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Found 6 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Spirit Voices Label: Sangoma Records Date: March 13, 2013 Tracklist:- 1. Ianuaria - The Theory of Elements 2. Yudhisthira - Bhumandala 3. Primordial Ooze- Impact Theory 4. Gaspard- Get with the program 5. Southwild - Twiddle My Dot 6. Synthetic Chaos - Nothing is fucked 7. Via Axis - Light Portals 8. Yudhisthira - The Room (Braincell rmx) 9. Soladria – Ussr Signal 10. Etnica - Surpressive Fire Hmmph, Beautiful cover art, some sexy names on the track list and some fun to be had.... Some. 1. Solid overall theme but the rest of the track lacks anything coherent for me to grasp onto. I suppose that's the point of the psychedelic music that is The Theory Of The Elements, and yea it does get better in the last 3 minutes, but it begins with me thinking that the little singsong is going to play a role in the song and then it's gone. 2. Similar thoughts on the first 4 minutes of Bhumandala at first. After a few more listens I can start to hear the build up to the strong second half of this track. Throwing in the thicker longer synths makes a world of difference and even knocks the psychedlia up a bunch. but for a lackluster first 4 minutes I may not find myself banging this to often. 3. Dark and spooky with a melody that comes right out of a haunted wind up ballerina jewellery box. More my style with some thick yet oozed layers dripping from the rooftops to the floors. This track covers you turning Impact Theory into Impact Fact. 4. Cool intro and then it gets dark and dirty, with leads made of pure forest squelch-squark. Like all the tracks so far Get With The Program starts to form a more coherent shape as it snakes it way from start to finish...Wait a minute, serpent on the front cover....Serpentine tracks. hmmmmm 5. Twiddle My Dot does not Twiddle my dingle and right now i wouldn't mind a brain fiddle. In Hollywood that's a good thing, right now, I probably find myself skipping this track. That's not to say that it isn't the most psychedelic track here, it most certainly is, very dark and twilighty and i'm sure it would spin you the fuck out on a dancefloor Buuuuut yea nah. 6. Nothing Is Fucked, well we sure showed Synthetic Chaos didn't we? Well done planet Earth. Another very Sangoma sounding track, like track 3 the twinkle dinkle melody is covered in evil intentions. There are some pretty cool trippy moments but once again not quite interesting enough to keep my attention. 7. Via Axis brings us closer to Goa territory, the track is a little calmer than some of the previous ones and the low end has a bit more warmth to it. I like the crystal-delic highs that sparkle over the top of the track, overall it lacks a little oomph. 8. Well all my niggles stop here my friends. Braincell and Yudisthira grow The Room (Braincell Remix) into an absolute masterpiece of a track. Awesome theme and beautiful track growth. This track begins like a little graveyard sprite and turns into a goddamned 13 foot spectre. A solid track and 1 of 3 reasons I bought this album. 9. Soladriwho? Yea Soladria, This track has got me digging into all this guys works. Matti is Finnish and he makes Psytrance, well damn does he know how to finish a track off with gusto. All of USSR Signal is good but the final half Ah baby! If it wasn't for this track being randomly selected I may have not payed attention to this album at all. The final melody and everything else is just so good. Transporting you to a hypersonic Russian Nuclear Submarine is just one of the things this track does right. So So bad ass. 10. Etnica - Well well well. You know you get a lil excited when you this name pop up, that's why they get a dash. And this very well could be an extra terrestial track becasue it rips a hole in the solar system the size of your third finger from the right of your left pinky. In Universal terms that's a big hole in the space time continuuuu whatever. Banging track and reason number 3 this album had to be mine. ~ Well that's about all folks. Really the 3 final tracks are what got me getting this release, the cover art is also worthy of a shout out, super nice to look at. For the price of a European Brattwurst I think it's well worth it for the final 3 tracks and i'm sure some aliens out there are going to like tracks 1-7 too. https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-voices-compiled-by-gata-freak-daksinamurti
