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  1. Seems there's plenty of diversity to me. Upload more, see how it goes. Anyway, I've subscribed to your channel. Keep it up!
  2. Nice uploads you've got there. Thx.
  3. Artemonim - Uploads high-quality tracks, including rare's of many famous artists. I have a good feeling he's going to get banned from youtube soon. Edit: By "high-quality" I mean you can listen to them in HD.
  4. Also, don't forget Flying Into A Star, by AP. "I'm flying into a star.. this is INCREDIBLE!", and then the track kicks in again. Great sample choice.
  5. This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJa0ZPlR3I0&feature=sub Cracy
  6. She looks a lot more cute then I thought. Good catch indeed, slinky.
  7. Internet tough guy. Are you going to bore us to death, bwhank?
  8. There's some kind of 5 star rating system that can be enabled for topics, seen here. Although I would prefer a percentage scale really.
  9. U Bastardzo! Now I will have to send you to the country and feed you gingerbread. Know how stressful that is, man?

  10. I wish people would more often rip those really rare ep's and singles, unknowns on LP's and DAT's.. There's a ton of stuff over at discogs that's listed as never been released but you just can't find them anywhere, because some bloody collectionists wants to keep it all for themselves. Or that's what I figure it to be..
  11. Malevol3nt

    Sci-Fi Movies

    Where's Armageddon?! One of the most widely hated movies that I really like. With all it's cheeziness, I still think it's a great movie.
  12. I think hotlinks don't work from discogs. Click - It's fukin hillarious that's for sure.
  13. Checkin out whats new..

  14. Wohoo there's like a forum in my profile page. Leeeet. :P

  15. And of course, the Deedrah remix of Lepton Head will always remain one of my favourites. The original - not so much. Anyway, I have nothing to contribute with to the topic. Perhaps.. Skazi? But who likes him anyway..
  16. Hmm, they certainly have alot of potential. But they kind of give the impression that they're unfinished, the timing seems to be off here and there.
  17. What about artists we like but most people dislike? I like Shakta's music, even tho most people don't seem to like his stuff - at least that's the impression I got. But I find his music cool. Particulary the newer stuff like Feed the flame, because that was one of the first albums I heard of him. Maybe it's not exactly psy, but it's psylicious to me. Hehe.
  18. Wow, Natalie Portman listening to some oldskool psytrance on her headphones. I can't think of anything more erotic then that. Oh wait, I can. Natalie Portman listening to some oldskool psytrance on her headphones in the nude. Ohohohoh rawrrrrrr
  19. I think so. Look, he opened up his first topic with a first post about "apologizing about what he already said". He's definitely been here before, and the style of the post suits him - even tho he tries to appear as somebody else. Don't take it from me tho, there are others as well (from UO) that have the same suspicion.
  20. Whatever they do, they just need to stop re-releasing old tracks and putting obscure remixes on their albums. I want the guys that made Archipelago and those sweet sweet melodic tracks from Selected Downbeats, not this progressive minimal or whatever you like to call it.
  21. A-HA! Damn it Slinky, you win this one. But the war is not yet over.
  22. I would say, for example, to bwhale: HELLO, we don't want you over here...
  23. Well, I would say The Green Mile requires some patience to watch. It's not as 'huge' as Shawshank is. Shawshank made a greater impression on me + I'm not much of a fan of fantasy movies like the in the green mile. Nice movie, but Shawshank gets my vote.
  24. K, my bad. But still, one is to expect to do these things if you were to become popular. It's never just about the music, not when you're signing million dollars worth of contracts.
  25. I love those oldskool tracks. There's no bullshit, overproduction, mass use of effects. I love that.
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