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  1. Im a troll why? Because I still happen to like some of the work IM still puts out? ok all knowing godfather of what is and whats not good music
  2. They are not a psytrance group anymore, whatever psy they do put out on their albums beats most of the rubbish in the scene today by a mile IMO
  3. I agree,, i love project 100, you forgot heavyweight in that list of yours This track and Franks are real jewels
  4. Predictable? Are you fucking kidding me...I can understand it might not be your type but calling the tracks predictable..what a bunch of horse shit ahahah
  5. I think the current album is much better than VD, that album sucked
  6. wow you guys are close minded beyond repair, these tracks are pathetic too? Dont even like the first one, good lord, you people are ridiculous
  7. Here are 4 tracks that I thought might interest you guys, vocal free belters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRlHO5QJb4Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocEXPGilmbs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87bPZzGu-D8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4MROelvZTs
  8. well heres a preview of the album project 100, franks and slowly sounds fucking awesome btw here is another clip of franks
  9. are you serious? you hate all three? wow lol...who the hell do you like? astrix?
  10. haha yea but thats about all the vocal free tracks you guys are getting..expect two more in the album thats it... vocals galore
  11. I would beg to differ, name one band that has the psy baseline and synthwork fused with rock/mainstream
  12. 1. Poquito Mas - Rock / vocals 2. Sa'eed - Psytrance - vocals - Rockish 3. End of the Road - Psytrance / hebrew vocals 4. Smashing the Opponent *featuring Jonathan Davis (Korn) - Vocals/Rock 5. Can't Stop - Psytrance/Rock/Vocals 6. Herbert the Pervert - Psytrance / Guitar heavy and not a clever track 7. Killing Time *featuring Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) - Vocals/Rock/Psy 8. Project 100 - Heavyweigt like track, Not heard yet 9. Franks - Psytrance - 145 - 160 BPM, hard track 10. Slowly - Not heard / Unknown 11. Legend of the Black Shawarma - Psytrance / Vocals/ Rockish influence
  13. Well guys Iv been tracking IM for really long now cause I still like their music, I enjoy the track above too, Sorry to dissapoint but their style has completely changed, this is more a rock than a trance album and the only track you guys will find worth downloading are Franks and Saeed. Franks is the only non vocal psy track on the album Every other track has a barrage of vocals
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