thesis on goa trance. Thanks for posting it. surely must read some time.
  6. im really interested in dimension 5 aswell. They have a really unique sound for their time period, almost like it doesnt fit in the time they released their music in, not sure how to describe it. Ive said before it almost sounds software like in a way (but not, at the same time), but looking at their studio, they had all the pieces everyone else had. So it must be the processing; and that would be really interesting to get insight into..
  7. great post i read all of it, very interesting. the ARP could be a source for his basslines definitely, as it has that raw organic flavor to it. and the Eventide DSP4000 and the Eventide Harmonizer H3000 is definitely what made his tracks sound so damn good (on top of his skills ofc) aswell as that TC electronic Finalizer. Which Im not sure exactly what it does tbh, except making it sound even better. Maybe something like a Crystalizer/Vitalizer with compression/limiting? Anyway this is hugely interesting and I love diving into the technicals of these legends, to perhaps gain some inside knowledge. Keep hunting
  8. yep it was badboll i suppose that kick circulated around that place ^^ me and a friend made some tunes in reason back then, using this kick, good times.
  9. nearly sure he used his very very expensive eventide multi-fx box (H3000?) for all of his FX. im sure ive seen a video somewhere of him going on about how great that is. but i couldve dreamed it.
  10. groom lake is my fav miranda track. i just checked its bpm, and if im not tapping all too off its 144.2. (after 200 taps) https://www.all8.com/tools/bpm.htm not sure what gear these guys used to make their kicks, but im sure you could remake them with kick 2. also you have to take into consideration the compression and eq that was applied; that very much could shape the sound alot but this kick was given to me by miranda back in mid 2000s; she was on a community i was also on and we chatted a bit, im sure she gave this kick to quite few people. https://www.aeap.se/tmp/child_kick.wav the kick on groom lake seems similar as this, but slightly longer; with a more pronounced pitch decay. (so basically just pitched down)
  11. the distressor is nothing but a compressor; and you could accomplish that with any good compressor, i recommend Pro-C. But that wouldnt be enough. That would handle the compression bit, but not the color/sound of it. This require very creative use of distortions. A MB distortion plug with oversampling could probably add color to emulate the distressor (which is one of the best compressors there are) the "bock" and knocky words he use are simply referreing to the attack and release. most people these days call it punch; to add more or less transient to a kickdrum. but for the distortion he talks about referring to the distressor, im sure he means overdrive distortion which analog units handle great; in the box not so much. youd be better off using a distortion plugin for that; since pushing the gain over 0dbs isnt really overdrive in the box, its just clipping. kick 2 i would recommend for any kick old school or not. (but any VA can work) the things he has that cannot compete itb, is definitely the Eventide units to name a few, the FX those can produce are of much higher quality than what you find itb, and you really have to be very creative with your plugin chains to get close. delay on the bass (or rather, echo) is definitely something thats missing in most new school stuff, for example in gamma goblins pt 2 there is a nice echo on the bassline (and pretty much everything) to create a certain space. same goes for much of his tracks. i think one reason people who work ITB dont use that is simply cause it doesnt sound as good off the bat; and it can be hard to recreate something that simply is a preset in an Eventide box. This can also be demonstrated using the Eventide plugins based on their boxes - it sounds nothing like it and sounds just like any other plugin. this is all just my opinion and nothing more
  12. cool. if i happen to create something new in the meantime ill post it here, maybe some melodies this time :p
  13. you could just import them if you like. either use them as is in your own projects, or take the kick or the hihat or whatever and use that.. or dont use it at all. sure you could post midi files here of your melodies. ill be willing to attempt something with your melodies
  14. Yeah. Sorry to disappoint. Use the sounds i gave or dont use them, either way.
  15. there were not many stems for these very tiny projects . let me know if something isnt right. each stem is 4 bars, in 48khz, at 32bit float. https://www.aeap.se/tmp/psynews.zip
  16. @Jon Cocco nice unbiased, objective review! you really nailed it tbh.
  17. i have the projects, and could send midis or waves from both of them.
  18. maybe not good content but some content.. https://www.aeap.se/tmp/psynews-1-16.wav https://www.aeap.se/tmp/psynews-2-16.wav
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