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Found 5 results

  1. As discussed in this topic I was long thinking of trying to listen to my entire collection. One album (or disc) every day with headphones on so I can truly dedicate myself to it. There are 2 main reasons to it. Firstly, to discover hidden gems. As you grow tastes changed and you start to listen to the same music in different ways. Secondly, it would help me achieve another goal. I want to concentrate on quality rather quantity of the new music I buy each month. Granted my collection is not that huge (I do not consider myself a collector), less than 1400 releases (or 1700 discs) according to my OrangeCD database. Still, it would take me some years to listen through it all, not counting the new music purchased each month. I expect to fail miserably, but so did I when i first quit smoking but it's been over 3 years now that I'm nicotine (and thousands of other substances) free . No hurt in trying. The way I plan to do it is by choosing a label, artist or series and listen to them in order of being released to have an idea of how the sound changed/evolved throughout the years. The issue is that 2/3 of my collection are back in Greece so I cannot start with what I would really like, that being the releases from the legendary greek magazine Lemon but I'll manage . https://www.discogs.com/label/50787-Lemon-Magazine Each listen will be accompanied by a photo of the physical media and a short blurp. Stay tuned.
  2. Do you have a favourite cataloguing software? Do you even use one? Or do you think your discogs account is enough? Personally, for more than a decade I use OrangeCD. Cheap to buy, you keep it forever, constantly updated and has everything you need (and more). So, what program do you use? (if any)
  3. Many of us here are addicted to trance vibes much more than a decade. All these years little by little or more by more we've collected plenty of releases, decades or hundreds or even thousands of them. But can we throw ourselves back in the early beginnings to remember which ones were our first releases (CDs or Vinyls), the ones also that inspired us and passionate us to continue diving into the scene.
  4. Hello there! I'm letting go a big part of my CD collection with some rare stuff in it. If you're interested in something PM me and we discuss a price. I make good deals depending on the amount of cd's you want. I'm a trusworthy fellow, just search for me in Buyer/Seller Feedback Topic. Here we go! TRANCE Astral Projection - In The Mix (Transient) Mint Battle of the Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins (BooM! Records) Mint Battle of the Future Buddhas - Demonoizer (Boom!Records) Mint CHI-AD - Anno Domini (NovaTekk) Very Good Cosma - Simplicity (YoYo Records) Mint Cosma - Noonstop (HOMmega) Mint Cosmoon - Damnation Generation (Boom! Records) Mint Cosmosis - Contact (Transient) Mint Cosmosis - Intergalactic (Transient Records) Mint COP - Urban Alien (NovaTekk) Very Good Dark Soho - Sun Spot, The Debut Album Special Edition (YoYo Records) Mint Dark Soho - Combustion (Alchemy Records) Mint Deedrah - Reload (Hadshot Haheizar) Mint Deviant Electronics - Blunt Instruments (Blue Room) Mint Digital Sun - Re-Collection (Psytekk) Mint Electron Wave - The UNcertainty Principle (NovaTekk) Very Good Galaxy - Solar SYnthesis (Blue Room) Mint Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians, 2CD (YoYo Records) Mint Intergalactic - Outer Galaxy (Bionics Records) Mint Kindzadza - Waves from Outer Space (Parvati Records) Mint Logic Bomb - Unlimited (Tip World) Mint Logic Bomb - Headware (Spiral Trax) Mint Lunar Asylum - Lunar Asylum (Phantasm Records) Mint Mandalavandalz - Kamikaze (6 Dimension Sounds) Mint Manibus - Escape (AMZ Records) Mint Man Made Man - Love Technology (Flying Rhino Records) Mint Man With No Name - Momenth of Truth (XL-Recordings) Very Good Man With No Name - Earth Moving the Sun (Perfecto) Very Good Man With No Name - Teleportation (DragonFly Records) Very Good Metal Spark - Corrosive (Blue Room) Mint