  2. Here is my review of the most recent compilation done by Jacob "Izzy" Hasten and Michael "Cosinus" of Sangoma Records. I was very grateful to provide my ears and heart for them. My procedure or design was to listen to each track a handful of times with the thought of how I could really capture the picture they painted in relation to sound. Closing my eyes to really feel and immerse myself on what the compilation to offer brought out a familiar, but newer thought pattern to me. The following manuscripts are the answers to that cycled question... :: If you are hesitant about buying this album, Don't be. Smashing through genre categorizations, this compilation brings you hypnotic atmospheres, slamming bass grooves, and epic, cerebral melodies all while ensnaring you in some beautiful, technical psytrance. My experience with this album was inspiring to say the least. If you want bass that can beautifully infiltrate your embrace with a sound so profound, "Ironic Cultures" is the treat for you. This album delivers hard and heavy, but has just enough space to keep you in its grasp. Spontaneous creativity meet sonic divinity in a wonderful array of psychedelic production based right out of New York. I was thoroughly impressed with the ways the melodies could just scoop me up and take me away for a bit. The technical prowess of each track was carved indefinitely to create the best story. It was almost hard to be able to scribe all of this because when the music is that good, you forget to analyze while lost in the vibe. Get this Compilation. Your soul will only thank you. The album cover had its own story to tell.... Complimenting very well the journeys into new dimensions you will experience on this album, staring into you on the cover is the artwork of a rift that will catch your dreams. Depicted is a very dark, but inviting portal revelealing Sangoma Records in its core. Much like the archaic experiences outlined in some psytrance and history of man, this portal is decorated with a native design that reflects the vibrant, colorful, layered sounds heard in Psy music. Seeming to be some type of ektoplasmic feathering, this cover arts does a great job of joining the worlds of alien, ghostly, and otherworldly, just as its sounds will do. Here was the analyzation of the individual tracks... Axial Tilt -Heating Modulation This tracks comes in hard and groovy after some atmospheric ambiance to deliver you one high energy journey. Entranced in the punchy groove, wispy synths with the right amount of delay to send you spinning quickly paint the vibe with a bass that bumps hard, catching you in its subby grip. The conversation between the cymbals and gritty, granulized synths fail not to deliver you a percussive adventure filled with waves of vibrance and melodic evolution. Ascend and descend in spacetime sonically until the atmospheres show back up to lead you to its finish in this ripping psychedelic artwork. 2. Drip Drop- Musical Neurons Drip Drop starts you off with a deep, percussive vibe in this one. Glitchy, cognitive Blips in the distance soon welcome you to your musical awakening. Let each sound drop on the synapses of your brain to expand into the addition of each measure. Drifting with the growing patterns, conga lines and galactic bird talk will be the foundation for this one. As the neurons in your brain light up with each piece of this cerebral symphony, your feet will be shaking the dancespace. Gastard- Shake Up Weeple Get sucked up in Gastard's computer glitch while his bass grounds you in a two foot switch. Your binary code will unravel with each beep trailing with delay. This percussive bounce beat will have you moving on your feet and mind through vocal lines into ridding the virus. Bubble onward with this track's infinite progression into a metallic chasm of musical verbalization. Featuring bass grooves, constant, bouncing movement, and many shifts, this journey finishes with a melodic shamanic section that will warp you right out of this sector and into your spirit. Dsaba and Kabayun- Vega Sector Navigate deep space bass with Kabayun and Dsaba as your sound shaman crew. You are in command of the spaceship in this one. Take a ride through the abyss with synthwork and drums to greet you and grip you quick in this soundstream. The vibe in this one just progresses and impresses while taking you through fun rising sections and breaks. You may get lost out there, but Dsaba and Kabayun will pilot you back home with crunchy hitech calls, chimes, and one catchy evolving melody. Synthetic Chaos vs. Cosinus- Like an Animal Immerse yourself in an electronic animal kingdom of noise with this one. Starting off slower with the right amount of groove, soon