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Found 23 results

  1. Release Date: 2024-02-29 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU009 Digital Downloads Available From: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload SpaceWarp greetings to you all and welcome to our freshest release, “SPACEWARPERS VOL.2”, compiled by our label DJ and Manager, EarthAlien, a compilation of, soaring psychedelic, space warping beats and freshest release, out now, from SpaceWarp Records... “Timelord”, will obliterate your peace, as UK Psytrance legends ManMadeMan lead you into SpaceWarpers Vol.2. Their deep and grooved out pulsating beats, shuffle you into a crescendo of FX and rhythm that hooks you further into their psychedelic experience, and into the creative world of Moaiact. “Toy Bosque”, pulls you into the creative world of Chilean producer Moaiact, who’s punch driven sound rips open your imagination with it’s defined kick n’ bass , array of catchy hooks and FX that glide you into the collaboration of Rigel & Lennielazerbeam. “Goblin Sabotage”, will sabotage your day, as Greek producer RIGEL collaboratives a dynamic force with UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam. It’s naughty, it’s quirky, it’s also very tempting, and loaded with psychedelic wizardry, that's filled with drive, with an uptempo rhythm of catchy hooks, and clever use of vox that prepares you for Coral’s mysterious journey ahead. “Mystic Mountain”, once shrouded in secrecy, is a secret no more, as USA psytrance producer Coral raises the bar once again, pulling back the veil to reveal a melodic, driving sound-scape, that cascade’s around you with a rhythmic resonance before pulling you into the hypnotic tones of Shacom Delia. “Musgravite”, is the extraction of Greek producer Shacom Delia who hypnotises with an Infusion of mind tingling, catchy riffs, pulsating beats, and hooks, that pull you into it’s trance quake of depth, drive and full-on mayhem, before you’re elevated into the psychedelic thrust of Space Sneakers. “Mission To Mars”, unleashes the warp speed of Russian psytrance producer, Space Sneakers, who punches through the sound barrier once more with his driving psychedelic sound, with action packed rhythmic layers and FX and clever use of vox, that warps your space into the trance-floor pumping sound of Barby! “Sabretooth” , pushes the trade mark sound of Chilean producer, Barby, with catchy hooks and layers of stabs that flash brightly throughout, be prepared to be drawn into its depth-charged bass line and cutting rhythm that continue to push the boundaries that introduces you to Sodom. “Real Life”, is the debut release from Austrian producer, Sodom, it’s a full-on night time experience that kicks you into it’s catchy hooks, layers of stabs, clever use of vox and FX. Upbeat with a melodic groovy drive, “Real Life”, is full of psychedelic twists that catches the imagination, before you are dropped into the mesmerizing sound Tomocomo. “Aureole”, is a Goa trance infusion from rising Japanese producer Tomocomo. Its mesmerising journey of an intricate sound-scape that is enriched with melodic depth and warmth throughout, that blankets the mind with a shimmering of catchy hooks and FX bringing “SpaceWarpers Vol.2” to a perfect close. “SpaceWarpers Vol.2”, is encapsulated with driving psychedelia throughout, compiled by EarthAlien, mastered by Rigel, with an artistic backdrop by Mick Usher. Until next time… EarthAlien Links & Social Media: Linktree: EarthAlien SpaceWarp Records Links & Social Media: Linktree: SpaceWarp Records
  2. With his latest release, "Magnetic Storm", out now, RIGEL takes you into his quirky mad world of audio wizardry that opens your discerning ears to the sound of his live sets that have illuminated trance-floors across the world. Support the Artists & Label of Magnetic Storm: Here Discover More About RIGEL Here RIGEL is a real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way. Debuting with “Spaceware” LP on Ovnimoon Records in 2011, following up with “Melt into Unity” LP on YSE Digital in 2012, quickly established Rigel as an artist to be reckoned with, gathering glowing reviews from around the globe. A barrage of collabs soon followed, notably including the Ovnimoon & Rigel album “Omnipresent Technology” on Ovnimoon Records in 2014 and the remix/collab “Beyond the Singularity” LP on Ovnimoon Records in 2016, both of which charted in the Top 3 for months on end. Rigel now counts five albums under his belt with his latest LP release “Creativity Portals” on Ovnimoon Records in 2019 and remixes for renowned artists such as Etnica, Shakta, Total Eclipse, Ovnimoon & Via Axis, Lunar Asylum, Dousk, Koan and many others. All this has gotten Rigel invited in clubs and festivals all around the world. Dancefloors in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the U.K. have all enjoyed the unique Rigel sound with frequent returns. As Rigel was about to embark on his “Creativity Portals” World tour, following the success of his “Creativity Portals” album release, disaster struck, forcing the world into lockdown. Having spent over a decade with Ovnimoon Records, as the record label's A&R and World respected artist, Rigel felt that change was on the horizon, a feeling amplified by the global crisis everyone faced. Rigel released a handful of EP’s and compilations on Metabolizm Records and also featured in DJ Solitare’s compilation “Beyond Expectation” on the legendary label Matsuri Digital, before joining forces and partnering with UK based psytrance label SpaceWarp Records as label A&R and artist, making SpaceWarp his new home, shining both his production skills and mastering onto the label thus fortifying his unique and sought-after talent. Rigel Links - Social Media - Info - Bookings - Label RIGEL INFO | SPACEWARP RECORDS
  3. Release Date: 2023-11-30 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU008 Order @>: Beatport UK Psytrance pioneers ManMadeMan lead us into the musical journey of “Magnetic Storm”, don’t be fooled by their chilled out intro, that catapults your mind into an infusion of enticing psychedelic beats, before handing over to Italian psychedelic legends, Etnica who mediate the force of gravitational interaction with their breath taking audio mystery and spine-tingling wizardry. Greek producer and compiler, RIGEL, unleashes the quirky madness within, as he engages warp speed once again and delivers his trance-floor stomper, before USA producer Coral takes over, setting your mind into an unimaginable wonder. Chilean producer Moaiact sweeps you into a magnetism of pulsating beats and catchy hooks, leaving you wanting more before, UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam charge up their full-on sound leading you deeper into Rigels “Magnetic Storm”. Chilean producer Barby sucks you into his trance-quake depth and cutting rhythm before dropping you into the world of Russian psytrance producer Sungirl who weaves a heart-pounding, adrenalized rush of full-on psychedelic beats and mantra infused vox. Australian producer Arkamena catches your imagination and leads you into an array of chilled out downtempo beats, harmonising your mind, bringing “Magnetic Storm” to a perfect close. “Magnetic Storm”, is encapsulated with driving psychedelia throughout, compiled and mastered by Rigel, with an artistic backdrop by Mick Usher. Until next time…
