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  1. If you also like Kris' harder stuff you should try out Tripperspaced - you can find it e. g. on Transient 3 compi along with the "Forbidden" remix that just got re-released on Anjuna's fantastic Three-OM-Three compilation (other version?).
  2. What I really like about those BPC remixes is that they still keep up the spirit of the original versions. - Seems like AP even used the original lead sounds, very nice!
  3. Full support from my side, already contributed - would be great to have a great vinyl single pressing... - the warm analogue sound of a good vinyl stays unmatched to any digital releases! (my humble opinion - that's why I don't want to sell my vinyl collection ;-)) Let's show more support guys to this campaign - only 16 days left! Btw.: Also love the Time Travel album release on Anjuna rec. :-)
  4. Yep +1. It is definitely correct digital releases can offer higher sample or bit rates, are more flexible. etc. . However, music is a piece of art for me that should be properly presented. Download only still feels like fastfood to me which doesn't grab the attention it may deserve... (Despite of that I still need CDs for Djing and I am really too lazy to download first, burn it, label it, etc. ;-)) Of course I also directly rip CDs for backup purposes, Traktor-based sets, etc. but this comes only secondary.
  5. Great tracklist! - Will be another must buy for me from Anjuna Rec. Especially the Tandu track also directly caught my attention :-). Virtuart - Tetragrammation was released Vinyl only before, am I correct? Btw.: UX Live CD will be released later this year?
  6. Btw.: All other Zion-CDs on Bandcamp are currently indicated as "1 remaining" ;-). Anyway, the label constantly provideds great music and good service, so if this measure - regardless if intended or not - helps to sell off some stock faster, I don't mind at all!
  7. Thank you for this great compilation!! - Easily one of the best releases this year. Most tracks are fantastic and mastering is really superb, DAT records sets the standards :-).
  8. Yes, another very good FLA release - I really don't know how Bill still manages it to always get new inspirations even after so many albums. - The basic dark theming and Bill's distorted vocals are always the same of course, however, the songwriting, sounds and energy of the songs far overcompensate this. This release is much more EBM-like than its more industrial predecessors, so this is quite a surprising twist. Also my thumbs up for this one!
  9. Amazing album with lots of old school vibes - love it! My favourites are Return to Yourself, Ethereal Resonator and Alien Brain Train but the rest is very nice, too! If you don't have, go and buy it from Cronomi webshop, you won't regret :-)!
  10. So Psyshop has now (almost) a monopoly as a Psytrance-CD mailorder shop? - Doesn't sound very promising, especially not for Goatrance lovers. Anyway, I have already changed to directly order from the labels for quite some time.. However, good that Suntrip has extended its mailorder services, I guess this could easily become a real alternative!
  11. The original Full mental jackpot version remastered - One of my all-time favs, amazing news !
  12. I would definitely also buy a vinyl release, which would be a great addition! If the album release is too expensive, maybe 1 to 2 single releases would be already great. - When I remember old goa trance album releases on vinyl, many lack of sufficient dynamics, as too many tracks were pressed on each side. - In contrast, well pressed vinyl singles with max. 2 tracks per side normally sound much more powerful and easily boost away any CD mix in a club. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I would be really happy if there would be goatrance still released on vinyl these days...
  13. You are right about the original Goatrance feeling of the album: I know InnerSpace personally very well - he focuses on using classic sounds and synthesizers, that are typical for the 90s Goa productions. Also his songwriting bases on typical patterns from this area, however, he adds his very own touch to it (as you already know)! InnerSpace already works on new material, but he will take the time he needs. - If you visited the Psychedelic Wild West party, you could already experience two unreleased tracks during his live set!
  14. You can also pre-listen to the tracks via Youtube (low-res versions): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-aa6sgOINY
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