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  1. Why would you be glad that your ears suck? Wouldn't you like to hear more?
  2. Vibrasphere - Selected Downbeats One of vibrasphere's finest releases, but they only chose to release it in 320k. Yeah that is digital form but it's still not wav.
  3. That would make muslims the most environment-aware people on the planet. Or is wasting water the same as wasting paper? Hmm.. I'm gonna need some diagrams for that. What is more environment-friendly: wiping your ass with water or with paper? OR maybeee, wiping your ass with the CD you just ripped? Two birds with one stone?
  4. You really need to get out more Wise choice of words there! Thanx for the track btw! I'm just gonna start listening right now. I've prepared tissues and extra pair of underwear just in case .. in case the first pair of underwear isn't going to be enough.
  5. Yeah you might of had a point there. But Da Vinci drew the picture originally on paper and not on a computer screen, that's why its special. But how about digital artists? Would you appreciate their work more on a printed paper or a screen, even tho they drew their paintings on a computer screen? If you would stay true to the source, then you would have to appreciate it more on a computer screen. Music artists on the other hand recorded their music onto hard drives and memmories (doesn't matter if they used hardware synths or not). They didn't directly record the music onto the CD's. So there's nothing 'real' about CD's when it comes to music. That being said I don't mind people who love CD's in a special way. But CD's are merely just a copy of a work of music art and a nice cover picture on it. The only reason why the music industry chose CD's instead of any other format is because they were a good format at that time. Unfortunately for the music industry, they overlooked the possibility of expansion and were not willing to move forward as technology progressed over time. And because of that they run into problems with digital downloads. And because of that the switch from CD's to another format such as digital downloads is so painful at this time, because people got used to the CD format for too long to just let go of it now. If the music industry actually had any sense to it, we wouldn't even had CD's by this time and age. They would be pretty much extinct by now. (Legal) digital downloads would be known for years allready and would be the driving force of the industry. They made a mistake by not following the trends of technology, and now because of their mistakes they're loosing their money. It's their own fault, even tho they want to blame it on piracy. It's as simple as that.
  6. I do hope these compact sticks are read-only tho. Otherwise they could be easily volnurable to virus infiltrations. Of course this can happen with any writable medium.
  7. Well I'm going to cheat a bit and say: Etnica - 1. Tribute (Vinyl Rip) There is an mp3 version of that vinyl rip, but no wav's tho (that I could find of). Edit: Oops, excuse me but that was another vinyl there. I know they must of re-released it in CD format somewhere hto. Ohh that vinyl magic..
  8. But don't you get it guys? You're just hanging on to something temporary. You might of for example loved vinyl in the old days but now all you buy is cds. When some new carrier comes up you emotionally attach yourself to it. It doesn't make any sense at all. You should all be connected to the MUSIC, not the sound carrier. CD-ROM's or Hard Disk Platters, it's the same thing (yeah technically not but it's close enough). The only reason you never see someone spinning a hard drive instead of a cd is because it's unpopular and thus would look rediculous to you. This whole CD-loving has to do with what is popular, not what 'feels right'. The reason you love CD's so much is because you got used to them, they did afterall became a world-wide standard. But history repeats itself, over and over again. Next you'll attach yourself emotionally to these USB sticks, untill something new comes up. And then you will hate the new standard, say how USB sticks were so awesome, but after a while you will move on. And over and over again. Standard after standard. In it's essence it's just music, what difference is it on what surface it is carried on? Vinyl might have made a difference (since it really does change the way that music actually sounds - for better or worse), but digital music will sound the same on any type of digital carrier. To me music is music in whichever form it comes in. And the reason I said CompactSticks won't make it to the market is simply because it's too late for marketing this kind of product, especially now that digital downloads have expanded so much.
  9. I really don't understand why people have to feel something in their hands. It's not like you're actually touching the CD while its spinning in your cd player. The CD Player just reads the digital data that's on the CD and sends analog signals to the speakers. Just because it's wrapped in plastic doesn't change the fact that it's just binary data. Binary data that is later interpreted into analog signals. Fuck man, give it a break allready, it's DIGITAL ANYWAYS. You can wrap it up in seven boxes but it wouldnt make a difference. Why is it lame to play music via a computer but not via a cd player? It's the same bloody thing. Computers are just a bit more complex because they have more then just one assignment like the cd player (which is to just do D/A basically). Do you think that music artists use a PEN to write music onto the CD? Cmon man! This whole touching objects thing is ridiculous!
