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Found 11 results

  1. Artist: Nervasystem Title: Time Travel Label: Anjuna Records Date: December, 2013 1. Rotating Rama 2. Non Terrestrial Intelligence 3. Interstellar Mutation 4. Juddervision 5. Dimension Expansion 6. Narcosynthesis 7. Cybermat 8. Karmenbozia I had a dream last night. Nah, cooler. I was at Pink's (yes that one) wedding trying to console her because her family didn't approve of who she was marrying. I wasn't trying to score (not my type) just trying to be nice. For some reason it was in India cause that's the type of sh*t rich white people do. And someho
  2. Artist: Various Title: Three Ohm Three Label: Anjuna Records Date: April, 2014 1. Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye 2. Total Eclipse - Area 51 (live) 3. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Forbidden (Space Invaders Remix) 4. Ufomatka - Extragalactic Form of Life 5. Shakta & Moonweed - Q 6. Subcouds - On Red (1999 pHlatline mix) 7. Jaia - Brainstorm (live Mix) 8. Moonweed - Jaunt 9. Virtuart - Tetragrammaton 10. Tandu - Inception "It's not nice to be invaded by aliens." Oh here we go with that xenophobic Republican talking point. Why you gotta be afraid of the brown people? You
  3. Dear Goa Heads, We are happy to announce about our digital distribution platform, all our albums will be available digitally in our bandcamp page and in the near future, selected albums will be available through other platforms as well. We are currently adding all our albums to our bandcamp page for digital download: http://anjunarecords.bandcamp.com/ A lot of requests towards digital downloads has been transmitted to us in the past year and as we promised to consider it we decided that now is a good time to start in parallel to physical CD, to offer you our great music in digital format
  4. Artist: Moonweed Title: Voice of Jupiter Label: Anjuna Records Date: December, 2014 1. Om Life 2. Aardvark 3. Prophecy 4. Micronesia (feat. Shakta) 5. Spiral Expansion (MoonwOOOD Mix) 6. Celestial (feat. Squid) 7. Telepath 8. (SH)It Happens 9. Snake Charmer 10. Voice of Jupiter This is some raw old school sh*t. So raw. "You mean like a vegetable?" Yes like a vegetable. No you simpleton. Like sliding on a basketball court without any knee protection. You know the sound I'm talking about. Like cutting into your steak and watching it bleed. Moonweed is Ja
  5. Artist: UX Title: Audissey: Live & Beyond Label: Anjuna Records Date: July, 2015 1. Slide - Waking Up To Chaos (Live Remix) 2. Pure Intellect (Live Remix) 3. Third Eye (Live Remix II) 4. Dominion (Digital Frontiers Live Remix) 5. Millennium Generation (Live Remix) 6. Cyberkrist - Crossworld (Götterdämmerung Live Mix) 7. Master of the Universe (Epic Live Remix) 8. Chrysalis (Judgement Day Live Mix) 9. Audissey (Excerpt) "Boundaries are good...They keep things separate." Ahhh...I remember when this was first announced. Everything was golden. Rainbows an
  6. Artist: Various Title: Tribal Encore Label: Anjuna Records Date: July, 2013 1. UFOmatka - Vega 2. B.E.T.H. - Back To Blighty (Live Mix) 3. UX - Third Eye (Remix) 4. Aurax - Cone Nebula (Red Meatballs Remix) 5. UFOmatka - Alien's Lair 6. Aurax - Atomic Defloration 7. Jaia - Insomnie 8. Process - Funktion Junktion 9. Sandman - Starfinder (Live Mix) Grand opening, grand closing. This is the story of many goa labels. They come, drop a release that is filled with hope and expectations for the future and then like a cupcake in the hands of my kids...they just disappea
  7. Dear Goa Heads, Preorder avaiable through our website @ www.anjunarecords.com/shop/moonweed-voice-jupiter We are very excited to announce about our next release, Moonweed's debut album: "Voice Of Jupiter" He started making music back in 1991 after discovering the London Acid House party scene in 1988. Loving the squelchy acid sound he soon discovered where that noise came from and sourced a TB-303 and some other essential analogue gear. Whilst living in Brixton in the 90's he discovered Acid Techno and Goa Trance parties at the local clubs such as Return to the source & Ahisma etc...
  8. Dear Goa Heads, Preorders started - Release date : 1/7/15 Link: http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop/ux-audissey-live-beyond/ We are super excited to announce a new album from UX: UX - AUD‡SSEY (Live & Beyond) This spectacular masterpiece by the trance genius Kris Kylven, consists of 9 tracks - 7 recorded live in shows across Europe and Israel during the last 10 years, included excerpts of the amazing show performance with Front 242 in Helsinki- Finland. All tracks are performed and recorded live by Kris Kylven , RX heaven and guests appearances by : Jan Rechberger (Amorphis), Lu
  9. Dear Goa Heads, After one year of hard work and great releases, we would like to show our appreciation to those who support us and believe in our goals, to spread true psychedelic trance music. So we decided that for one week, all orders in our website will be eligible for free shipping. To use this offer please use the coupon code : Anjuna1yrcel This offer is not limited to any product. And a small update, the announced albums will be ready soon. prepare yourself Peace & Love. Anjuna Records
  10. Artist: Various Title: Lucid Flux Label: Anjuna Records Date: November, 2013 1. Prana - Taiyo (Process Imperfect Simulant Remix) 2. Chakra & Eddie Mis - X-Files (Visitors Remix) 3. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Sun Invaders [Full Moon Mix] 4. NervaSystem & Aether - Distorted Waves Of OM (Slight Return) 5. Aurax - Inordinately Haggard (Live) 7. Graham Wood - Spaced In 8. Ufomatka - Varstar 9. UX - Master Of The Universe (Epic Live Re-Mix Live with Front 242) "The pond was a nice little beautiful floating...stream going over a nice little dam. And we sat there and water
  11. Hello Goa Heads, We are happy to announce about our first label event, a huge - 20 hours party with supreme lineup. Nervasystem - Live Astral Projection Domestic Chakra Indoor Sandman Oforia Power Source California Sunshine Witchcraft Xerox M.F.G Space Cat Party will take place in Israel, for more information contact us directly on fb or here. Tickets and Info: http://www.anjunarecords.com/backto97
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