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  1. You can if the monitors are active. If they're not, you'll need an amp. A typical soundcard's out doesn't have much power to drive passive monitors as far as I know.
  2. He posts at israshranze if you wanna talk to him. Eheh
  3. So, you're saying, techno is the only other electronica? So, you're saying, vibrasphere is psytrance?
  4. Why was this moved to General Psytrance?
  5. For 2.5 years I've been here people still think I'm serious.
  6. You could try Archipelago Remixed, I liked that almost as much as the original. Personally my favourites are Archipelago and Selected Downbeats Vol. 1 which will probably stay as their best albums for me. Exploring The Tributaries is a little too plain and repetitive for me, altho it has a few great tracks in there. Echo is alot different then their later albums, borderline mix between dark ambient and psy, or that's the feeling anyway. Lime Structure was pretty nice but I don't listen to it too often. Their latest album Lungs Of Life however is a disaster for me, they are totally drifting away into some minimal progressive sound + they keep re-relasing old tracks on new albums. It's a shame.. but I still love them for their older work.
  7. Is Anakoluth calling us all gays? We're tit-driven, mister..
  8. Rapid isn't much of a problem if you use Jdownloader (+ you can arrange your downloads and organize everything). And archive.org can sometimes be overloaded with traffic. But yeah, it's still nice to have a site host netlabel stuff for free.
  9. Well I don't care, I like the vocals in the track.
  10. Yeah sadly I got to watch a documentary about these nuttheads a few years back. Somebody's putting something in those white cookies.. I wonder if these tapes can be used for some psytrance.
  11. Chain Effects can do some crazy stuff, but it's even better when you have some control over them. I like Abelton's way of handing chain presets, so I can just load everything with a click of a button. Which is unlike many other hosts that never had this kind of feature (WAKE UP CAKEWALK!). But I also like FL Studio's XY controller. Link a couple of those up with some parameters of various effects in the chain, and you can make some crazy sounds and transitions. Edit: Also, it should be possible to rewire ableton and FL and use XY controller with ableton's interface. But I haven't tried that yet.
  12. Why do you want to know? I can't have a different opinion then yours?
  13. I look very forward to this, even tho I dissagree with the first post.
  14. Astral Projection - Utopia (Concept Remix) Ahhh I like this one.
  15. I guess 2Pac makes a comeback every once in a while. Did they find any new albums of his hidden in the basement or under a couch yet? lol
  16. What release was that on? I've never heard of a voxless mix of this.
  17. Hey wait a minute, is this new? I only have volume 1. :droooll: Edit: Well fuck that, I've just seen the tracklist. What is the matter with these guys? They keep re-re-re-re-releasing the same tracks over and over again. What is the point?
  18. Who cares about that commercial pop crap anyway.
  19. Malevol3nt

    Short Movies

    Most short movies are free, so that means they're somewhere on the web. Post links to some interesting short movies that you can find on the web here. So for starters here's a cheeesy short movie I watched yesterday, that is kind of... nice:
  20. Great movie! But, once you've seen it once it feels like you've seen it 2 dozen times.
  21. Thanx for the vid link! Just watching now.. Edit: Wow, some great tunes on those videos. Would really like to have the whole tracklist.. Ed2: You should post this in the General Psytrance section, I'm sure there's a bunch of people that would like to watch this.
  22. I find that remix weaker then the original. But that's tastes.. Also the deedrah remix of lepton head is indeed a great remix.
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