  4. Release Date: 2022-09-29 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU004 Digital Downloads Available From: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload SpaceWarp greetings to you all and welcome to our freshest release "Journey Through Time", the long-awaited VA compilation from our Label DJ and living legend, Domino! "Journey Through Time" is a testament to Domino's deep-rooted, life-long involvement within the psychedelic trance scene, having rocked trance-floors across the world for over 30 years. UK psytrance pioneers ManMadeMan lead you into the soundscape of “Journey Through Time”. Their groovy sound entices you in, before handing over to the Italian psychedelic legends, Etnica vs Pleiadians, who reboot and teleport you into their world of psychedelic wizardry and audio mystery… Japanese producer UNI delivers his hypnotic punchy sound that hooks you in before USA psytrance producer Coral, raises the bar once again, with her trance-floor stomper! Greek producer RIGEL’s quirky mad tones catch the imagination, and lead you into the psychedelic world of Indian producer Boombaba, who’s deeper, energetic sound is a trance-floor pleaser. UK psytrance duo DRIVE is a new, all female, psytrance act comprising of Jasmine and Sonya from ManMadeMan, their inner siren is unleashing as their hypnotic playful sound, drives you forward into another world, as Israeli producer Astrogano engages with her mesmerizing remix of this Astral Projection timeless classic! The sound of Domino is clearly evident as she weaves together the psychedelic strands of known and less familiar artists including female Japanese producer Tomocomo who takes you on a journey of deep, warming melodic Goa trance. UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam delivers a full-on psychedelic experience before the depth charged psychedelic beats from French psytrance legend Neuromotor brings “Journey Through Time” to a perfect close. “Journey Through Time”, is encapsulated with driving psychedelia throughout, mastered by Rigel, with an artistic backdrop by Mick Usher and compiled by label DJ, Domino. Until next time… Domino Links & Social Media: Soundcloud - Instagram - Facebook - Interview With Domino SpaceWarp Records: Releases Links & Info
  5. Release Date: 2022-04-25 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU002 Digital Downloads Buy Here: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload Be prepared to get your space warped with psychedelic sounds as EarthAlien beams his VA compilation, "SpaceWarpers Vol.1" onto the world, the latest release from SpaceWarp Records. Strap yourselves in, ready? Awesome! Legendary UK Psytrance duo ManMadeMan launch the sound of "SpaceWarpers Vol.1" with their high octane defined tempo that would leave any spaceship standing before handing the controls to USA Psytrance producer Coral, who raises the bar and sets us into orbit. With a thrust-engaging, quirky mad trance-floor blaster from Rigel, your space will be warping with invigorating sound as your mind expands into the deeper psychedelic tones of Chilean producer Barby. Hypnotic rhythms are evident as your mind engages with EarthAlien's mission that hooks you into the hidden depths of Finnish producer Oden as he cruises you into his musical world before you're showered with a Goa trance-infused melodic uplift from Polish producer, Devi Divine who's track refreshes the senses and prepares you for the mind bending fullon sound of UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam. French producer DuM engages a prepared landing with a melodic trance-floor stomper before you're immersed within a zone of chilled out, downtempo beats from Polish producer Rita Raga. "SpaceWarpers Vol.1", is encapsulated with driving psychedelia throughout, mastered by Rigel, with an artistic backdrop by Mick Usher and compiled by label DJ and Manager, EarthAlien. Until next time… Follow us on... Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Mixcloud - Youtube
  6. This week on Psylicious Radio we invite you to tune in and enjoy some birthday fun with us as we celebrate birthdays for DJ Solitare and DJ Domino's. On this weeks show we take you back in time for some retro sounds featuring mixes from DJ Solitare and EarthAlien. DJ Domino takes us into a retro-tinged tribute set to the scenes lost legend and pioneer Olli Wisdom before Rigel takes us back in time with his retro magic. Enjoy! Listen to the show: DJ SOLITARE [DAT Universe - Matsuri Digital] CA DJ Solitare is Mark Ainley, a psychedelic trance DJ representing both the retro label DAT Universe (formerly DAT Records) and the legendary Tsuyoshi Suzuki's label Matsuri Digital. Mark has shared the stage with Space Tribe, Etnica/Crop Circles, Slinky Wizard, Eat Static, UX, Juno Reactor, Tsuyoshi, Domino, and other legends of the scene. He has played across Europe, Asia, and North America, and is a regular performer at the ZNA Gathering in Portugal. Website Soundcloud Instagram Facebook EARTHALIEN [Psylicious - Be Psychedelic] UK EarthAlien is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in today's psychedelic trance music scene. He is also a resident DJ for Gdansk event Be Psychedelic in Poland. EarthAlien executes a non pigeon holed, underground full on driving sound, taking the trance floor into a full on psychedelic experience.... Website Psylicious Facebook Soundcloud Mixcloud Be Psychedelic Instagram DJ DOMINO [Avatar Recs] CA DJ Domino is the first trance female DJ to be recognized all over the world. Her dynamic, energetic DJ style is filled with beautiful melodies which gets her into a trance dance herself while playing. She has an innate ability to create a mysterious atmosphere while bringing people together on the dance floor. 1995 was Domino's overseas DJ debut in England with Juno Reactor (Ben Watkins, Mike Maguire, and Paul Jackson). Facebook Soundcloud Instagram RIGEL [Metabolizm Recs] GR A real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way. Twitter Website Soundcloud Bandcamp Youtube Facebook Discogs Thanks for listening... Spread the LoVe ENJOY!
