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  1. Somewhere else I was asked about how i used the compressor modules sidechain input for distortion so I thought it was time for NordModular dedicated threat. My idea was that here, you can post patches and screens of your creations. Advanced tricks, special sounds, synthesizer architecture and just plain good sounds are all welcome. In short, everything you'd like to share. Before I can post anything of interest myself, I have to admit I don't know to post files in here (so please tell me) And btw - I'm using the original Nordmodular and not G2, but that shouldn't keep G2ers from sharing their stuff as well. And for micromodular users; this threat is as much for you too
  2. If anyone got a NordModular I've found a method to make a killer distortion by using the compressors sidechain input
  3. +1 I was going to reply the same, so here comes some additional info: Rme and Motu's soundcards are often spoken of as being very close in soundquality, it is really a matter of personal taste. They're also often compared to each other since there are no other in that price:quality area. For me Motu wins (same reasons as Nemo's and personal taste). But others prefer RME, so if you have the chance these are the two units to compare. And btw check out Motu's UltraLite too for an even lower price great quality unit . (10 ins/14 outs). And you should also know that the Motu 828mkII comes in considerably lower price usb 2.0 version too (think that'll be my next soundcard) in same quality.
  4. I want Suntrip 3 and 4 re-released. They mean a lot to me so I really want them
  5. I have V.A. Concept in Dance - digital alchemy (1994) Subcouds - Space Angel (12") Both in great condition. Got no idea if they are rare
  6. I started just about when I turned 16 in 1996. At it's very top so to speak
  7. Synthheaven I think I could spend the rest of my life in this room without getting bored...
  8. Okay I gotta list some known and less known stuff here (since noone has done it yet for obscure reasons, or i've overlooked it) that you must check out: Technossomy - V.T.O.L. (must have classic. check out whole "synthetic flesh" album) Koxbox - Fuel On (must have classic. check out about everything from 94-98) Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance (very unique track. The very track that made me interested in goatrance and, for that matter, still the best track ever made in the genre imo) Psychopod - Dreampod and Psychopod (Koxbox' sidepoject. check out Headlines e.p. as well) Etnica - Trip Tonite (must have classic. laid back track. lot to check out as you probably already know) Phreaky - Over The Moon (check out the comp. V.A. - ordor odonata 3 if you like this) Encens - Infinite Image (nice oldschool. made several very good tracks imo.) Sundog - Touch The Sun (very unique, played in arabian 'harmonic minor' scale) Psychaos - Dense Dawn and Keyboard Widow (and more. classy stuff) Subcouds - On Red and Greenflow (melodic and energetic) Shakatura - All Hallows Morning (not very hard but very very beautiful) Section X - Galaxian (high energy track, very repetative. all-time fav for me) Much more ofc but that's it for now
  9. Hey Ra.. Yasen I've recommended this to you before but you never replyed, I don't now if this is what you understand by uplifting euphoric trance, but I think you'd like it anyway: Subcouds try out the tracks "Greenflow" and "On Red" for a start It reminds me of MFG and some of astral
  10. FL may be a nice tool but it's just a toy compared to ableton Live
  11. Motu Traveller is certainly the best you can get. Even if it was only for production Traveller would be best (RME fireface800 would be damn close though) but now that you're planning to use it live too there's no doubt at all.
  12. Your AKG271 headphones are superb quality and you shouldn't worry too much about frequency-curves. Mike A is right; if you want the same quality in a pair of speakers it would cost at least 600+ euros
  13. I think you're somewhat blind to the conditions of your own country: There are lots of poor people in Bulgaria who certainly don't have computers, cellphones etc. Take the gypsies for example.
  14. And excactly how comprehensive are your knowledge concerning Cubase? I just wonder... Anyways, I happen to know some techno producers and they have long since left FL (and most of them even Reason) for more proffesional programs like Logic, Live, Cubase, Pro-tools etc... I don't thereby say that you can't get proffesional results by FL 'cause I don't know the program that well myself (I've only used it as a toy) but I doubt there are many (if any) proffesional productions made with FL as the primary sequencer. Perhaps for single purposes...
  15. Sundog - "Touch the sun" has the best ending I can think of
  16. Yeah well, I guess you're right, it just looked like a chord at first glance. Maybe he isn't that stupid after all. His eyes looks a bit stoned though, so mebbe he's high.. Enough about him. SH-101 is a great synth
  17. Marc Almond made cool things too. Soft Cell somehow rule though they're hard to take serious without some ironic distance
  18. I think he looks pretty retarded. It's like he's completely empty, so I don't think there's much for him to express even though he now has the freedom to do so. I mean doesn't it look like he's trying to take a chord?! Only a somewhat retarded person would do that on a monophonic synth... Edit: Btw, I got the modulation grip too for my sh-101. I think it's a little cool to have though I really doubt I'll ever use it (and certainly not now that I'm afraid I'd appear just as retarded as this guy)
  19. oh christ... Once again Radi raises his own experiences to universal validity
  20. Yeah I know Vond (or at least "Selvmord" in case there are more releases) it's one of the best ambient things I've ever heard. I know it's a side project of Mortiis, though I've never actually heard Mortiis. Anyway, if you look beside the cover and such and listen to the music itself, I don't think you have to interpret it as suicidal (even though the title says so). To me it's more like.. hm dark romantism I would say, very dreamy, sad and beautiful and may somewhat appeal to more people than the cover suggests (though I love the cover ).. (Funny how these evil norwegians got this ability to create beautiful things, considering the harshness of their metal) Btw do you know Wongraven's ambient project? I don't yet but I've heard it should up there in the same league Edit: Haha a gift razorblade .. just in case you should got inspired by the music i guess.. Like the first 500 copies of Burzum's "Aske" which came with a gift lighter so you could burn down a church yourself
  21. It is far from everyone who even considers getting music illegally for free for an option
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