MFG - The Message (Phonokol) Mint Miranda - Northern Lights (Why Not?) Mint Miranda - Asynja (Why Not?) Mint Miranda - Phenomena (Koyote) Mint Miranda - Rerecorded (Why Not?) Mint Neuromotor - Neuro Damage (Acidance Records) Mint Noosphere - Radiated (Twisted Records) Mint Oforia - Let it beat (YoYo Records) Mint OOOD - Breathing Space (O.O.O.D. Records) Mint Pete Namlook - 4 Voice Mint Pleiadians - Familly of Light (NovaTekk) Mint Prosper - Inplugged (ZMA Records) Mint Shakta - The Enlightened Ape (DragonFly) Mint Shiva Shandra - Positive (Spirit Zone) Mint Shiva Sidpao - The Album (Shiva Space Technology) Mint Shiva Space Technology - The Light of Shidapu (Shiva Space Technology) Mint Shiva Space Technology - The Digital Dance of Shiva (Shiva Space Technology) Mint Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible (Twisted) Mint Space Cat - Power Up (YoYo Records) Mint Space Cat - Beam Me Up (YoYo Records) Mint Space Tribe - The Future's Right Now (Spirit Zone) Mint Synchro - Science Friction (Tip Records) Mint Texas Faggot - Petoman's Peflett (Exogenic Records) Mint The Misted Muppet - From the Legend (Trancelucent Productions) Mint The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (LSD) Mint The Nommos - Digitaria (Avatar Records) Mint Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (Blue Room) Very Good Transwave - Phototropic (Distance) Mint Tristan - Audiodrome (Twisted Records) Mint VA - Atom Smasher (Optica) Mint VA - Psychoaneasis (Sphere Records) Mint VA - A Taste of Transient, 2CD (Transient) Mint VA - Singularity 2-001 (Flying Rhino Records) Mint VA - The Mistery of the thirteen crystal skulls (Tip World) Mint VA - Voltage (Sphere Records) Mint VA - Shiva Space Technology CD 001 ((Shiva Space Technology) Mint VA - Ready to Take Off (Transportes psicadélicos portugueses) Mint VA - The Classics of Superstition - Year 1, Spring 1993, Spring 1994 (Superstition, 2CD) Very Good VA - The Language of Light 2 (Ceiba Records) Mint VA - A Taste of Trust in Trance Volume 1 (NovaTekk) Mint VA - Deck Wizards, Jean Borelli, Planet Maya (Psychic Deli) Mint VA - Psychedelic Sparks, a psynews.org compilation (Inpsyde Media) Mint Wizzy Noise - Cybermancy (Zillion Mental Anarchie Records) Mint X-Dream - Panic in Paradise (Tunnel Records) Mint Zodiac Youth - Devils Circus (Dragonfly) Very Good METAL Lacuna Coil - Half Life (Century Media) Very Good Mogway - Zidane, a 21st Century Portrait (Pias Recordings) Mint Nightwish - 1997-2001 4 CD special edition - Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, Over the Hills and Far Away (Spinefarm Records) Mint Nightwsh - Century Child (Spinefarm Records) Mint The Gathering - Downfall, the early years (Hammerhead Records) Mint The Gathering - Almost a Dance (Psychonaut Records) Mint The Gathering - Amity, Single (Century Media) Mint The Gathering - Liberty Bell, Single (Century Media) Mint The Gathering - Monsters, Single (Century Media) Mint The Gathering - Rollercoaster, Single (Century Media) Mint Within Temptation - Ice Queen (2003, limited edition, incl. 3 bonustracks, video, multimedia part and secret internet acess) Mint Within Temptation - Enter (Avalon Japan) Mint Within Temptation - The Dance (DSFA Records) Mint Within Temptation - Running up that Hill, limited 3500 copies (Gun Records) Mint AMBIENT Vangelis - Voices Very Good The Glimmer Room - Tomorrow's Tuesday (New Harmony) Mint The Glimmer Room - Grey Mirrors (A Frame Media) Mint DRUM AND BASS Dom + Roland - Industry (AShadow) Very Good Grooverider - Misteries of Funk Mint Jonny L - Magnetic (XL-Recordings) Mint Jonny L - Sawtooth (XL-Recordings) Mint Pascal - A new P-Funk era (True Playaz) Very Good Front Line Assembly - Re-Wind (Off Beat) Very Good
  5. Now that discogs lists your items by value* I thought it will be fun to check our most valuable items. Mine By median price: Goa Trance R.I.P. 90 dollars Ethereal - Anima Mundi 71.46 dollars Astral Trance 45.48 dollars *Go to your collection and choose the statistics view.
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