  7. Yugen is a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words... Music binds us in a way that language rarely does as RIGEL unveils the mystery of his latest VA Compilation Yugen Vol. 2, for your auditory senses, from Metabolizm Records. Yugen Vol. 2 is a new chapter of psychedelia for your enlightened ears orchestrated by Rigel with luminary names including Manmademan, Ovnimoon, RIGEL, Synkronic, Technology and Teorema, and rising names such as Aster, cxp7, Freaktor, Proagressivo, Teramoon and Zumerium. Yugen Vol.2 concludes and winds you down with a soul drenching downtempo infusion from Chilean producer Barby. Listen & Buy: Bandcamp | Beatport | Psyshop
  8. Yugen is a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words... So empower the universal language of music as Rigel unlocks his latest VA Compilation for your discerning ears "Yugen Vol. 1", from Metabolizm Records. Yugen Vol. 1 is abundant with psychedelic beats throughout from respected names. Including Barby, Declaration of Unity, ManMadeMan, Ovnimoon, Rigel, Technology and Tron with an infusion of upcoming names such as Kristiam and Insomnic. Yugen Vol. 1 concludes and cools you down with a chilled out downtempo drenching from Braincell's side-project Unknown Reality. Available for purchase from... Beatport | PsyShop | Bandcamp
  9. “It’s All About Psychedelic Baby!” is the latest DJ promotional mix from RIGEL downloadable in WAV for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! The brightest star is known for his quirky, solid production and strong reputation in the psychedelic scene, with a plethora of releases and remixes out on some of the most respected labels. “It’s All About Psychedelic Baby!” is a retrospective psychedelic journey as RIGEL unleashes his DJ magic, mixing up some of those flavors that rocked trance-floors across the world, that we know will evoke many memories within this exclusive 2-hour journey. LISTEN & DOWNLOAD RIGEL BOOKINGS & SOCIAL MEDIA Bookings | Rigel Music | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Youtube | Twitter | Discogs
  10. This week on Psylicious Radio, we welcome Canadian producer Alien Pilot, who will spinning some psychedelic magic for your ears. UK legends ManMadeMan will be delivering their earth quaking beats before the quirky madness of Rigel hooks your soul…! But that's not all. Coming up in July Alien Pilot and ManMadeMan join RIGEL on RIGELS next VA compilation "Yugen" that will be out on Metabolizm Records. Enjoy! Listen to the show: [Click Here & Play] ALIEN PILOT [Metabolizm Recs] CA In the year of 2017, Ian McKee's love & passion for music & aviation finally collided at full force creating the project known as Alien Pilot. Since then, he has played all over Ontario, Canada and made his Quebec, Canada debut in August of 2019 performing at Timeless Festival. Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Beatport | Spotify MANMADEMAN [Nano Recs] UK Paul and Sonya have been producing music as ManMadeMan since 1994, operating in both the commercial and underground dance scenes. Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter RIGEL [Metabolizm Recs] GR A real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way. Bookings | Rigel Music | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter | Youtube | Discogs Want to be featured on Psylicious Radio? Connect with us on the links below to find out more. >>>DJ Showcases<<< >>>Producer Showcases<<< >>>Record Label Showcases<<< >>>Free Promotion<<< Psylicious Radio Links Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Mixcloud
  11. Once again RIGEL defies the laws of gravity as he drops you into to the bass lines of his latest track Psysu. Metabolizm Records latest release! Psysu is a trance-floor stomper track with its driving bass lines and heavy low end that work in harmony as the leads and rifts sweep your feet away lightening the gravitational pull as RIGEL weaves his quirky magic into your soul with a grooved-out twist that keeps Psysu invigorating throughout. Psysu is loaded with a simple catchy melody and breakdown that once heard will never be forgotten as Psysu tantalises your mind! Listen | Buy: Bandcamp | Beatport RIGEL BOOKINGS & SOCIAL MEDIA Bookings | Rigel Music | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Youtube | Twitter | Discogs
  12. Over 36 Hours of Psychedelic listening pleasure has been created by some of the most legendary pioneering names in the scene for this special occasion as we welcomed the Winter Solstice and to raise awareness and donations for The Myelin Project. Listen to the show: Listen to 50 Spins Around The Sun Here! Featuring the following Artists... Afgin (IL) Aphid Moon (UK) Braincell (CH) Chromatone (AU) DuM (FR/CA) Infernal Gift (GR/USA) ManMadeMan (UK) Mechanimal (UK) Mekkanikka (CH) Mutalisk (DK) N.A.S.A. (DK) Oden (FI) RIGEL (GR) Rita Raga (PL) SkyPirate (FR) Total Eclipse (FR/GR) Featuring the following DJs... Anoebis (BE) Auricle (AU) Collider (UK) Dryad (USA/PL) EarthAlien (UK) Florescence (UK) Goa Doc (USA) John Phantasm (UK) Kid Kosmik (GER) Lee AudioAddictz (UK) Ovnimoon (CL) DJ Sarana (FI) DJ Shakti (UK) Psibindi (UK) Psykia (IT) Psykinetic (UK) Tuszi Tushe (PL) The Myelin Project Website: https://www.myelinproject.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/myelin_project Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myelinproject.co.uk
  13. Catalog: MR038 Release Date: 2020-12-18 Label: Metabolizm Records Nebular Gateway is the newest various artist compilation album release from Greek Psytrance maestro RIGEL, now out on Canadian Psytrance label Metabolizm Records! Nebular Gateway is full of psychedelic goodness and enriched with names such as ManMadeMade, Transient Disorder, Ovnimoon and of course RIGEL. RIGEL has clearly put his stamp of all things quirky on this 18 track compilation. Nebular Gateway opens up with ManMadeMans, “Sound Bite” to whet your appetite before plunging you further into the rhythm and hypnotism each track creates. Nebular Gateway delivers a full psychedelic experience that will stimulate your auditory senses as each track encapsulate your mind with every twist and turn making this compilation a must have! Listen | Buy: Beatport | Psyshop Metabolizm Records Online & Social Media: Twitter | Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram
  14. Launching: 12PM GMT on 19:12:20 @ Psylicious Radio 50 Spins Around The Sun. Raising Awareness Through The Power Of Music! Leading you into Winter Solstice 2020 Psylicious Radio airs it’s final show of the year, a 36 hour celebration for a good cause featuring some of the most respected names in Psytrance! It's an online party celebrating EarthAliens 50th Spin Around The Sun and to raise awareness for a charity very close to his heart... The Myelin Project... The British Trust for The Myelin Project is a registered charity, no. 1000614. It was founded in 1990 and since then has been dedicated to funding research in to demyelinating diseases such as Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Augusto and Michaela Odone created the Myelin Project for their son Lorenzo who suffered from ALD - a rare genetic disease that deteriorates myelin in the brain and central nervous system. Although not medical doctors, the Odones developed a treatment called "Lorenzo's Oil" which they named after their son. The story of the Odones' struggle against ALD was dramatised in the 1992 Universal Studios film 'Lorenzo's Oil' starring Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon. Donations to the BTMP will be used to fund research into remyelination in the Leukodystrophies and Multiple Sclerosis. Information & Donations: https://www.myelinproject.co.uk 36 Hours of psychedelia from some of the most respected names in the scene, featuring... Confirmed Artists... Afgin (IL) [Suntrip Recs] Aphid Moon (UK) [Aphip Moon Recs] Braincell (CH) [Nano Recs] Chromatone (AU) [Zero-1 Music] DuM (FR/CA) [Midijum Recs / NBM Recs] Infernal Gift (GR/USA) [Jaira Recs] ManMadeMan (UK) [Nano Recs] Mechanimal (UK) [24/7 Recs] Mekkanikka (CH) [United Beats Recs] Mutalisk (DK) [Mighty Vibrations Recs] N.A.S.A. (DK) [Further Progressions Recs] Oden (FI) [Blue Hour Sounds] RIGEL (GR) [Metabolizm Recs] Rita Raga (PL) [Altar Recs / Psylicious] SkyPirate (FR) [World People Productions] Total Eclipse (FR/GR) [Blue Room Sounds / TIP Recs] Confirmed DJS... Anoebis (BE) [Suntrip Recs] Auricle (AU) [Psylicious / Metabolizm Recs] Collider (UK) [Phantasm Recs] Dryad (USA/PL) [Kali Patrol Records] EarthAlien (UK) [Psylicious / Metabolizm Recs / Be Psychedelic] Florescence (UK) [Maharetta Recs] Goa Doc (USA) [Geomagnetic Recs / Goa Recs / Timewarp Recs] John Phantasm (UK) [Phantasm Recs] JHOTHi (UK) [IbogaTech / Terminator Recs] Kid Kosmik (GER) Lee AudioAddictz (UK) [AudioAddictz] Liquid Ross (UK) [Liquid Recs] Ovnimoon (CL) [Ovnimoon Recs] DJ Sarana (FI) [Psylicious] DJ Shakti (UK) [Suntrip Recs] Psibindi (UK) [Aphid Moon Recs / Psy Sisters] Psykia (IT) [Banyan Recs] Psykinetic (UK) [YSE Recs] Tuszi Tushe (PL) [Be Psychedelic] Turn on, Tune in, Drop out... Tune in: Psylicious Radio Online Event Listing: Click Here Psylicious Radio Links Soundcloud: Psylicious Radio Facebook: Psylicious Radio Instagram: Psylicious Radio Mixcloud: Psylicious Radio
  15. Interdimensional Travel is the newest EP release from Greek Psytrance maestro Rigel out on Canadian Psytrance label Metabolizm Records! Interdimensional Travel is built upon two mind-stimulating tracks that will be sure to ignite trance floors around the globe. The quirky musical madness Rigel is known for is about to fill your cranial cavity, no need for a travel guide here, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride! Intergalactic Travel entices you in with its spacious intro that sets down the foundations before blast off into the journey ahead. When you hear the vox, you know its time to travel intergalactic style! With its driving kick and booming bass lines Intergalactic Travel is a fusion of melodic mind warping craziness before it breaks down into a labyrinth of synthesised stabs that simply add an energised lift before taking you into a dimensional shift. Dimensional Shift continues the quirky musical madness Rigel is well known for. With its clever use of vox and rolling kick and bass lines throughout Dimensional Shift takes this EP up a gear before dropping you into its depths of crazed melodic tones and synthesised sounds, breaking down into a calling of harmonized enchanting horn effect and vox that sweeps you into Interdimensional Travel's very vortex that leaves listeners and enthusiasts wanting more! Listen | Buy: Beatport RIGEL Links & Social Media RIGEL | Bookings RIGEL | Website RIGEL | Facebook RIGEL | Twitter RIGEL | Discogs RIGEL | Soundcloud RIGEL | Bandcamp RIGEL | Psyshop RIGEL | Youtube Psylicious Links Psylicious | Website Psylicious | Subscribe Psylicious | Instagram Psylicious | Facebook Psylicious | Soundcloud Psylicious | Mixcloud
  16. It is very rare that Rigel will do an interview, but with so much positivity happening within the brightest stars career right now he agreed to join us on the Psylicious Interview sofa too answer a few questions for his fans. Known for his quirky production and plethora of remixes and live sets 2019 saw the release of his fifth studio album release on Ovnimoon Records ‘Creativity Portals’ that has also opened up the portals for Rigels 2020 World Tour. Now comfortably into 2020 the year has started with an almighty bang for Rigel that includes his recent signing to new Canadian Psy Trance label – Metabolizm Records! So here we are, reflecting over the past year and what is coming up in the future, keep reading, enjoy! Read the full interview: Click Here Psylicious Links Psylicious | Website Psylicious | Subscribe Psylicious | Instagram Psylicious | Facebook Psylicious | Soundcloud Psylicious | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio Links Psylicious Radio | Soundcloud Psylicious Radio | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio | Facebook
  17. Psylicious Radio presents: Retrospective with Rigel - Talamasca - EarthAlien Psylicious Radio presents this special show, dedicated to the sound of retro psychedelic trance. Taking you as far back as 1994 and into 2009 will no doubt evoke many trance floor memories of the past. Enjoy! LISTEN TO THE SHOW: CLICK HERE RADIO SHOW RUNNING ORDER... Rigel (DJ Set) A real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way. 2019 has been a phenomenal year for Rigel, but look out 2020, the brightest stars portal has just opened for something incredibly special… Follow Rigel Rigel | Bandcamp Rigel | Facebook Rigel | Soundcloud Rigel | Youtube Rigel | Twitter Talamasca (Live set) Known as one of the most talented musicians of the electronic music scene, and specialist in Trance music, Talamasca is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, based in Paris. After more than 18 years traveling all over the world in more than 40 countries to play his own music, Talamasca has released more than 150 tracks on the most prestigious labels of this genre. Follow Talamasca Talamasca | Website Talamasca | Facebook EarthAlien (DJ set) EarthAlien is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in today's psychedelic trance music scene. EarthAlien executes a non pigeon holed, underground full on driving sound, taking the trance floor into a full on psychedelic experience.... Follow EarthAlien Psylicious | Website EarthAlien | Facebook Psylicious Links Psylicious | Website Psylicious | Subscribe Psylicious | Instagram Psylicious | Facebook Psylicious | Soundcloud Psylicious | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio Links Psylicious Radio | Soundcloud Psylicious Radio | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio | Facebook Psylicious Radio | Instagram
  18. Check out RIGELS' recently launched Bandcamp page and support this great artist! Launching with 4 previously released albums and EP on Ovnimoon Records, RIGEL also provides you with a recent various compilation of tracks and remixes full of psychedelic wonder fused with RIGELS' quirky magic! Rigel | Bandcamp: Bandcamp Rigel | Twitter: Click Here Rigel | Facebook: Click Here Rigel | Soundcloud: Click Here Rigel | Youtube: Click Here
