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  1. I did a last minute contribution - hope it may still change Drezz's mind as the campaign now reached ~75%, which is not superb but also not too bad compared to others....
  2. I rather think no one dares to be the first to review this iconic re-release - voluntaries needed
  3. Pledged for this one - great, looking forward :-)! Btw.: Don't let it be your last psytrance one Drezz!
  4. CD ordered and also the new Joujouka single! Very nice compliation thanks a lot ! Except track 1 everything is unreleased old school material from the artists, am I correct? (the Masa track seems to have been released in parallel in a longer version on the Son ov a Seed Album) The Graham Wood tracks are both very interesting - Seems like both have been produced around the time the TIP - Feeling weird Album was made?
  5. I'd say that Electra simply is very unique in terms of style and composition - I always think it would've been the perfect soundtrack for "the big bang" (not the sitcom of course ). - Complete layer madness, a dramatic sound arrangement cumulating in a heavy climax! - When I heared it for the first time long ago, it was almost too much for me, but after some listens I got its full beauty. As already mentioned, there are still some other "high power" tracks out there but they all follow another direction (closest IMHO also would be "Howling at the moon", but this is more total acid insanity
  6. I have played the CDs on various systems already and they all work perfectly. With EAC I did not get any errors when converting them to mp3s.
  7. This trance remix of an AoT track always reminds me of fantasy movies like Neverending Story: Still a very beautiful track.
  8. Not sure if anyone is still interested in the tracklist of Yuta's mix CD, however, here are two more tracks: Track 7: Shiva Chandra - Libellula (Vinyl-only release) Track 8: Noma - Goons Both are tunes from the "transition phase" of classic goatrance to progressive trance - especially the Shiva Chandra track was way ahead of its time (1997!) & is a very unique tune (I feel it even has some detroit techno vibes). Regarding the rest I still need to look further when I find time, although I am sure that I have some of them in my collection (...they keep hiding from me ) .
  9. If there is any chance someday to release some tracks from Interstellar Overdrive, well... this day should become national holiday :-)
  10. I keep my fingers crossed too! At least it should not share the same fate like the UX album this year and stay in the shadows :-(
  11. Oh man, that's amazing news!!! But...: On which label??
  12. Superb track, great sound design & mastering!! - downloaded & paid for it (though I normally don't buy digital )
  13. Same goes for me - still need my CD or Vinyl wrapped with a nice sleeve artwork. I am already too old to just have everything "in the cloud" However, I could also live with CDRs (though CDs of course preferred), so Nervasystem 3 + 4 CDRs have been totally fine for me :-)
  14. Why should Submoon Records not be considered as a real label in your opinion even though it is just 1-artist based? I would rather like to know if there is a chance that Goa Gate will be re-released on CD and not on CD-R this time. - If yes, this would really be great (you know it's just collector's delight )!
  15. Short sample loops already available on Arabesque (at least since yesterday, same goes for the Denshi Danshi album) Long samples on the Suntrip homepage are of course way more appreciated (as always)!
  16. Great - ordered the Raja Record's comp.! (Can't say no to Japanese goa/techtrance )
  17. Substrata is definitely an outstanding, very unique album - still amazes me everytime I hear it. Autour de la lune is more a "drone experience"; very great & powerful in the right setting and mood (it helped me through a lot of night shifts during studies - use good headphones to enjoy the deeeeep basses :-))
  18. Transwave goes teenie Trance - The older you become, the wiser...ehm...
  19. Yesss +1! - Listening to Electra still is like experiencing an unfolding Supernova :-) FOL has a lot of great tracks to offer, Headspin, Modulation and the superb slowtrancer Seven Sisters will always remain among my favourites.
  20. Yes, I also - in general - prefer techno released in the late 90s until begin of 2000s. More driving and less minimal than nowadays and tons of top-notch producers around (Beyer, Krome, Stoll, Parisio, Mills, Lekebusch, etc, etc)! However, I have to say I did not follow the techno scene for quite some years any more, maybe it is getting also more "oldschoolish" again?
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