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  1. Does anyone else have a weird stereo feel to this? I mean, the interviewer is totally on the right channel, while the guys are on the left. Very annoying on headphones. I'll have to download & convert this to mono lol. Thx for the link.
  2. Yeah, glitch is an effect. So imo it's pretty dumb when people wanna categorize their music by the effects some artists use. But this is more a problem of artists then the listeners. Whenever someone comes up with something new, everyone else starts copying it and before you know it - it becomes a trend. That's why I don't like most of the psy music today, it's because almost everyone is following trends. Nobody has the balls or the brains to make something out of the ordinary - except a few talents here and there, which I really do respect. ~ Happy thoughts
  3. I'm not mad at Karan, I'm mad at the scene. But I'm not really mad, I'm just expressing myself madly.
  4. Just what I was about to say. This whole stupid genre naming for any artist that steps a little out of the ordinary has to stop. What's next? Psy with no reverb is gonna be called Dry-Psy, and the one with 'verb Wet-Psy?? Stupid stupid stupid.
  5. In that case the closest we can get to someone with magic around this place must be NHJO. Can anyone get him on the phone?
  6. How is that thing btw? Drivers as solid as they say they are? I'm thinking of getting the HDSP 9632 actually.
  7. Aaaaahaha, now I'm forced to mention this on that photoshop-fails site.
  8. Well the message pretty much describes itself right there. You said you tried to download one album all day long. It clearly says on the site that if you try to download a file for too many times or if you waste alot of bandwidth by downloading all day long then you get a temporary ban. Basilisk has to put some protection on the download limit at least a little bit, I mean he's website is hosting free downloads and that takes alot of bandwidth and costs alot of money. Just take a look, 3,539 downloads just for that single album. In best case scenario (that is - if everyone downloaded the MP3 version) that's about 541 Gigs of bandwidth! And some people download FLAC's or WAV's, which dramatically increase the ammount of bandwidth transferred. Just wait a day and you can download again.
  9. His early days and the Inifinity Project. That's about it.
  10. Ohhh, I've got the Samsung 2232GW. I'd rate the movie 10/10 aswell
  11. Yeah, I know. But when everyone starts following the same formula it gets boring. Just like telling old jokes gets boring
  12. Hmm.. well, even people who never had touch with modern civilization probably have some kind of musical ritual. I mean, music has been around for ages.. who knows, maybe for millions of years allready. But we didn't have technology to record any of it back then. Which is kind of interesting, I'd love to hear the music from thousands of years ago.
  13. I think that only works with kids and for a short while. To be honest, when I hear some of the new upbeat happy psytrance that comes out, it makes me wanna cry (cos it sux so much!). So there's your example right there.
  14. Anything can sound good in proper hands, but it's horrible when artists add guitars to their tracks just because guitars in psytrance are "popular". No no. Didgeridoos and other instruments can sound just as bad as guitars can in the hands of anti-talents. Just like useless over-exagerations with flutes. If someone's gonna record something with a flute, well at least they could make some decent melody with it not just slap a few random long notes in there.
  15. Seems like that's what everyone's aiming for these days. The old switcheroo - good is bad, bad is good.
  16. That's funny, 2 days ago I found a few collection of trance toplists on youtube. And they're all organized by the "feeling" you get from these tracks. For example: Top 5 Day Dreaming Trance Songs Top 5 Easy-Going Trance Songs Top 5 Inspiring Trance Songs Top 5 Just Plain Wonderful Trance Songs Top 5 Catchy Trance Songs Top 5 Calming Trance Songs Top 5 Uplifting Trance Songs Top 5 Impressive Trance Songs Top 5 Spine-Chilling Trance Songs In most cases the description is pretty accurate. I don't really know why one track gives out one type of emotion while another gives out a totally different type of emotion. I'm intrigued with it aswell. But I can't really explain it or define why it works that way. It's interesting how some melodies give you a 'move on', some make you smile, some make you sad and some make you just want to dance. In fact, what I'm missing in most of nowadays music is exactly that, the emotion part of it. It seems like artists are focused too much on the technical side of things instead.
  17. Omg that vid is so lame. Adding that name directly below Dali on my vocalists to avoid list.
  18. Jes - Disconnect She might be familiar with Jes allready since Jes has that uber-famous hit Motorcycle - As the rush comes. Disconnect is sort of a mainstream vocal trance album, I like it since her voice is so Yum!
  19. Just listening right now. This album is kind of awesome at first impression. Need more listens tho first.
  20. Anything with the number 69 on it.
  21. Seems to me people buy alot of crap on psyshop, at least according to that toplist. Alien Project vinyl's are at #1? What?
  22. Well actually, from that list I'm only really familiar with Cosmo. I've heard of Derango and Megalopsy before, but the rest are unknowns to me. I like any genre as long as the artist pushes the limit or has something original. Just because there are "dark" samples in there doesn't mean shizzle to me really. But good music is good music in whatever form it may be in.
  23. These kinds of topics make me nostalgic of the days when I first started listening to electronic music and how much I loved it then.
  24. Huh? Whos Derango?? GOTCHA AGAIN!
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