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  1. What do you mean, all of a sudden? They haven't done anything musical in ages, don't characterize them as some kind of victim here. They chose to make this kind of career, and they're obviously sticking with it. Because guess what, it makes money.
  2. Hey guys, any amateur DJ sets available for download anywhere? There's plenty of regular trance stuff to be found, but I haven't found anything goa/psy anywhere.
  3. These online toplists are such bullshit. Doesn't anyone remember the Time Magazine's person of the year voting scheme? Geez..
  4. All the more reason I should get to know them sometime. :posford:
  5. FINE. Then I'll just have to MAKE the darn ultimate compilation myself.
  6. I almost started a collaboration with Veracohr many moons ago, unfortunately I really winded up in problems back then (life as usual..). I don't even have a PC atm, using a laptop to surf etc. Sorry about that, Veracohr. Maybe we'll collaborate on another occasion.
  7. Never cried, but some tracks are so awesome that I just wonder in amazement in the ammount of talent that took to make such a track. And my eyes get watery, but this has more to do with being ecstatically happy than sad. Some tracks from Ulrich Schnauss, Bjork, AP. And alot of regular trance actually. I just find something in that music that makes me feel in a special way.
  8. Well it's pretty obvious people these days feel alienated to anything that even remotely touches their feelings, like goa trance. If they just let themselves go they could learn to love the music. I guess after listening to too much minimal, psytrance can be overwhelming, even strange for some people..
  9. Just stumbled on this guys youtube account a few days ago, he seems to be uploading some rare stuff (and non-rare) that I haven't heard of from Avi & Lior. Stuff like SFX, Aban Don & AP etc. He's uploading videos on a daily basis, check it out for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Artemo...amp;view=videos There's quite a few of those tracks that I've never heard before. Altho he is misslabeling some music with AP on it, even tho AP only mixed those tracks from other artists in a few compilations. So don't jump to any conclusions too fast. Anyway, I thought this was worth a mention for any AP/SFX fans out there. Edit: Quick example SFX - Another World, I never knew they made this track in 1995 under SFX and then remade it in 1999 under AP. Kinda cool to hear how their sound progressed over the years.
  10. So everything with a pumping bassline or made by an ex-psytrance artist is called psytrance now? Great. Rock & Roll is psytrance too, ask Duvdev.
  11. Actually, it has made my joy in listening even better. Because not only can I enjoy the music, but I can admire the artist for the work he/she has done. Of course I'm talking about the music I love, full-on on the other hand sounds crap to me no matter what I may think about the production.
  12. More spam today.. Hmm.. is it possible to have some kind of filter for the pm system?
  13. Software/Hardware doesn't make music, people make music. If you wanna blame someone for he "newschool" sound, then you should blame the record labels that accepted so many uncreative artists, all because they wanted to make a profit.
  14. Paranoid? I'm not the one who closed an entire section of the forums because the site was being hacked on random occasions...
  15. Yeah, also Cybernetika and a bunch of others as well. Some people just like to blame software for their lack of competence (or their lack of knowledge).
  16. This leads me to believe some ex-member is spreading this spam. I mean we all know the issue with offtopic when the forum rules changed..
  17. He's not overrated. And autechre is 2 people, Aphex Twin is 1. You can't compare the two.. But then again, I didn't think much of autechre to begin with. Much too mellow for me.
  18. I think he was just trying to be funny Btw people, use the Music Promotion thread for your work please. Can't you read?
  19. Ooohhh I remember that. I should rewatch it.
  20. And imo, that's exactly why he's comming back. Cos he's got all that rage trapped inside him and has to output it somewhere.. Hehehe.. IM watch out!!
  21. I'm tired of these spammers.. Can't we just have some kind of filter to ban these fools who post .ru addresses? I mean the only reason .ru was invented is to spread piracy and spam anyway..
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