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  1. Does the magazine cite any sources? And it's a magazine, there's tons of misleading articles all over the place on any magazine you open. Can't trust a single magazine, especially with a dumb story like that. In 10 years the earth will not sustain enough energy for the internet? Please..
  2. :lol: "Fifth album from yours truly"
  3. Where'd you read that? Christians-United.com? Or Peta.org?
  4. And you need to cut down on your ecstasy-flavoured cereals.
  5. Now you can really tell how IM desperately needs help. Even NHJO has offered himself to collaborate.
  6. No glowsticks?! WTF, you people are 80 or something? Parteeey hardcoaaarrr!!!
  7. So if nobody tried it, it means it won't work? Great logic there. Actually that's what makes up for the 90% of the scene artists these days. The whole "don't experiment too much because it will hurt you" mentality.
  8. I don't condone putting ambient tracks at the end, but really from what I've heard these tracks are just a vague attempt at making something downtempo. Ambient music isn't just "psytrance at 80bpm", it takes talent to make a low tempo track interesting. And being a talent at psytrance doesn't automatically make you a talent at every other electronic genre. Can you give me some examples of ambient tracks at end of psy/goa albums that you find to be good? I'd like to give a listen, maybe I haven't tried enough albums. But what I've heard so far isn't that interesting really, except maybe for some AP stuff.
  9. I mostly skip ambient track(s) in goa albums because truth be told I'm not at all impressed by them. I don't know if it's a cliche or just a tradition but I'm not impressed by having an ambient track at the end of a goa album. Seems like more of a filler material to me. Really, if I want to mood-out of an album that had like 8 powerfull tracks then I don't need filler material, I'll just switch and play another album or some other track. Puting an ambient track at the end just because it's a tradition is like forcing people to watch the credits line at the end of movies. Who really cares? Unless you put it there for a valid reason, if you really thought it contributes something to the album.. but not because it's a 'tradition'. A better deal would be to put a semi-ambient track in the middle of the tracklist. Just to let the listener "refresh" for a bit on a mid-tempo track before the 2nd part of the album begins. That would be more effective imho.
  10. Chrome is Beta. Can't blame the site for any errors for a browser that doesn't comfort to many web standards. Use firefox?
  11. Oooo I love mindphucks! Speaking of anime.. I remember a long long time ago I watched this probably japanese anime movie, it was on VHS. It had a scene where a robot/godzilla was fighting another robot which was also a bird or something. They were fighting in a big town.. I'm not too sure if that's exactly right, I must of been like 7 when I watched it. All I know is that the movie left a huge impression on me. Does anyone have any clues of what I'm talking about? I'd sure want to watch it again, but who can pinpoint a single anime movie without a title when theres like a gazillion of them..
  12. Damn I never even bothered to see if there's a suntrip myspace site. It seems they do actually update it with some juicy info. Thanx.
  13. Credibility? Huh? What the hell are you mumbling about? This track rocks.
  14. And if Michael Moore would promote it there would be a hella lot more people that know about it. Whatever people may think of him he still brings a crowd.
  15. As far as (think) I know they do play these movies to an audience every so often when they have group meetings. Or maybe I'm thinking of some other movement.. Not sure. But they did announce that there was going to be meetings around the world sometime..
  16. Heey, that's a new one! Ty.
  17. "Paprika" means pepper here. I wonder if that's what the title of the movie means? Cos it's kind of.. it just sounds stupid here lol. But I guess I should watch it first.
  18. You know you've ruined this track forever for me now..
  19. You've highlighted suntrip records, but really, the ammount of cd sales they make is such a tiny fraction. Would it really make all that difference (to the ecosystem)? On the other side, it would set up a good example. But I dunno.. I'm not in the cd manufacturing business am I..
  20. Oh not the loudness wars again..
  21. "Me and Erez just like to experiment.." Oh, I'm sure you do.
  22. Well thx for the recommendations. Before I start digging, you guys know of any online DnB radio's? I like to be surprised
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