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  1. i had a listen before you removed and i think your main lead was very close to the astral juno sound =) definitely in the ballpark! yup ap did not have any supersaw synths afaik (virus, jp8000) maybe they had the nord lead 1, but im not sure. what i do know is they made most of their leads using the alpha juno with the MKS-50 programmer aswell as the juno-106. Which is pretty much the same as the alpha except its easily programmable wheras the alpha was either a very annoying menu diver; or with an external programmer such as the MKS. And it can 100% be recreated using Diva or pretty much any synth that has PWM and have the ability to modulate the pulse width using LFO. ( i tried using spire, an excellent wavetable synth that has this capability; and it can most definitely be made in spire aswell. its not easy though. im almost there... ) what would be really cool to see is someone recreating the sounds of the JD-800. That one is a beast with 4 sources, each source having VA (+additive and perhaps fm) and Sample capabilites. so the closest thing in software would be Alchemy, since it also has 4 sources and actually does More than the jd-800 could. If theres one guy here who can bless us and already has blessed us its Filteria, but then again he actually has the hardware.. so thats cheating at least for this thread..
  2. Ofc I am send it on through, master@aeap.se
  3. Not quite though. I was thinking a bit more specific than that. I'll post the dancing galaxy lead once I'm happy with what I've got. It's kinda hard to recreate and if its so easy then prove it :p
  4. Creating sequences on abl2 is easy though, I usually start with 1 note on every note of the 16 notes. (basically an arpeggio) Go up a 3rd and 5th here and there, enable slide on a few notes, add a 1/8d delay and you've got a goa acid sequence. Yeah abl2 sounds good but not as good as phoscyon. There's something missing aswell as it sounding slightly more "software like" than phoscyon. But I wouldn't say abl2 is unusable it's far from that! But yeah start with enabling every single note of the 16 notes avaliable, from there it's quite easy to alternate the notes aswell silence a note here and there. Don't forget the delay though. The delay is just as important as the sequence cause it is part of it. Rebirth is great stuff but in today's standards it lacks alot of punch and impact and sounds very small and thin.
  5. Yeah youre right they CAN be made in many different software nowadays; which is why I made the topic Its still hard to re-create though. But yes since we do have the tools to do it, i guess your comment just validate my topic! Thats some nice sounds in that track of yours!
  6. I think this is a topic many of us want, to see classic Alpha Juno and Juno-106 patches (AP - Dancing Galaxy) aswell as classic SH-101 patches (Simon, X-Dream +gazillion) or the famous JD-800 patches by Etnica/Pleiadians (Hmm Roland = Goa?) - recreated fully including sound signature and fx - inside your daw.. while id concede its impossible to 100% nail it, id accept anywhere from 51-90% for the thread! most of us arent pro and that would be very acceptable and fun to chat about even if we cant nail it.. Just emulating the output stage of any of those synths for example should be a chore since youd really have to have one in order to re-create just the right filtering+noise+eq+compression+samplerate+phase etc etc....that the unit already has once you hear it... let alone the actual sound synthesis itself.... What would be interesting in this topic is to see patches including fx-chains that comes very close to a certain sound or a certain melody or a bass patch or whatever - made inside modern DAWs; based on whichever song/sound you want.. Im currently trying to emulate the dancing galaxy lead so that lead me to the thread... So the PWM + LFO modulated Astral sounds of the Juno-106 or Alpha - for example, id love to see recreated in say Diva or any wavetable synth.. Aswell as the mixing to get it close to that dirty 90s sound..... Well okay thats the sound Im working on so not that one, but as an example. Get that old track you love, load up any daw and try to get close and post here.
  7. this is a very strange one, when you ask dont make it about race when you specifically made it about race lol i think its quite strange to sort of deduce who is from where - it doesnt seem like that would matter as far as race go - more like its interesting to see what country produces what styles..