you will be guided by shimmering atmospheres into a techtronic portal of sound. Caged like an animal in this aggressive sound, Synthetic Chaos and Cosinus take you through a buzzing and riveting soundscape with enough crashes and edge to keep you out of your seat. Southwild- Blackstripes Nipping you quick with those wonderful familiar bass grooves, Southwild doesn't take long to transport you into an ektoplasmic chamber filled with hollow xylophones, maddening impacts, and a hydraulic hyperspace. Drift from each riser to the beautifully arranged darkness of each echoing melody. This is one slamming and jamming masterpiece that will have you screaming for more when it abruptly ends. Hoodwink- Swanky Panky Smash through a Shrieky, mechanical intro to ride booming bass groove. As you metronome between Hoodwink's strategically placed squelches, the energy will greet you with some cybertronic guitars and wooey pads. Entrancing variation lies in the talk of the main sounds, scripting a hollow journey that will have you euphorically guessing what's next. Capturing your mind and movement, this track will zoom you from one nebula to the next. LAB and Hydrae- Things Out of Life Float in the cockpit of this one through droney strings to be placed right into heavy, futuristic bass. With ravishing use of transitions and breaks, LAB and Hydrae aim to zip you in and out of this hemisphere with a gargantuan, ghastly, and growling sound. Phase with a hypnotic bass pluck that perfectly flips from offbeat to the norm within this electronic storm. Synkronic- Tech Knowledge Among flight in a glitch soup , you will waiting for the bass that will put you in your place for the start of this one. Synkronic makes use of every inch of timespace in this hitech arp for your heart. The sounds that vocalize with beeping mimicery and such finesse in their placement will keep you grounded in a dance state. Once Upon A Time- Memories of Things Unseen Eerily ripening your ears for mean kick variations and a collage of percussive clickery, Once Upon A Time drives hard into your soul with this track. This powerful ghostly sound will emcompass you with layered communication of some of the heaviest and crunchiest sounds on the comp. You won't wish you unheard this wonderland of Glitchery when coming through the otherside as it finishes with a rhythmic combination of technical crunches and signalling arpeggios. Christian William Jones. Psychronicity 11/26/2015
  3. Artist: Universcience Title: Sonic Mandalas Label: Sangoma Records Date: September, 2015 1. Goat FIxie 2. Karelia 3. Alone Celebration 4. Base Boss 5. Nasca 6. Quantum Gravity 7. Sonic Mandalas 8. Laksmi 9. Vishudha 10. Nothing Special 11. Mahamantra 12. Katarina The glory days of South African psytrance are in the rear view mirror unfortunately, but like a phoenix from the ashes Sangoma aims to pick up and carry on. Their sound is different than Timecode; darker and oftentimes heavy with a forest edge. Universcience is Bogdanov Sergey and he was kind enough to release his early work for free. With so many releases that seem to come out everyday it can be tough to get noticed and attract ears. You have to stand out and for me this doesn't. I find it boring in a lot of places with nary a jaw dropping moment. Quantum Gravity had some heft to it and ironically Nothing Special was at least a little special. I keep waiting for Sangoma to take that step into greatness, but it hasn't happened yet. Sangoma Bandcamp Name Your Price
  4. Artist: Various Title: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Label: Sangoma Records Date: November, 2013 1. Entropy - Hamakor 2. Parus - Vremia 3. Antagon Vs. Ectogasmics - Degradation 4. Sunchild - Think In Tongues 5. Dragon - Flower of Life 6. Mubali - Entering the Neuron Community 7. Fractal Cowboys - Fluid of Life 8. Arjuna Vs. Deepbrianfrombosis - Fractacality 9. Primordial - Time Lord 10. We Are Noise - Acid Milk For All 11. Neesha - Great Ride "There are certain things we can do to become super human." The sexy lady tree will tell you the secret is all in the hips. Anyone else think this gif is a little...sinister? Sangoma is like the foresty darkpsy little brother of the older and well established Timecode Records. I absolutely loved almost everything that Timecode released so I'm hoping that Sangoma will continue the tradition. My first experience with them however was with Gaspard's ode to naptime Seems Legit. It wasn't legit. So not legit that I quit. Hammer shoutout! But hey that's why pencils have erasers right? This compilation is my second