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  1. How is that 'not so smart'. In my experience police and festivals don't mix very well.
  2. I've often wondered about this myself, I can imagine that geography has a lot to say in this matter. In Denmark (where i'm from) the farthest you have to drive to drive to go to a party is usually only a couple of hours. Europe is simply more dense population wise. Most people who like psytrance like it because of the parties, and i guess it's hard for 'trance-hotspots' to emerge in a country as massive as USA. I remember a thread from a couple of years ago where a guy argued that "hippie-music" in the states is very much centered around psychedelic rock, whereas in Europe things like like world music and stuff is more prevalent.
  3. I really like trance with samples that are NOT about drugs/space/conscioussness/aliens/you name it. Having heard so many samples about the aforementioned, it gives tracks a really strange vibe when you hear a sample about something really ordinary.
  4. Not enough love for Mahadeva in this thread.
  5. What do you mean it's going to be released this year and therefore it's new school? I mean the album is from 2002, so i wouldn't exactly call it new school. Could you or anyone else please elaborate? Chi A.D. is one of my favourite artists so i'm kinda curious as to what you're talking about.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a track that has a sample of a male voice saying "we don't know what we're dealing with here", I'm guessing it's from a science fiction movie or something. Anyway, i was wondering if this rings a bell with any of you? I know i have the track somewhere in my collection so it's driving me crazy that i can't remember what track it is. the voice-sample is all i can remember about the track, so i hope it's enough to go on.
  7. I'm getting more and more convinced that Psykovsky is actually just trolling everybody. His music is going to get more and more weird and extreme and in a few years he'll announce that his music was just a big prank.
  8. I suppose most of you know about Waking Life? (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0243017/?ref_=nv_sr_1) There's TONS of stuff in that movie that are used as samples. I once tried watching it simply for that reason but i couldn't get through the film, there's a lot of interesting stuff in it but no real plot whatsoever.
  9. The extremely long build ups is one of the things i love about Chi-A.D. I agree that he is sometimes inconsistent in quality, but i have to admit that Earth Crossing is one of my all time favourite albums and i would have a hard time trying to pick out a favourite track on it since it's all so good!
  10. I get that feeling a lot aswell. But lately i've been thinking that a lot of the colours i attribute to music has a lot to do with the album cover. For example Twisted (the album) seems very purple and red to me, and Hinkstep - Sunrise Over The Treetops has a golden and green feeling to it. Sometimes i wish music had no coverart and no names, then it would be easier to appreciate the art without any disturbances.
  11. True dat! For some reason goa just hits you right in the hippocampus!
  12. I have 1 very close friend who i discovered psytrance with. Actually we discovered alot of things together (psychedelic drugs to name one). It's nice to have at least 1 friend who knows what you mean and who you can share your opinions with. Last year i went to Ozora by myself simply because i didn't know anyone who wanted to come with me, it turned out to be the best decision i've ever made. On the first day i met some super nice people from Denmark (my home country), real hippies, just my kind of people. Now i can always go to a psy party and expect to meet at least someone i know. In Copenhagen where i live the good part of the scene is fairly small, so you end up seeing the same people at the parties which is cool. It really makes you feel like you belong somewhere. But still i would like to have some friends who are into goa as much as i. People i can just invite over for a couple of beers and some LOUD goatrance on a regular chilled out sunday EDIT: On another note i think it's important not to try and convert people, it just doesn't work. Instead just show up where there are likeminded people. If you go alone people will notice and will be much more likely to converse with you because you act more like yourself when your on your own.
  13. I feel the same way as you about E-mantra. Though i must admit there is alot of quality to it, it's some of the most psychedelic music i've ever heard. I've listened to it a bunch of times already but i still haven't gotten it, i reall hope i will some day
  14. I think a lot of the bias against "normal looking people" stems from the fact that psytrance parties are a very delicate thing. I think we've all had some kind of bad experience at parties and in most of those incidences "normal people" were involved in some way or another. Even the smallest things like someone whose not used to the atmosphere with a look on his face that says "oh man, the people here are weird" can make some people uncomfortable. I look pretty normal too i guess, but for some reason i feel way more comfortable when i look around and see a bunch of freaks (that's a good thing) rather than normal people. But i guess the lesson to be learned here is that we're all freaks in one way or another
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