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  1. I'm tired of this sausage fest. Be a money addict if you like that, It's your choice. I'll try to live free. End of my participation in this thread.
  2. Wow, almost every single release has the word Goa on it. That's quite weird. The list: http://www.millenniumrecords.de/item_view.php
  3. CD's are carrying digital files. How many times do I have to repeat myself? If you didn't notice, less then 10 years ago there were pirates who would buy a CD album and rip it to their PC. Then they would burn the rips to hundreds or thousands of empty CD's and distribute them via postal service or meet with other people for hand to hand delivery for a sum of money. They could easily re-sell the albums for half the price. They actually made a profit out of someone else's work. There were even complete illegal organizations that made huge profits out of copying CDs and selling them for a lower price (Remember the news on TV channels every once in a while when they would bust huge CD-copying factories?) Bottom line is, piracy was allways there. It didn't just came out of nowhere in the form of mp3 music. So stop blaming internet piracy for ruining the music industry. If people want to support their artists, they will buy the albums or go to their lives or contribute in one way or another when they can.
  4. I could argue for days, but there's no point to it. CD's will die sooner or later, just like Cassettes did. I think the next big thing is Cloud Music Libraries. And it has allready begun - http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20081...everything.html The one big issue with legal music downloads is portability. You can download your music to your PC, but then you have to manually copy that music to as much devices you want to use the music with. For example, you might want to have that downloaded music on your PC, iPod, your car stereo, your PC at work etc. Wouldn't it be more convenient if the only thing you needed to do was enter a username & password, and have access to the music you bought for any device you are using? All you would need is a wireless internet connection (for your car, iPhone etc), and the music you want to listen to would be streamed directly to your player. With wireless networks on the rise, this is allready possible.
  5. Actually Playboy (at least the local version here) has become more of a humour magazine then what it's original purpose was. Honestly, the guys write some real funny shit, but the number of actual 'content' has come to an all-time low. I guess since they don't offer much content they had to start writing some interesting read, otherwise nobody would buy it. It's pretty much become a magazine for a fun-read, no 'exciting' content if you catch my drift.
  6. Interesting.. I'd actually like that aswell. Something de-centralized, with album reviews and party events, gatherings etc. There were allready a couple of free magazines. Trancers Guide is one that used to be delivered freely before it was closed down.
  7. Haha, I can't blame you. My hands would be shaking aswell!
  8. Looks like someone put a match behind his ass while he farted
  9. Whatever you say.. Here, take a broom and mop that drool of your floor.
  10. Was just about to post something to 'ophitoblabla' over there, but then I realized he was banned.
  11. I do like alot of thinner releases. I've made a semi-finished list of the stuff I liked in this other topic a while ago: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?sh...st&p=918268 I never knew about this sublabel tho! Time to steal some more bandwidth again.
  12. Funny I thought the same thing. Heard lots of tracks that were just meh.. But I did hear a few tracks that I really liked.
  13. Try to look beyond the scope of what I said.. When I mean "out of nowhere", I don't mean the money part of it. I mean they started this label with an intention to release goa material, even tho goa was pretty much a thing of the past. (well they called it mellodic-psy but we all know what that means)
  14. Nah, the Suntrip people are working their asses off (imo). You could say that they need more exposure, and the best way to expose something to the world is by presenting themselves in the best light possible to a much broader number of people. But, this all falls to water since we know that Suntrip is really dedicated to just a small niche of music genres. If they were to broaden their spectrum of music they want to release, they would grow. But I'm not sure that's what they want to do. As far as I know this label was opened to promote the almost forgotten Goa genre, and this keeps being their main focus in the label. To be honest, there's not many artists who are that inspired to make goa trance music. The main problem is, this genre of music can be very complex and it really requires alot of experience to be able to output a good goa album. Think about it, these new artists have a very steep hill to climb, the Goa we used to listen to (and still do) has set some incredible standards throughout the years when it was active. It's very hard to recreate that standard. Personally, even tho I might not find the newschool Goa as inspiring as the 'old' one (yet!), I know that these artists will grow over time. The more they make music, the better they become. I think the Suntrip people have so far done a kick-ass job. They've built a record label out of nowhere, and inspired not only the fans but artists all over the world. So I really hope Suntrip still lives on, and artists like Filteria, Khetzal and a dozen others not mentioned here keep up with their efforts. Because that's what really counts, the effort. Not the money or the exposure.
  15. I didn't say he wasn't good, just not a 'god'. Here's pretty good, but still has some time till he gets there.
  16. Awesome, thanks for the release!! The same quality, yeah. But it's not exactly the same format. Have a browse thru the FAQ here for more info http://flac.sourceforge.net/faq.html#general__what_is
  17. To be honest I think music in general is priced unresonably. Lets take for example factories, which create products with not too much effort, almost everything is automated. These products can be copied for distribution to millions of people. And you have products that are worth anywhere from 100$ to 100.000$ or more. The harder the process to make that product the more money the product ends up costing. At least that's the theory. Yet when an artist - a single person or a band - takes 2 years to create an album, which takes enormous efforts, that album ends up costing what.. 20$? I'm saying, money doesn't show how much effort someone has put into their work and neither does it show how much someone loves that music. Especially when you know that someone who's working in Germany get's payed 10x the ammount of someone working in east europe for the same job and the same effort. Money is a corrupt system and you can't value music by it.
  18. Yeah 5.1 wasn't that welcome, especially by artists. Thats like, 4 more channels to worry about! Not to mention it has grown up to 7.1 since a few years ago (Is it even more channels now?). Insane, only useful for movies really. Unless someone is brave enough to actually try making (digital) music with 8 channels in some kind of meaningful way (like not just duplicate the stereo to all of the channels). Classical music might sound cool tho. I've never heard of that many multichannel albums really. I do believe there was a thread for this somewhere..?
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