  19. Psylicious Radio... presents an audio collage of psychedelic wonder that leads you on a magical voyage of sound expansion, which will tantalize your cranial activity as you sail the psychedelic seas of audio pleasure on this week’s show! This weeks show celebrates the release of RIGEL'S 5th and latest album release 'Creativity Portals' on Ovnimoon Records. Featuring guest mixes from... PSYANA - Enterrec Records (UA/UK) AURICLE - Psylicious (AU) RIGEL - Ovnimoon Records (GR) MEGHAN - Goahead / Psylicious (USA) Spread The LoVe... Turn on, Tune in, Drop out..Click here Psylicious Links Psylicious | Website Psylicious | Subscribe Psylicious | Instagram Psylicious | Facebook Psylicious | Soundcloud Psylicious | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio Links Psylicious Radio | Soundcloud Psylicious Radio | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio | Facebook
  20. 2019 has been a phenomenal year for Rigel, but look out 2020, the brightest stars portal has just opened for something incredibly special… Psylicious Management proudly presents RIGELS 'Creativity Portals' 2020 World Tour Exclusive! Immerse your event and venue with an incredible mind soaking ‘Creativity Portals’ backdrop. Artwork available for Projection, Mapping and event promotion purposes. Psytrance Live & DJ Sets available or Progressive Live & DJ Sets available. Benefit from flight share options and full promotional support for your event. Rigel Bookings & Info Psylicious | Rigel Psylicious | RIGEL 2020 World Tour Exclusive Follow Rigel Facebook | Rigel Soundcloud | Rigel Youtube | Rigel
  21. RELEASE: Sept 2019 STYLE: Psytrance, Goa Trance FORMAT: Compact Disc CATALOG: OVN1CD129 BARCODE: 0881034114990 Ovnimoon Records proudly presents a long-awaited Rigel's blasting psychedelic trance album..titled 'Creativity Portals'. Introducing 9 interstellar psychedelic masterpieces including one collaboration with Etnica, this album will blow your mind and make its particles float away through cosmic portals to all distant places of the universe. Shining with approximately 40, 000 times the luminosity of our Sun, Rigel is the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way and the eponym of psy-prodigy Vasili. Rigel has evolved to a full-fledged powerhouse and legitimate bearer of his moniker. Track Listing: 01: Cellar Door 02: Creativity Portals 03: Singularity Spike 04: Aperture Science 05: Wormhole Wizard 06: The Rabbit Hole 07: Etnica & Rigel -The Summoning 08: Multidimensional 09: Universal Evolution Buy The Album PsyShop Rigel Bookings & Info Psylicious | Rigel Rigel 2020 World Tour Exclusive! Psylicious | RIGEL 2020 World Tour Exclusive Follow Rigel Facebook | Rigel Soundcloud | Rigel Youtube | Rigel
  22. VA - Mysteries Of Psytrance Vol 4 Compiled By Ovnimoon and Rigel Ovnimoon Records Tracklist: 1. Gamayun - Droid 2. Stream Of Consciousness - H-Sunrise 3. Super Light In The Darkness (Twelve Sessions Remix) - Ovnimoon & Via Axis 4. Spaceworm - Braincell 5. The Black Sheep - Tron & Glitch 6. Visionary Plants - Dishka 7. Vortex - Mental Control 8. We Are One - Snag The Sunshepherd 9. The Call - Tripy 10. All Systems Go - Braincell 11. Technology - Holon 12. Fusion 303 - Skizologic & Moonweed 13. Dark Horizon - SHX 14. Skydancers - Vimana & Elegy 15. Rivershack - Declaration Of Unity 16. Deep Existence - Psydeva 17. Unidentified Flying Object - Ovnimoon & Rigel 18. Pseudo Anagram - Psychophysical Transcripts At a New Year's gig I attended this year a great full-on DJ went on right before midnight. The build-ups, the drops, the energy, it sent many a fist pumping through the air, many a hand raised to the air in ecstatic celebration, it was the most alive the crowd would be for the remainder of the evening, merely going through the motions and making the best of the Zenon, progressive and generic full-on that made up the rest of the party. It was self-affirming as I have always been a staunch believer that nothing rocks a party harder than good, old-fashioned, earth-rumbling full-on. It was great to be surrounded by a crowd that was in-tune with that attitude even if we were only able to express that appreciation for about an hour. It seems that in 2015 we may be in a bit of a full-on renaissance where more and more artists are beginning to notice the change in attitude, where the pendulum seems to be swinging away from slower-paced progressive and more toward faster and harder psychedelic sounds. True, the Israeli full-on sound has never gone away but I was never a big fan of that particular style and it is a different approach from the full-on flooding the listening markets these days. Instead, the pendulum is swinging back toward the Braincell school of full-on where the producers are bringing not only energy but also vision back to the style. This year, it's good to be a full-on fan with some awesome full-length albums already put out by Ovnimoon, Koxbox and Drumatik, along with some great full-on EPs from usually progressive producers like Middle Mode and Spirit Architect. To top it off, some jaw-dropping full-on EPs are also out there from the likes of Atoned Splendor, Imaginarium and Hujaboy. If any of that sounds kind of appealing or interesting, Mysteries Of Psytrance Vol 4 is the double-disc compilation you should add to your collection as soon as possible. Following up on the three excellent versions that came before it Ovnimoon & Rigel accumulate quite a few new faces while peppering in the usual suspect of Ovnimoon Records veterans to make sure folks will slap down a few dollars to check it out. It's an Ovnimoon Records compilation so the quality of music is excellent with two great ones by Braincell, a mind-erasing speedball from Dishka and a few masterworks by the likes of Declaration Of Unity, Vimana & Elegy, Skizologic & Moonweed and Psychophysical Transcripts. Surprisingly, Ovnimoon himself, a usual high-paced assembly line of mass psytrance producing, offers up only a "Twelve Sessions Remix" of "Super Light In The Darkness" (produced with the great Via Axis) by way of new material. The other Ovnimoon offering is his co-production with Rigel on "Unidentified Flying Object," previously released on the wildly acclaimed Omnipresent Technology album. Still, both sound great here. Disc One of Volume 4 is pretty decent though limited if listening in on a set of headphones. The highlights of this collection and the peak of creativity and vision belong to Disc Two and sound phenomenal no matter what manner of listening you choose to use. However, Disc One sounds much better on a proper stereo system so the big, bold sounds can encapsulate the senses a bit better. Of the top dogs in this 18-track compilation, Braincell thrills on "All Systems Go," Skizologic & Moonweed dress up a goa tune in full-on clothing with "Fusion 303" (and the goa chirps work very well on this full-on celebration, giving a few minutes of great diversity to the proceedings) and Vimana & Elegy make a tight and awesome stunner on "Skydancers." Top honor goes to Declaration Of Unity, however. Earlier this year, DoU member Ion Vader released his good Expansion goa EP through Ovnimoon sub-label Timewarp and the DoU gang released their Optical Delusion EP through Ovnimoon itself, showcasing their intriguing mix of forest, goa and full-on