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  1. Excellent news Hado! It's realy very interesting sound. Would be greate if Denis makes the whole album.
  2. Also it could be Jaia - Brainstorm remix or livemix, etc...
  3. There is a one-word's sample in the beginning. Try to find it at psydb.net
  4. Hello, Pls, help to id this one: https://soundcloud.com/alexey-kokovin-168376226/untitled Sounds like Asia 2001.... Any idea? Thnx....
  5. 41:15 - 51:12 Sonichaos - Feel Of Guitar 51:20 - 52:25 Quench - Dreams 53:25 - 56:20 I'm sure i have it somewhere, need to check...
  6. One of the BEST album that was released during last several years!
  7. Hey, Here is an online preview of this compilation: https://music.yandex.ru/album/2779614 From my side, i'd like to thnx Hado rec. for this realy nice chill CD.
  8. PM sent. Sure, contact directly to Hado. That's much easer..
  9. It seems to be: TALAMASCA - The hunted becomes the hunter
  10. track3 1:41 - Is going to be remix to a Slide's track. But not sure for 100%.
  11. Hi PLS, help to ID this nice track: http://rghost.ru/private/50612193/805ced680f72e558ac5004fa91c1ac0d As i can hear It has a sample in the beginning: "...Life is an illusion. Reality is simply a figment of the imagination...". But it's not "Mindfield - Life is an Illusion". Also i think it's from vinyl due to some vinyl clicks
  12. Hi The second track is going to be: Slide & Marc Van Der Vlugt - Spontaneous Human or Naveen & Morphem - Iridenscence or remix for one of these.
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