  8. Im not sure if it was deviant electronics or not because now that i skim through their stuff it doesnt sound very much like x-dream. anyway if i think of who it was if it wasnt him/them ill let u know :p @Multi-Media no its not them but great suggestions =)
  9. thats it, thanks (not sure thats the album i was thinking of but that was definitely the artist) edit: maybe the artist:P
  10. Im pretty sure someone will come along here shortly and remind me and Us what that artist I was thinking of is called. I think it was a two word name, and the sound was just like x-dream. Dammit brain. I suppose it could have been COP but that would be a bit too easy and it doesnt ring the right bell, and im pretty sure noone of X-dream was actually in that group (if it was even a group maybe just a solo artist), and the two word name sticks somehow. anyhoo, maybe it jogs someones brain
  11. oh man do i need some more x-dream sounding music in my life, last time was ... what was that group/artist. Sounded just like x-dream. couldve been their brother. or dad. something something. anyway, that x-dream sound is sometimes long forgotten and i really miss it.
  12. There's not any single artist in the full on genre that just have good tracks, talamasca, alien project, gms, silicon sound, electric universe, 1200 mics, astrix, vibe tribe, etc. It's pretty much hit and miss. However if we are talking about albums there is no contest that the singlehandedly best full on album goes to silicon sound with his only lp.
  13. modern psytrance, with tons of techno vibes and also without a doubt several hallucinogen influences too ^^ specifically gamma goblins. really great stuff from captain hook, is there a topic on him here?
  14. nope this is all wrong, its noone ever dreams/dancing galaxy/liquid sun>life on mars>flying into a star. (suffice to say dancing galaxy is one special album) i love the ast-roid remix too, but not as much as the original. thanks for a great AP topic, hadnt checked out these tracks in quite some time. <3 just what i needed
  15. flying into a star ... knew i was forgetting something. that thing is definitely top3 on dancing galaxy. (dancing galaxy/liquid sun>flying into a star>life on mars)
  16. Yeah life on Mars. Techno drome is probably my top pick. Enlightened evolution (rmx) is pretty damn psychedelic too. Visions of nazca maybe and also time began with the universe.
  17. heres some drumstep, its rather simple in contrast to classic dnb. and a classic liquid track from 97, still sounds rather modern.
  18. chords is in my top 3 from sweden. och mobbade barn samt organism 12 är ju sånt man växte upp på. anyway with all this swedish hip hop it wouldnt be complete without mentioning Promoe so,
  19. ah. kära svenska akademien.
  20. i think you missed something there. worst case scenario; they are extremely dangerous and basically its the immune system going into hyperdrive killing all your internal organs in the process, causing heart attacks and god knows what else, and results in death. and there is no known cure for it. but, its not fatal all the times, many people here in sweden seem to pull through, after said storm. i think the numbers here are 80% living through the Intensive care unit, where all the cytokine storm and hypoxemia patients are. Theres also doctors saying the oxygen thing is like high altitude sickness, and that the lungs are okay and the damage to the lungs seen in pictures (the white lungs) are from ventilators themselves damaging the lungs. but somehow there is not a transmission of oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream. hopefully they figure this thing out sooner than later and can correctly start to treat people, god knows how many lungs have been damaged due to overcompression from the ventilators :/ when in fact the problem lies elsewhere.
  21. as a noob on this, i thought id ask here. What does it sound like when a) azimuth isnt correctly set b) cartridge is not aligned properly c) too much stylus pressure d) too little stylus pressure e) worn out record grooves f) too little Anti Skating / too much Anti Skating I think i know how D sounds like; it is very crackly and the S sounds are sibilant and somewhat distorted. And I think also too much pressure means there will be more bass, but dont know how the distortions sounds like in this case. Since I only own shitty records so far that has alot of wear and tear I cant really know for sure what is what; and knowing what types of issues causes what types of change in sound - it will be easier for me to rule out one or another
  22. maybe you have fluids in your lungs, which seem to happen with covid, better get to the hospital sooner than later and get it checked out. good luck to you.
  23. Gamma goblins 2 had the best intro to me. well just best all around that thing I guess
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