mashups. On "Rivershack," the producers encapsulate some warm and gorgeous morning sounds, complete with beautiful and catchy melodies that hum through the speakers while the full-on bass keeps everything moving along at a brisk pace. It's a surprising departure from the EPs these guys have done collectively or individually and it is fair to wonder if they just put together one gem of this sort to fit in with the focus of Volume 4. Well, they haven't! Declaration of Unity's full-length Luminescent Revolution (their full-length debut no less) is a brilliant continuation of this track and my personal pick for best full-on album thus far in 2015. But back to this one. If you're after the full-on sounds that you heard last Saturday night in the club while your coke was peaking you're probably in search of the latest albums from Hux Flux or Tristan. Mysteries of Psytrance Volume 4 is the real stuff, the good stuff, the stuff you'll hear out at the smaller local festivals where the educated DJs will be driving the throngs of dread-locked hippies completely mental. In that hour or two, don't be surprised if a few tracks from this great compilation are in that particular set. Psyshop
  23. 10 years later.. Countless memories are yet to be made. In 3 days, on 3 floors.. Come and celebrate with us and: // PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE FLOOR // prog / psy / goa // * ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SHAKTA (Suntrip Records, UK) // live DIMENSION 5 (Suntrip Records, UK) // DJ set WIZACK TWIZACK / Circle (Ovnimoon / Planet B.E.N., Sweden) // live PSILOCYBIAN / Screw Loose / Dual Barrel (BMSS Records, Croatia) // live RIGEL (Ovnimoon Records, Greece) // live CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCE (Suntrip Records, Macedonia) // live COSMIC DIMENSION (Suntrip Records, Macedonia) // live HOTEP (Digital Yonkis Records, Oddvod, Croatia) // live + DJ set SHALYS / Indishanti (Serum Records, Free-Spirit, France) // live DEIMOS / Dual Barrel (Goa Records, Croatia) // live JACKVI (Morning Glory, Norway) // DJ set PLASMA CORP (Veleno Music, Croatia) // live + DJ set KALA (Forestdelic, Slovenia) // live ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // TECHNO FLOOR // strictly techno // * ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MARIO NOVAK (Pitch vinyl shop,Cycle, Croatia) // vinyl DJ set F.O.R.M. (Work Hard Play Hard, Croatia) // live DOTS (Beat Svega, Croatia) // DJ set TVRTKO (Fonetika, Croatia ) // vinyl DJ set ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // BREAKS FLOOR // breakbeat / psybreaks // * /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DIGITALIS (Matsuri, Sinister, Dragonfly, UK) // DJ set ZMAYO (Pistolero, Croatia) // DJ set KIRG (Pistolero, Croatia) // DJ set AKIRA (Pistolero, Croatia) // DJ set // hosted by friendly PISTOLERO crew /////////// // CHILL-OUT FLOOR // downtempo / ambient / chillout // * ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// KAYA PROJECT (Interchill Records, UK) // DJ set PSILOCYBIAN (BMSS Records, Croatia) // live PERFECT BLIND (Omnitropic, Croatia) // live BLAZIN' MARTY (Puffing Billy, Australia) // live ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// * more floors and artist & DJ gems waiting TBA // FLYER // // FACEBOOK EVENT // https://www.facebook.com/events/1393790290923365/ // ARTIST INFO // // SEB TAYLOR // Shakta // Digitalis // Kaja Project // (Dragonfly Records, Suntrip Records, Matsuri Digital, Interchill Records, UK) Sebastian James Taylor is a composer & producer based in London, UK. Most widely known for his electronic music projects, Shakta, Digitalis, and Kaya Project which cover styles as diverse as Breakbeat, World Music, PsyTrance & more Orchestral Downtempo music. He is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, playing a variety of string-based instruments and some percussion on Kaya Project releases. https://www.suntriprecords.com/artist/name/Shakta/ https://soundcloud.com/seb-taylor-kaya-project https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shakta-Seb-Taylor http://www.discogs.com/artist/567452-Sebastian-James-Taylor http://sebtaylor.bandcamp.com/ https://myspace.com/sebastiantaylor // DIMENSION 5 // (Suntrip Records, UK) Dimension 5 was originally started up in 1989 and released their first single (Utopia) in 1990. They thereafter stayed with D5 records for a while, but fell out due to musical differences; and Kerry and Nick started up their own label (Intastella) to release their music. Dimension 5 described their music as "space techno psychedelic trance" around the time of their debut album (Transdimensional) and cited Hawkwind, Gong, Tim Blake and Tangerine Dream as some of their major influences. The psychedelic rock influences were later toned down and became more of a crossover to what they called "spacey techno". This is evident on their second album (Second Phaze), which has a harder and more tribal feel. They were joined on this release by Norwegian Christer Borge-Lunde (Ra / Electron Wave). Suntrip Records reissued their first album Transdimensional in 2007., and in 2013. two more releases came into the light - a brand new album TransAddendum, featuring music that was made in the 90's but never got released, and TransStellar CD - Dimension5's best EP & compil tunes. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dimension-5/270797016315868 http://www.discogs.com/artist/27798-Dimension-5 // WIZACK TWIZACK // Circle (Ovnimoon / Planet B.E.N., Sweden) Wizack Twizack is Tommy Axelsson, born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1981. He has been active in the Psy-Trance scene for over a decade now.,, Till now, he has released 4 artist albums, 2 own compilations, many EP's + tons of single tracks on various compilations, which got him to play all around the world on great parties and festivals. Also pushing 2 other (side)projects called Art of Existence (AOEX) (Fullon) with Nevarakka. And Circle, alone (Progressive). He's currently working on finalising his 5th album, plus some EP surprises! There will be a lot of new Wizack Twizack music out soon. And also a couple of Circle EP's followed by a Art of Existence Album!! https://www.facebook.com/wizacktwizackfanpage https://soundcloud.com/wizack_twizack http://www.discogs.com/artist/270362-Wizack-Twizack http://www.aoex.net/ // PSILOCYBIAN // Mammal Footwork // Screw Loose // (BMSS Records, Zagreb, Croatia) The art of sound programming was never so much attractive and fun so close, so there but yet so far away. Something unknow and the myteries of the unseen can be described with sounds, atmospheres and rhythms. Dark, joyful, sad, mellow and calming. PsiloCybian defines the future in the moment of playing, because music is his alchemy. Rhythmically atypical and not recycled or default rhythms with fundamental notes he gains the biggest amplitude being musically and dance dominance because of the greatest intensity, loudness is subjective and is defined by the terms and the surroundings the louder the better. His past is merged into his future, minimalism is in his style and ever present.. Sound information impressed in the brain of the listener is a collection of attributes