  10. Unless you have 5$ Logitech PC Spakers, have been living in a dungeon for the last 5 years, been taken to a hospital because of a near drug overdose a couple of dozen times, been working as an oil rigger for the last 20 years without any ear protection, then YES, you should hear a fucking difference. Of course I'm just kidding there. But there's numerous factors that contribute to just how much (if any) difference you can hear. And that's the whole point. Not every music will shine by using wav's or flac's instead of mp3's. Regular pop music is so much compressed and so light on the instruments that you probably wouldn't hear much of a difference. The same goes with 99% of all the full-on music (for me). There's nothing more I can hear with wav's or flac's then mp3's on that type of music . Not unless I was a full-on hardcore fan that gets a hard-on from those fat basslines, maybe then I could actually hear a difference there. But when it comes to complex music that has numerous layers and uses a really wide spectrum of sounds, then the differences between Wav's (or Flac's) and Mp3's become more apparent. Again to me, because I listen loud and really deep, and I can hear that difference. So yeah, to answer your question. There are actually people who can hear the difference. Maybe you can't, maybe 80% of the population can't, but there are people who can and who care. Saying that people can't hear the difference is the same assumption as when someone thinks that a person can't see visual changes faster then 30 frames per second. Yet there are Navy pilots who have a trained eye that can detect changes in multiple hundreds of fps. Some people just have more developed hearing or sight then others. What's so hard to understand?
  11. Haha, here I go again. I specifically remember the old days AP used to put their tracks on their mp3 site for free. And I specifically remember the track Aurora Borealis, which was taken from Trust In Trance 3. Now, the confusion part is between tracks 7 and 8 on that album. 7 - Astral Projection Feat. MFG - Radial Blur (7:40) 8 - SFX - Aurora Borealis (8:03) The thing is, I've been listening to the Aurora Borealis track for ages (the mp3 one from mp3.com years ago) and I allways thought that was it's original name. But on the album, the track is named Radial Blur instead, while 'Aurora Borealis' is a completely different track. And it seems like I've been listening to a track with the wrong title for all these years now. The discogs and youtube say the same. here's AP - Radial Blur on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10wgJwzx0KQ. Here's a live of Aurora Borealis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgaGlhtmetE. It seems like it really is Radial Blur that I've been listening to all along. But I have become so accustomed to the Aurora Borealis name, that I don't even want to rename my rips. That track will allways be Aurora Borealis for me.. it kind of has a special name.. Isn't ignorance bliss? Has anyone else been confused by these 2 tracks? They've obviously wrongly named their tracks back when they uploaded their stuff on mp3.com, I'm sure I'm not the only one that's been listening to the wrong track all the time hehe.
  12. Well, maybe because of a couple of things: 1. ~74 minutes seem to be good enough for most people as a 'standard' in the maximum length of music presented on a single disc. 2. DVD's could potentially have 'extra's' on them, for example images or videos, but then they have to be in a mixed format which makes them incompatible with some CD/DVD players in the market (at least that used to be a problem in the old days). 3. DVD's are more prone to scratches - as far as I know. And they're more expensive then CD's. Or they used to be. 4. Most Audio manufacturing plants were designed to work with CD's, upgrading them now wouldn't really make much sense (economically). Especially in the days where CD sales have dropped so much. Well I'm not really following the news about the disc formats so I may be wrong on a couple of things but those used to be the problems anyway. Someone enlighten me on the differences today, I've no idea really.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Even using compact sticks instead of slotmusic doesn't really help at all. I can't tell you how many times I've lost a usb stick somewhere. And SlotMusic would be a horror really. I think these 'new' approaches are destined to fail. One factor is wireless internet which is emerging everywhere, you just need some device with wifi installed and you can get your music easily downloaded on your mp3 player (iPhone anyone?). And why carry a 2 gb stick around when your portable mp3 player has way more storage then that. I don't really understand for which group of people these products are aimed for (Maybe the stupid?). You can allready download or rip music and store it on a USB stick. What's the point of having 2 Gb sticks for every album? These products are a waste of plastic, metal, and flash memmory if you ask me.
