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  1. I'm allways chilled. Did I use caps lock or something?
  2. Personally I can't blame people for loving music which I find is way too commercial. I can be angered, but eventually I'd realize being angered is stupid and I can't blame them for loving the music they listen to. I mean when I was a kid and was just finding out the different artists and varieties of music almost anything would sound great to me. But as I researched and discovered more music I found some music which I liked much better then the rest and I sticked with it. I don't limit myself to a certain genre, or certain style of music. I can listen to anything, if it was created by a really creative individual or a group then it surely has to be a great peace of music, no matter the genre. 'Creative' is a different definition to me and to anyone else, so this is a highly subjective matter. Anyway, blaming someone else for not liking the genre you like is a bit egoistic. "Hey you over there! You don't like electronic music?! Omg you're probably not human then!". Stupid, cmon, it's tastes afterall. Why fight wars over it? With over 6 billion people on the planet, you surely can realize that there are people who have different tastes then yourself or a group of people. Instead of fighting back the ignorants with the same tactics - by saying the genre they listen to is shit because they said the same for the genre you listen to - you should instead be a smarter person and either ignore those kinds of people or give them a real tour of what this music is all about. But don't expect people to just instantly like the music you play them, afterall it's all in the tastes. Perhaps however some people would stop being at least so critical of genres they don't really listen to if they gave those genres a real listen. At least they could respect the people who enjoy that kind of music. I might not understand what people find so interesting in Eurovision songs, but hey if that makes them tick then good for them. Just as long as they keep an open mind I have nothing against people who enjoy commercial music.
  3. Well I think they're refering to the Goan Beach as in the beach of Goa, India, which should make more sense for the title. There's harldy any Goa music being played there anymore (as far as I know from rumours). But it's not like that beach belongs only to the Goa Trance genre, there was music played there of different styles long before trance got dominant. I guess now prog is more dominant there, with acts like vibrasphere. So if that kind of music is played there now, then I really don't mind it being called the Goa Beach. But yeah, it's all marketing anyway.
  4. +1 for you, Sir. Of course it then all depends on what kind of headphones or speakers we're talking about. Speakers can give out a nice ambience in a good room, and you can dance without tripping over the cable. Of course I dream of having a nice isolated studio somewhere far away from people, and use some hi-def speakers. Untill then headphones do it for me.
  5. More profitable then making goa trance?
  6. Does anyone know what Martin Freeland is up to? There were a few threads allready opened, but it seems like this guy is nowhere to be found.. or at least we don't know what he's upto.
  7. Hah, I could make a tutorial on how crap Posfords fancy voice samples manipulation is. But do I care?
  8. As far as I know there is a bunch of free goa comps on archive.org that I used to download, but I never liked the site because the download speed was often limited. Last time I checked was a few years ago, it might be better by now.
  9. What ever happend to that label they used to own? Didn't they have one?
  10. Oh yeah I know what you mean. And not just that, but the obsession with darkness that is supossed to automatically make you feel scared. I've seen movies horror movies taking place in full daylight, and that's whats so scary about it. When you think about it, you never expect to be attacked during the middle of afternoon. But what if all of a sudden all people dissapeared, and you strated getting chased by some scary-ass creature. Now that's scary. And I've seen a few movies made like this, but I can hardly remember the titles right now. Made in the US I believe, still tho not alot more to come from the US. There's a bunch of japanese horror movies that feature daylight horror scenes don't they? I know I've seen a couple of trailers.
  11. What a tribute that would be to Suntrip tho. But yeah.. I don't see it hapenning.
  12. If you want a really deep atmospheric landscape.. Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) Absolutely lovely atmosphere.
  13. You know, having a more accurate sound is a good thing because all the commercial music sounds so much better. But now I'm noticing more problems with my unmastered projects, which kind of puts me off. But at least I know where mistakes have been made and what to improve rather then blindly thinking that the projects sounds allright. Edit: But the great thing about having a more accurate sound output, is that the mastering effects I was using now dramatically change the sound texture. Before I could not that easily hear the difference as I tweak some knobs on a compressor, but now every little tweak here and there makes a difference. Makes me happy really.
  14. Ohh, I should to take a listen to that album. I'm a big MWNN fan
  15. I decided to break into my soundcard front box, it had it's channels inverted for headphones out (what a shitty pruduct lol). It's the standard TRS connection. Anyway, I had another TRS In, which was for the mike in. I took out the old TRS that was for the headphones, and replaced it with the mike one. I soldered it on the other side of the board (to invert the channels). Yeah I know it's a crappy job and I had to drill some new holes to fit everything nicely, but now I have this weird aftereffect - there's no more noise comming from the TRS, and also for some reason the sound is louder and alot clearer but the bass is more energetic aswell. Maybe that noise was cancelling some of the bass or something, because now it actually sounds much better? Oh well, I'm glad at least some of the problems went away. Untill I buy an RME one day . Still tho I'm glad at this strange turn of events. I guess sometimes breaking in and doing some tweaks can come out as a good thing (as opposed to short-circuiting hardware hehe). Edit: Yeah definately more crips and clear, and the bass is more loud which is causing my ears to hurt a little cos now I have to re-adjust to the sound.
  16. Ahh yeah, I know this one. Makes for some crazy twists and sound fx. Thanks for reminding me tho, I haven't used it in a long while.
  17. Actually the feeling comes from how the track moves me. The speed and the plafyull bass, it's just like when I put an etnica track and it makes me wanna shake my butt. Really cool.
  18. You know I've heard of elevator music before, but I've never heard escalator music.
  19. Haaah, I like it! It has a cool Etnica feeling to it. Very groovy. Do keep it up! :posford: Edit: Oh and, the bass part I dig actually. Maybe it's slightly dull sometime but it keeps the groove on. Very nice.
  20. Iron Maiden - Rime of the Ancient Mariner, clocking at 13:38. Long enough? It's so long they had to split it up into two videos to fit on youtube:
  21. These are the headphones that are gonna make you go: "Oh my God, I can't believe I thought there was no difference between mp3's and wav's". But just remember that they need to be burned-in. And by that I don't mean to put them in a microwave, I mean you need to put random music on and let them play by themselves on a fairly loud volume for about ~300 hours. After around 300 hours of playback they should be ok. I didn't like them at first either, sounded raw and soulless. But after 300 hours they should be good enough to give your ears an orgasm. Also, be careful with them. The cable that comes with them is pretty fat, and can easily get in your way. So make sure they're on the stand or somewhere safe. I droped them by accident a couple of times (and for that I should get a prison sentence! ), so a peace of plastic of the rails broke. They're still allright, nothings changed really. A bit of a stupid design to use plastic on the part that moves the most, but just as stupid of me to be careless when handling them. They're too powerfull for an iPod and your standard regular soundcard output jack (that green jack on the back side of the PC). So get a headphone amp if you're gonna use these. I'm definately gonna buy the blue ones when I get the chance. The color + the detachable cable is a great addition, and this time I would be more careful with them hehe.
  22. I took it off a video-store once. Quite frankly, I can't remember if I've watched it thru or not. I think I got interrupted half way-thru and forgot to watch it again. And if I remember correctly, it wasn't all that interesting. But again, I didn't watch it untill the end.
  23. Hmmm.. the style is kind of like a mix of Another World and Amen. I'm getting mixed feelings, but it still has that AP flavour if you catch my drift.
  24. My thoughts exactly. He seems confused all the time, and at one time he even accidentally turns the background music volume all the way up. Maybe he was just too excited to interview Etnica.
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