of any musical entity being presented in the determinted time and under specific conditions. And long lasting- https://soundcloud.com/psilocybian https://www.facebook.com/psilocybian http://www.discogs.com/artist/697677-Psilocybian http://psilocybian.com/ // RIGEL // (Ovnimoon Records, Greece) Focusing on soft modular synth tweakage, Rigel (named after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way) produces various styles of electronic music, with a variety of musical influences - from techno & trance to jazz & funk, from chill to dnb. He has attended multimedia studies, won computer music competitions and has been playing live and as DJ in various clubs and open air festivals. He has produced music for television and radio commercials, stage shows, circus shows, remixes and more. https://soundcloud.com/rigelv http://www.facebook.com/rigelmusic http://www.discogs.com/artist/Rigel+(2) http://www.youtube.com/user/rigelmusic // CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCE // (Suntrip Records, Macedonia) It all started at the end of 2009 when Branislav Dimkovski Kazak and Dalibor Anastasovski Pajko from Kumanovo,Macedonia joined their forces and started a new project called Celestial Intelligence. Kazak played solo guitar in a death metal band called Victim Yield from 2004-2008, and Pajko had no notion of playing any instrument but then he knew working in the music softwares like Cubase and Fruty Loops for a long time ago. They are currently working on new projects with their own style fill with the emotions,happyness, psychedelic and twisted sounds of what lead to madness in an imaginary world. Members of Celestial Intelligence wish to express their emotions and experience from their life through the Goa-trance music and to contribute something for the trance scene today. Their time is yet to come ! https://soundcloud.com/celestial-intelligence https://www.facebook.com/IntelligenceCelestial?fref=ts http://www.suntriprecords.com/artist/name/Celestial+Intelligence/ // COSMIC DIMENSION // (Suntrip Records, Macedonia) Cosmic Dimension is a goa-trance project that started at the end of march 2012. It exists out of 2 goa-freaks: Antonio Simonovski and Denis Bogdanovski, both born in 1992. They live in Kumanovo, Macedonia. They have been working so hard to create their own powerful goa-trance style, which can be described as cosmic goa-trance, with lots of floating melodies and dreamy soundscapes mixed with powerfull basslines! https://soundcloud.com/cosmic-dimension https://www.facebook.com/c.dimension?fref=ts http://www.suntriprecords.com/artist/name/Cosmic+Dimension/ // HOTEP // (Digital Yonkis Records / Oddvod) Oddvod's very own Ableton magician. In only a few years, Hotep made a name for himself in the Psy Trance galaxy by producing top notch mindbending psy trance sounds, using nothing more than a laptop and a pair of cheap headphones.. A living proof of the universal rule - "It's not about how many resources you have, it's about how resourceful you are." https://soundcloud.com/psy_hotep https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hotep/115743751872098 http://www.discogs.com/artist/2679527-Hotep-2 // SHALYS // (Serum Records, Free-Spirit, France) Shalys is the psy-trance project of Laurent from South of France. Producing and DJing since 2006. He's making music with Cubase like a movie. In the past he was a part of Free-Spirit Records during 3 years. His side project Indishanti has a more progressive feel to i, with a real indian touch. http://soundcloud.com/shalys https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shalys/123008424488 http://www.discogs.com/artist/1789285-Shalys // DEIMOS // (Goa Records, Croatia) Deimos is a psytrance project of Igor Čeranić, music producer from Zagreb, Croatia. Under the influence from old trance , industrial and metal scenes, his sound can be described as an atmospheric fullon/tech with a darker and more aggressive edge. After releasing several tracks on compilations and EP's, he's currently working on his first studio album under Deimos moniker. His other projects are Perfect Blind his downtempo/ambient alias, and Dual Barrel a psytrance collab with PsiloCybian. https://soundcloud.com/deimos-1 https://www.facebook.com/deimoslabs?fref=ts http://www.discogs.com/artist/566274-Deimos-3 //JACKVI // (Morning Glory, Norway Andreas Jackvi has been playing psychedelic trance since '95. And professionally since 2003. Gone through almost all styles of psychedelic trance one can imagine. Today mostly sunset, twilight och night psychedelics comes out of the speakers. With a healthy blend of styles and moods this will get you on top of yourself through a mighty psychedelic dance experience. The music is played to give the audience a powerful boost that will not let you go. It will only propel you further into the music, dance and yourself. Giving you that extra energy so that you want to stay and dance more and more. All night long to sunrise. The motto is, mind, body and soul. Every aspect of life will be touched. Be prepared to go on a journey. Together... Bom! https://soundcloud.com/jackvi https://www.mixcloud.com/jackvi/ http://www.mandarinarkivet.se/data_djs_show.php https://www.facebook.com/djjackvi https://www.facebook.com/pages/MorningGlory/405767362858614 // PLASMA CORP // (Veleno Music, Croatia) Plasma Corp. is progressive-psytrance project from Croatia. Started as a DJ at the end of the 90s on local goa-psy scene, around 2008 i have decide to do my own blend of psytrance music. So far I've released two albums, several EPs, tracks on VA compilations and played across the Europe. Beside that i also do small undeground events with friends in Zagreb area. https://soundcloud.com/plasma-corp http://plasma-corp.bandcamp.com/ http://www.discogs.com/artist/1360443-Plasma-Corp https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plasma-Corp/143427095686521 // KALA // (Forestdelic, Slovenia) Kala ( means time) is psychedelic project started by two soulmates Prodanov Zoran and Toromanoski Darko ( Dj Darko) from Macedonia in 2005. Zoran is a music film producer graduated from Esra University (Skopje), and Darko is a professional audio engineer and producer graduated from Sae Institute Ljubljana . Zoran was responsable for creating melodical side of Kalas music, while Darko is in charge of hypnotic rhythmical sections and taking care of productional side of the tracks. Their unique style can be described as a mixture of forest psychedelic melodies, freaky samples and driving bass lines. Kala have released three EPs till now, two for Sunstation records from Russia.. called: ''Growing in the galaxy and Growing in the universe''. And one more for Mad house records from Portugal called: ''Time signture'', and also have released several tracks on compilations as well as collaborated with other artists like Yudhishthira, Aodioiboa and Eliptic. With live gig acts in countries like Austira, Germany, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Macedonia its one of the most promising artist's in eastern Europe. As guys now living in different countries project is run mostly by Darko who is based in Slovenia. https://soundcloud.com/kala