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  1. 5+ members is really difficult to find :-) Juno reactor had a lot of different (temporary) members around Ben Watkins, however I guess there were no more than 4 producers simultaneously per album.
  2. Nice review from Antic! - I think this perfectly sums it all up. As stated above the tracks are all very organic and dont't follow the typical structures, at least not very obviously. A lot of fresh new sound creations and great attention to detail have made me listen a lot to this album. - All in all it provides a very deep psychedelic journey to the listener! So far this in one of my favourite albums in 2015, very happy to hear there are still artists that try out new paths and provide progression to the scene- However, this is definitely not typical goa trance, so better just summ
  3. Just was reading this now - very sad to hear Morphem is no more :-(. - I remember the Montage 12" on Tunnel records was one of the first goa vinyls I bought back in 1997... Together with X-Dream he represented quite an own, bit more technoish style of goa trance at that time.
  4. Regarding current releases I find myself much more interested in the Israeli and Japanese scene than in (mainly)European "newschool" sound: The sound is more raw and fresh, a little slower and more technoish. I think most "newschool" sounds a bit too polished and predictable for me, though there of course are quite some great exceptions (Nervasystem, older E-Mantra + Filteria tunes, etc, etc).
  5. Now it's available again on bandcamp - The magic "bandcamp available copy counter" remains a mystery
  6. Somewhere I read the CD release was limited to 200 copies this time. - However I also don't think they've sold all within just 1 month. Btw.: I lik really like this release, very acidic and nice blend of goa and psytrance elements -> I think that Skizologic gets constantly better. - My favs are Anomaly, Robotized, Fusion 303 and the Nervasystem Remix of the title track. The latter combines sounds and elements of the Nervasystem 4 album so it adds quite some deep mood to it.
  7. The track from Masa (Rising Thunder) is the bomb! - Just merely 6 mins long and not overly multilayered, but it sums it all up... A track from a REAL master - Just listen, learn and enjoy
  8. Voyager II, Trans-Neptunian Objects, War of the Hierophants
  9. Super, sounds like Psychopod! Goes in the Friagram direction :-)
  10. I keep coming back listening to this release a lot - This is not the best AP release but still a great one with some really nice remixes. Happy to have the "good old" AP sound back, brings back lots of memories + still demonstrates their exceptional skills in making uplifting trance music . AP managed it really well to keep up the spirit of the original tunes (even used some of the original synth sounds) so they seemed to have taken a lot of care during the composing process. Personal favs are "Mugen" (of course), "LSD" and "Midian".
  11. FYI: The physical release is on CD-R not on CD. The jewel case arrived in a quite broken condition at my place but the CD-R did not suffer any damage. Music plays fine.
  12. Do you have a quartz mine next door or where you harvest those rods?
  13. Good question - I thought that the "boxes" are those with Quarz rods (nice idea btw.) + digipack wrapping of each CD (at least that is what I received). But that's just my Interpretation :-)
  14. Uptempo: 1: V/A - Moon Ritual (Amakusa) 2: Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed (TIP) 3: V/A - Analog Dreams (DAT) 4: Psysutra ‎– Gamma Phoenicis (Cronomi Records) 5: V/A - Three Ohm Three (Anjuna) 6: Shakta - Retroscape (Suntrip) 7: Moonweed - Voices of Jupiter (Anjuna) 8: V/A - Flight 604 Chapter II (Zion 604) 9: Virtuart – Sacred Drop EP (DAT) 10: VA - Ten Spins Around The Sun (Suntrip Records)
  15. +1. Big respect to Tal / Anjuna for the great releases and all the effort so far for keeping the oldschool sound alive!
  16. Happy Birthday Psynews !! - Keep up the great work!
  17. Hope they at least mixed it by themselves... ;-) Really quite a disappointing tracklist, classics we've all heard over a 1000 times, no unreleased or rare goodies, no real incentive to buy (AP name + cover just ain't enough!). Maybe nice for newbies
  18. Why do you ask? - If you already dislike techno so strongly compared with psychedelic trance, then house is definitely not your cup of tea. Anyway, here is something that may fit to your request (won't satisfy your taste anyway, but as you've asked for it...): https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=n3E7HTB753U
  19. Seems you even did not even get that this post was meant to be ironic...
  20. This is one is especially for you goa pride, it has lots of "climaxes" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW05zc0Bij8#t=64
  21. Fully agree, I enjoy these more raw, less "over-stuffed" versions a lot, especially the darker, more percussive version of Funkus Munkus! And I love the green tray, really an eye-catcher :-) Btw.: The Etnica track is very interesting IMO, sounds like a first draft for their famous, hard-to-get Pleiadians - "Pleiadians" track. Though much slower, some different sounds and less powerful, the hihat sections and some of the sequences played are almost the same.
  22. Yeah, that's one of the great classics from Umek which rocked the dancefloors around 2000s - remember me dancing to this on many festivals at that time :-)
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