go round with Sangoma and I have to tell you...bring a f*cking flashlight. This is dark. Seriously so. Thumping bass lines and kicks rumble menacingly below swampy bubbling. If you're a fan of the Timecode sound this may take some getting used to. While the night time psy from Timecode was also dark there were always melodies that would carry you above the fray. This sound is more psychedelic forest and aggressive. Perhaps it's the logical evolution of darkpsy. It's a hallucinatory journey where sounds are stacked like dead bodies and the mood is decidedly...evil. Metallic leads sound like the dragging of relics across concrete. It's loud and a lush cacophony of sound that requires multiple listens to truly appreciate. Some tracks are horror movie ready and most are a twisting concourse into the mouth of madness. Heavy stuff if you decide to listen in one go. I'm not sure where I stand yet, but I certainly cannot stop listening to it. Sangoma Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  5. Artist: Gaspard Title: Seems Legit Label: Sangoma Records Date: May, 2014 1. Spaced 2. Cannalize Legabis 3. Falaweeda Galacia 4. Royal With Cheese 5. Free Candy 6. DNA 7. Bamboclot 8. Little Switch 9. Riding The Rooster "There is more to reality than meets a normal eye." Covers work people, so fire up that MS Paint and take it seriously if you wanna catch eyes. That's why I gave this a few spins. Gaspard is Gaspard Besson who is half of Yab-Yum and a driving force behind Peak Records according to Psyshop's little blurb. Based solely on the cover I would have to assume this is not a Taylor Swift side project discussing how her last boyfriend is gonna regret cheating on her. And it isn't. One day you'll find the right guy Taylor. One day. Crazy thought, what if the right guy is really the right girl and you've been wasting time barking up the wrong tree? But back on topic this is music for the night. His debut is kinda in between dark psy and night time full-on. The bass line is the star of the show here with plenty of noises chirping from the darkness. Melodies? Maybe a few, but don't expect to be carried away on a cloud by gay angels. More like shoved into a dark forest by a troll wielding a 7 inch blade. At least that's what its intent sounded like. To be honest it bored the sh*t outta me. The days of making scary sounds as the monotonous bass line rambles on forever...I thought that f*cking ship sailed already. I could not differentiate track one from track...whatever. Since Sangoma is a sub-label of Timecode I expected more. A lot more. So...what this is is basically an eye catching cover with a sleeping pill inside. Night night. Psyshop
  6. Drumatik Sacred Places Sangoma Records Tracklist: 1. Unlocking Mysteries 2. Parvati Diamonds 3. Nebula's Quest 4. Side Chains 5. Sacred Places A rock-solid EP of rollicking peak-hour full-on. And extra points for that ridiculously good cover art. This is peak-hour in-the-forest full-on, the type of music that gives full-on a good name, as opposed to the generic in-the-club variety prevalent through today's psy scene. This is full-on designed for the discerning listener. "Unlocking Mysteries" is a superb opener, unveiling many layers of delicious energy, layers of great effects, truly inspired work. "Parvati Diamonds" is a continuation of all that is great with the EP opener, full of imagination, awesome taste in musical directions and thrilling dance-floor pleasing peaks. "Nebula's Quest" loses a bit of steam from the first two tracks but does no less than soldier on and the longer it plays out the more hypnotic is the spell it weaves. In the end, the track works some very fine magic. "Side Chains" makes little to no sense. Fashioned in the popular psygressive style, my thought is "why the hell is this here?" It is a dramatic direction change from the very tasteful full-on everywhere else on the EP, it is also a very tasteless track. Generic and heard way too often by way too many psy artists, not a good style for this talented producer. The natural concern going into the EP closer is that more psygressive blandness may be in store. Alas, Drumatik changes direction again, getting back into the rhythms and vibes built up by the first three tracks. "Sacred Places" is a bombastic finale, exactly the type of boiling, fiercely energetic curtain call that this great EP deserves. Great job on this EP by Drumatik. Four-out-of-five of these tracks turn out to be gems and that cover art, oh, that cover art. It is a sacred place unto itself. ()
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