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  1. I've been pretty much out of the D&B scene for like..ever? But lately I had a taste of it and I've come to like this genre.. and I like it ALOT. so.. any recommendations?
  2. Sooo.. every time they run out of ideas they put in some guitars and vocals? They must be out of ideas for quite some time now.
  3. Ok, that video sucks even more then this whole fake/nonfake album. And yet the comments for the vid are "OMG THIS IS THE BEST IM ALBUM EVER IM GONNA BUY THIS" What the fuck is wrong with these people? I mean, I understand when someone likes polka. But this shit? Seriously? SRSLY? Drugs are bad, very bad.
  4. We should ask teh fans on isratrance, maybe they know a thing or two..
  5. Hey, help me out to identify the lyrics in the track Man With No Name - Seratonin Sunrise (MVO Mix). I've figured most of it out, but the words marked with the question mark are the ones I don't understand. I might be wrong with some others aswell, so if you're good at understanding English vocals, please help out! [ first part ] moonlight boy knows how to drive find feed(?) kicking back in his plastic eyes sounds on a system slipping it down scurls(?) on a stick while they froze it around stretchin(?) up the lights on a five-eight-o waiting for the medication to say hello touchdown from a different place just another soul-sucker with a brand new face staring at the cave wall listening to the ant-scream(?) here's some attraction and a lizzard in the freezer been to the temple listen to the darkside gonna film in the camera cos its meat in the trees cheking out the meat out pushing in my finger shades in a strip-light surgery of music telephone attract seat load it up with plastic sounds like your kid's got a face like an insect [ second part ] - 4:55 7 AM and the skitzo's are shivering elvis for the weekend died with his boots on alien sunshine crawling on the wind-shield black-chrome latino with a mouth full of cactus seratonin sunrise easting(?) with his fingers 7-20 know how they use the bar-coded criminal sucking on a king-kong, laughing at the dj payin the price, for last night's experiments I must say, these lyrics are the most insane bunch of randomness I've heard in a song. But it's fantastic!
  6. I'm opening up another thread, I've figured most of the lyrics but some I don't understand tho.
  7. Yeah Aphex Twin. That's the exact interview I'm talking about, it's somewhere on youtube.
  8. Richard James once said: "What's the point of remixing an allready good track? It's easy to make a good track better, it's hard to make a crap track good" Or something in those words anyway.. But he's right. Try finding an unpopular track or one that nobody knows anything about and remix it, and make a hit out of it. That's talent, not taking previous hits and adding some twist to it.
  9. I don't care about the cover, this latest Filteria music is one of the few which sparks my interest. I may very well buy this one.
  10. Not according to those wonderful comments on utube.
  11. Yep, that fixed it. I think the download button is just parsing a wrong url or something.
  12. Infected Mushroom are the king of cheese imo. THE KING! I say we call this new subgenre Cheese-On.
  13. Hmm.. maybe it's just me (I hope).. but I doubt it. Does anyone else have problems playing/downloading those samples?
  14. The first thing you get by typing "Infected Mushroom - In Mind" on google gives you torrent sites. Lol
  15. I'm not sure I understand this correctly. You have multiple midi clips routed to an instrument and you want to disable some of them?
  16. That mp3 player doesn't seem to be working for me. Tried it with latest Firefox & Opera. Edit: Actually, it seems the samples are offline. Can't download either.
  17. Malevol3nt

    W (The movie)

    "Show the positive" As in - "At least he didn't start a war with North Korea and Iran at the end of his presidency.." ?
  18. Those myspace samples sound crap. And the remixes.. getting tired of them. Lame commercial punktechno. And yes I like their old stuff.
  19. Fuk yeah! And then I would tell all my friends how Silvester Sallone broke all 206 of my bones. Of course, to the girls I'd lie and tell them Stallone was struggling so much untill he finally gave up and I beat his arse.
  20. Ah man someone really needs to learn to do proper cutouts. Oh and the shadow placements are priceless aswell, or should I say, the lack of them.
  21. Maybe just limit the minimum number of characters needed for a reply, Mars? I've seen it in other forums, maybe it can be done in the control panel for IPB somewhere. It could save you some time instead of allways having to watch for posts like that. And that way people wouldn't have to be warned or banned, and would be more careful.
  22. Erm, what? The rest of the post, I agree on. I mean nobody likes a shouter who thinks he knows best. Best is to keep opinions to one's self if he/she doesn't have that much experience. Or at least share their opinion in a more open-minded manner, like "hey I really like britney spears, but, is there any other music out there that I should check before rising her to the heavens of all musicians..?".
  23. wtf I thought Stallone retired? Isn't he too old for action movies? I mean in the last Rocky he was great, but has he still got the strength?
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