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  1. Sure, but imo ambient music has it's own roots really. Still that picture to me seems to be more of a "my personal favourite music" then some kind of tree list of genres.
  2. That Reality Gliders track didn't move me at all.. same old fool-on.
  3. I keep relistening to the soundtrack of Donnie Darko. Whoever hasn't watched the movie, I recommend it alot Donnie Darko @ imdb It includes that track that got popular after Gears of War trailer came out (that console game). So get the OST aswell
  4. Man, this is fucking unbelievable. I spent about 30 minutes searching for duplicate files, found about 900 of them just in the projects folder. This happened cos I kept duplicating folders when I was making backups. So I quickly removed them now. Also removed all of the duplicate projects that come loaded with the various sequencers. So, the numbers: 1,579 .flp (Fl Studio) 1,330 .cwp (Cakewalk Sonar) 914 .p5p (Cakewalk Project 5) Which is a sum of 3823 Unique PROJECT FILES! Ok, probably alot of these are various synth patches combined with each other, but there's tons of midi sequences and half-finnished tracks in there aswell. Oh, did I forgot to mention I've got another folder where I keep my VST presets aswell? Let's see, after I removed all the duplicates, how many unique presets do I have? 1,342 .fxp files. And these were all made by me. I never download presets of the web, I rather create my own. They've piled up over the years. Am I sick, or am-I-sick? I would have never of thought to have so many scraps laying around. I thought 80% of those were duplicates.. but turns out they're not. There really is a ton of material in there. It's the result of that perfectionism thing that I used to talk about in psynews offtopic. I would start a project, and never finnish it. It's been haunting me for years. I gotta put an end to it tho, this just has to stop.
  5. I wonder what they were thinking.. Their previous releases had like almost good covers, but this is just lol. Edit: Oh and the only name I've ever heard of from that list is Cosmo - as in Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld.
  6. I'll just say.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095705/
  7. This is gonna be a long post, watch out! So I took a few minutes off from the PC, just sat down in front of my window and gazed into the distance. It's really because I spend alot of time doing stuff on the PC, so I need to rest my eyes every once in a while. It really helps to ease the stress of the eyes (and the mind). Anyway, as I was staring in the distance I started thinking about things. Mainly about my music. I was thinking how I could never seem to finnish a track anymore. Which was odd, because I have so many ideas and so many scrap projects laying around. I could easily take bits from these scrap projects and integrate them to a full track. But whenever I would start a track, it would last at a maximum of a minute or so. After less then a minute, the track itself spins out of control. Staring at the distance, I started thinking how I used to make tracks a long time ago. And I have over 50 tracks that are finnished and that I've neatly organized into 4 or so albums. They were mainly experiment ideas, fun-music and stuff like that. I appreciated it, but I didn't want to stop there. So all of a sudden, out of the blue, it hit me. It was that "Eureka!" moment. I finally realized what the problem was. See, in my early days when I just started making music I didn't really take the music-making part seriously. I would start a project with a simple beat, I would layer it around for a few minutes in the timeline and then I would work around it. Gradually adding more stuff, editing, cutting, and the works. But nowadays, the way I worked was really counter-intuitive. I spent alot of time during the past few years focusing mainly on synthesis. I would load a new project, add a synth and then just create new patches. Whenever I would create something interesting I would just save the whole project with a new name (I used project versioning instead of saving .fxp presets, just click of a button and the project gets saved with a new number in the filename which is kind of faster for synth's that don't have preset management). But when I would actually start making a track this is where I would get into trouble. I had all these great elements that would work great in a track, but the problem was they do not fit in the beginning. I would start a track with an element that should really exist somewhere in the middle of a track, when the track "builds up" to the point where you play a really nice synth line or similar (A very usual element found in the build-ups of old-school goa tracks). Most (goa) tracks start out slow, they build up gradually untill they reach a certain point, then they stay in that range for a while untill they start slowing down again (By slow&fast I mean the number of elements in a track and the general effect on the listener, not the tempo). But I was working in a totally un-initiative way. I would start with a heavy element and after a while I wouldn't know how to progress further along. Basically, what I just realized was that I need to start slow. I need to start with a simple beat, maybe a simple lead - some placeholders if I decide to replace them eventually. And then gradually build on top of it, adding more elements as the timeline progresses. It shouldn't matter how good the beginning of the track sounds, by that I mean in the very beginning of the production of the track. See, I allways had this idea that I had to make everything perfect. Even in the very beginning. My problem was a combination of the need for perfection and my lack of patience. But these thoughts today gave me a whole new perspective. Hopefully I won't forget these words. But that's why I made this topic, just to remind myself every so often. Sorry if I wasted 10 minutes of your time for nothing, but I found this as one of those 'Eureka' moments and had to share it.