  14. Actually I've done some googling and found that tgdaily article, it was something else they introduced a while ago. But it's almost the same thing, here it's named "SlotMusic" and it uses microSD's instead of Sticks: http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/39812/98/ SlotMusic Pictures
  15. Probably FLAC's instead. Even if it's a raw copy of the wav, with no compression. It allows tagging and other neat stuff, much better then just having wav's imo.
  16. No it's not just for the psy-scene ( ). It was mentioned on TG Daily a while ago , there was a discussion about it. I've no idea how it allready got in the psy-scene so fast tbh. But what's all this talk about the "same-old-wav" quality? You can't make the music sound better just because you have more space available, changing the format won't make you hear anything new. You can't reproduce anything more then wav has to offer, even if you had 10 million$ speakers. It just doesn't make sense to create a new format that's 'superior' to wav. The spectrum of frequencies you can hear fit in the wav format without a problem. Please do read some articles before you post something in the likes of "10 GB would make the music soooo much better", that's just nonsense talk. Anywho, it does feel kind of lame doesn't it? On the other hand CD's felt lame when vinyl was still around. However I'm not really sure what the point of creating a new music carrier is all about? The music 'industry' doesn't make much sense these days. They started expanding this idea of digital downloads, even made some profit out of it. Now they're doing the opposite, trying to creatie a new carrier. It doesn't make sense, if you wan't to listen to the music you bought (or not) on some device that accepts USB input then you might aswell buy yourself a big storage USB stick, and just put the music you want on there and carry it around with you. I don't see the point of having CompactSticks for every album when you can put all of the albums on a single USB stick that you bought yourself. It will not pick up. Especially in the days of so many iPod users, I mean what are they gonna do - hotwire the compactstick to their ipod? Doesn't make sense at all, you buy a compatstick, you can only plug it in compatible players or your PC. Then you have to copy to your PC, then from the PC to your iPod or to a bigger USB stick.. just nonsense. As for DRM or any of that, you can't stop piracy with any form or format. If you can listen to the music, you can copy the music.
  17. Aw man that's just sad. You never picked up the guitar again? Huh? Maybe you mean the 'feel' of that synth line? Other then that I hear no similarity at all, totally different tracks: &
  18. You never cease to amaze me NHJO. This shit is wickeeed. :posford: That melody really has something.. really! Don't others agree here? Really has a potential..
  19. I really dig old AP's work under the SFX name. They call it "Intelligent Techno", and it really is some form of techno isn't it? It kind of mixes up with Goa a bit, but it's got the techno structure in it. I guess "Goa Techno" wasn't an appropriate name.
  20. Don't get your hopes up. According to some internet sources that ninjamp3 site is a resurrection of allofmp3.com, which was another illegal site that was brought down after being sued by Sony BMG. Here's a victim: http://www.songboom.com/node/172 - Like I said, they took his credit card number, charged it and never delivered any music at all.
  21. Don't worry, they are probably digging their own graves by opening a site like this. If they're using free music and selling it, you know that their intentions are more then profit from illegal sales. Imagine what their real intensions are when a person enters their credit card number to buy something. It's quite possible that whoever these people are that opened that site just downloaded a big sum of mp3's from all over the net, then they listed them on their own "e-store", and as soon as someone is tricked into thinking that it's a big e-store (thus it gives them a sense that the store is 'safe') they will take the users credit card number, probably steal a large sum of money and dissapear. I'm sure the site will magically dissapear one day, either because a record label has reported them or they've managed to get their hands on a couple of credit card numbers. Also, who would really buy from a random site like that? Obviously people who don't really care about their money since they don't check the background of that particular site before they actually hop in and start buying stuff. You shouldn't really care about these types of people, it's their own fault that they're wasting money on something that can be found for free. Of course I'm saying that because you're album was released for free, it's a different perspective if they're stealing sales from a record label.
  22. Trance definately. Even tho it got so commercialized there's so many of it still that I love. By that I mean I listen to some stuff that was still released around '03, but not many if any after that time. Right now listening to DJ Trinity - Connected. It might be bad for some people, but for me it's cake for my ears and mind.
  23. Your hunches are wrong! But richard really is an all-rounder imo. Maybe not full-on but..
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