https://www.facebook.com/Kala.Psy http://www.forestdelic.com/ // MARIO NOVAK // (Pitch vinyl shop,Cycle) Since his young age he loves music, thanks to his Mom who gave him that love and from whom he got his first gramophone and a big selection of old vinyls. At the age of 14 he gets his first cassette with electronic music and while listening to good old Jeff Mills he slowly falls in love with it. In the next 11 years he goes to more or less all the parties in Zagreb and electronic music starts to go under his skin. At the age of 25 he buys his first equipment and starts to teach himself how to play.In December 2013. with helpof his family, friends, TLR, guys from "Ekstrakt" he opens vinyl shop named "Pitch Vinyl Shop". The only shop specialised for electronic music. https://soundcloud.com/mario-n // F.O.R.M. // ( Work Hard Play Hard, ZG ) Branimir Orehovec and Bruno Tanfara created F.O.R.M. in 2000. as a result not only of their mutual interest in electronic music production, but also in the art of live performances. Primarily techno based with heavy influences of electro and breakbeat, their sound always tries to escape labeling by experimenting with different styles of electronic music and incorporating them into their techno framework. Considering studio to be just another instrument, F.O.R.M. prefers to strengthen their contact with the public by playing their sets live, constantly striving to improve on this bond by experimenting with different setups and ideas. In the year 2004 they met Paul Hazendonk from Holland which resulted with their first released track. The track ''Tears'' was released on the ''Work Hard Play Hard'' label on the record named ''From Croatia With Love''. F.O.R.M. performed in various festivals (UFO Beats, Revolt!...), clubs (The Best, Sokol...) and other venues in Croatia, evolving to what seems to be one of the most promising techno live acts in Croatia. https://soundcloud.com/formlive https://www.mixcloud.com/branimir-or/form-live-ustekavanje/ // DOTS // (Beat Svega, Croatia) Domagoj avor jedan je od osnivača LED audio-vizualnog programa iz Karlovca pod kojim je organizirao evente i nastupao u proteklih osam godina. Kroz LED pokreće i vodi LED Fest koji je od 2008. godine ugostio preko pedeset domaćih i stranih audio-vizualnih izvođača popularne i rubne elektroničke glazbe i to na mnogim neiskoritenim, naputenim i razruenim lokacijama po Karlovcu i na karlovačkim rijekama. Tokom godina putao je glazbene stilove smjetene između idm elektronike, electra, uk techna i bass glazbe, a posljednjih godina upravo se s technom najbolje može izraziti i prenijeti svoj glazbeni ukus. Vie puta je surađivao s karlovačkim festivalom Nepokoreni grad, Confusionom ekipom, VuBassom i Dirty Beatz-om. Mikseve je radio za francuski Manifest podcast, Riddim and Bruise emisiju na londonskom SubFM-u i hrvatski Breaking Point podcast. U 2014. istupa iz LED kolektiva i okreće se programima Beat Svega, Crni petak i Techno Ausgang kojima namjerava promovirati alternativni, depersonificirani pristup plesnoj i klubskoj glazbi bez ograničenja. https://soundcloud.com/techno-ausgang/d0ts-simultanz-2014 // TVRTKO // (Fonetika, Croatia) The developement of my robotic ears began at the tender age of 14, when I was as a child exposed to the shamanistic hypnotism of electronic music. I soon realised that not only do I love electronic music, but also that I strongly believe in the "Ghost in the shell" concept, which indicates that electronic music can indeed posess a "soul", solely capable of a vast array of trance-inducing states. So, armed with my belief in modern shamanistic properties of Techno, various House sub-genres and pretty much everything else coming from a machine, I began studying musical theory and collecting tracks, also introducing myself with the basic principles of playing music. The real personal developement happened when I learned using turntables and started playing vinyl, which holds a special place in my heart. My musical style is pretty much undefined, which means I adjust individually to a place, party or a timetable. It can be roughly descriped as a combination of Techno,Dub Techno, Tech Funk and Deep House. I am also one of the organizers of "fonetika", a Zagreb club night focused on turntable culture. https://soundcloud.com/tvrtko // ZMAYO // (Pistolero, Croatia) Pistolero Recordings label manager, resident & organizer at Pistolero, longest running psybreaks night in Europe, based at AKC Medika, Zagreb (Croatia). His sets can mostly be described as psy-tech-trance-breaks. As a DJ, he was playing alongside and supported artists like Eat Static, Digitalis, Santos, Robosapiens, Freestylers, Saiko-Pod, J-Bass, Amb, Hoodwink, Transglobal Underground, LuQas, Hedflux, Far Too Loud, Radikal Guru, Neurodriver, Monk3yLogic, Ozric Tentacles, Rennie Pilgrem, Braintheft , Krafty Kuts, Broken Eye, Bad Tango, Mindscape, Zero Method, Tummy Talk, Kwah, Mantismash, Krak In Dub, Lee Perry, Mr. Mirra, Nanosphere etc. https://soundcloud.com/zmayo https://www.facebook.com/zmayo.pistolero.recordings // BLAZIN' MARTY // (Puffing Billy Records, Australia) Blazin' Marty is an electronic music producer from Emerald, VIC, Australia. Spacey psychedelic sounds, mixed genres, digging and sampling strange foreign vinyls from around the world. https://soundcloud.com/blazinmarty https://www.facebook.com/blazinmarty http://blazinmarty.bandcamp.com/ // LUNAR DECO // My name is Zlatko Toromanoski and my artistic name is Lunardeco. Im born in Skopje, Macedonia and as I started to go to goa trance parties in 1996/97 I was influenced by that kind of music im my expression as an artist. I started to paint on little fabrics and clothes with paintbrush, and in 2001 I started to present my work as an artist at the goatrance, and later psychedelic trance music parties, drawing decorations for that kind of events. I started with paintbrush, but later I continued to draw with airbrush on fabrics, which I transformated in giant pieces for party decorations with range of colours and forms. Today I do decorations for the main stages on parties, but also I decorate the ambient and chill out stages. I engaged in design and development of club clothing with printings of my works, as well as hand painted clothes. Airbrushing on motorcycles , interiors it is just a part of what I do. I work together with music label Forestdelic records, a Im engaged in decoration of almost all of their parties all over the Europe. Im decorating parties in Skopje for many years, also Im engaged in decorating parties in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Thessaloniki (Greece), Tirana (Albania), Prishtina (Kosovo), trance festival in Turkey and in Italy. I think that this kind of art is very important for developing of human consciousness, because it is an expression of deepest inner vision of the artist, reaching the levels of soul. This art opens doors to other dimensions, into the worlds of the subconscious, expressing what is hidden from ordinary human eye, presenting other creatures and objects that can not be touched or explained. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lunar-Deco/410406372393215
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