  8. Well there's nothing bad with We Interface, but I dig their old work much more. You could have a taste of both if you want to. Personally I prefer Trip To Trancesylvania & We Created Our Own Happiness. Here's a preview track from Trip To Trancesylvania: And a really short preview from We Created Our Own Happiness: X-Dream - Relax Vortex (There's apparently 2 different versions of this track, one is called 'Relax Vortex', the other 'Relaxed Vortex')
  9. Personally, I don't like that picture that much either. But I didn't make it. I don't see no mention of Etnica, the only X-dream release mentioned is "We Interface" which hardly shows what these guys have to offer, and what is with the "Trance which is psychedellic" in the middle that eventually points to Solar Fields (Extended) and the rest of the ambient pack? This has close to nothing to do with trance, even less so psychedellic trance. I mean sure, these artists have some influence from trance, but these genres shouldn't really fall into the trance category. There's just a ton of more epic releases not mentioned there, so to you new guys out there don't run away if you don't like something you hear from those recommendations. There's really more to it then what's on that image. It's a good start tho I guess
  10. If you guys choose to go the sharing-wavs way, maybe it would be best to share Flac's instead? They're lossless, but can save on size compared to wav's.
  11. Hmm.. Well it wouldn't hurt to try I guess. Send me a PM if your up for it
  12. You might be reffering to this piccy:
  13. Aw too bad. I've used just about every host on windows, but I haven't even touched osx tbh. Wouldn't really work..
  14. Yeah I know about those, but that's not really my problem. The problem is that most of these sounds have too much character to be put in the background. But anywho, this all comes down to arranging the track etc etc. Not really a big issue.
  15. That's funny, I have a similar (or maybe opposite) problem. I've got loads of scrap projects with some sort of synth lines, melodies etc. But most of these just stand out too much. Having a hard time combining them because they sound too massive when both included in a track. Kind of overkill, bit I just can't help myself when I'm tweaking a synth. It allways turns out too.. hmm... I guess too "noticable" or "powerful". I'm not a master of subtle sounds hehe. Even when I make pads they stand out too much.
  16. Also Trancemaster Vol. 11 Track 03: Aban Don - State Of Mind (Metal Mix) (5:52) - Made by Avi Nissim & Yan-Iv Haviv, the first of the two is a member and the second an ex-member of Astral Projection. It's actually a pretty good track. Sort of SFX-style but more melodic & goa-ish.
  17. Hey welcome back. You don't know me, but I used to browse around http://goatrance.free.fr, amazing site back in it's days. So, thanx for starting the community website!
  18. Someone should update the wiki entry for Crop Circles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_Circles
  19. I'm not going to try to figure out what everyone else thinks, but in my general view of objects in life - and this goes way beyond this topic: If it's painless to reproduce, then share it for free. From a music perspective let's see the following statement: Artist releases music. Expects money in return so he can own more of his needed objects (one example: food). Now, if food was an object that was painlessly reproduced, then food would not cost money. In that case you would not need money for buying food, and the statement above would now be: Artist releases music. Does not expect money in return because he can own more of his needed object (food) for free. ---- Of course, food isn't free. And many more 'objects' aren't free either. --- Basically, we're half-way thru to free duplication of objects. We found a way to store information digitally and their duplication is easy. Now all we need to do is find a way to make real-life objects duplication easy. The thing is, people have allready started to love the fact that they can own something virtually free. And the problem is, everything else that is non-digital is not yet easily reproduced and is thus not free. The question is: Do we find a way to make life necessities easily redistributable, easily duplicable? Or do we find a way to deny access to anyone that ever tries to own an object or information for free, even tho it's easily duplicable? -- It seems to me that free ownership of objects and information is a natural part of our evolution. The money system we live in these days was forced upon us. Did you ever have a choice weather to accept or not the system we live in today? Why shouldn't there be a choice? Shouldn't that be a fundamental right for everyone - to have the ability to choose their own way of living? People assume that they should do what the majority of people are allready doing. But that's no way of living a life, not in my book. - To answer your question (in my case) of weather or not it's wrong to download material that could lead to the loss of money for the author of that material: If the money system was something that actually worked, in a way that it awarded people who genuienly give their efforts for something that is considered a 'good deed', then the answer would be: Yes, it's wrong to download something which has a price tag on it. However, it's the exact opposite. And my answer is No, it's not wrong. I'll contribute in any other way that I know of and when I can. I'll rather have friends then mercenaries. And I'm not selfish, I allways help out whenever someone needs that help and when I know I can give the help that's needed. Feeding the system with more money would, in my view, only contribute to an even greater addiction to the money system, which is corrupt in it's every form. So this whole downloading issue for me has alot to do with my principles, my view on money itself. I hope you can understand that. If not.. well that's allright, I won't judge you. But I had to make this clear. ~Peace
  20. Intimidating People -- Serious Business! The Mafia will have their hands full when RIAA starts recruiting.
  21. It might help them for a while, but the more clever ones will start using encrypted protocols and then it's really back to square 1.
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