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  1. Right the sample rate doesn't make much difference in sound quality as long as it's at least 44.1khz (or preferably 48khz) but the bit rate means a whole lot and 24 bits are much better than 16 bits and infinite bits (analog) are way beyond the sound quality any digital system can produce.
  2. That's not being old fashioned but having sense of quality. No digital format whatsoever can compete with vinyl when it comes to sound quality (unless the record player is really bad and creates distortion, unstable speed etc.). That's not just my personal taste but a physical fact; the resolution of vinyl is infinite (since it's analog) which no digital format can compete with since it's limited to, well, whatever resolution it has. On a lot of tracks the difference may be hard to hear (very easy with other tracks) but in most cases you can feel difference. When I got Etnica's - "Trip Tonight" on vinyl ("Hell's Kitchen", 2001) it was a whole new experience; I already liked the track but it suddenly had totally new level of vibrancy, dynamics and depth and the mp3 version sounded completely flat in comparison. That doesn't mean that music played digitally are necessarily bad at all (I'm very fond of my cd player and cd's and playing mp3s through my stereo works nicely too, although I'm very disappointed with the crappy sound quality of Ipod - high-end earphones just exposes the flaws even more.) Unfortunately the production of new music is getting worse and worse due to most new music is now being produced to be match crappy systems (most portable mp3 players, cellphones, radios, cheap in-ear phones, build-in laptop speakers etc.) that can't handle dynamics.
  3. Couldn't find the cover in better quality than this If someone can, please post it.
  4. Thats, awesome! where do you happen to recide?

    I'm in the midst of moving to Islands Brygge, boede på nørrebro. (Danglish)

  5. Soundwise everything TB 303 and Juno 60 can do could be done since 1970 and even earlier. It is indeed possible to use guitar effects for goa trance and with very good results too.
  6. Hello Thar fellow dane!

  7. Keep in mind that MoogerFoogers are effects and don't produce any sound themselves. Moog synthesizers do however, although I'd say it's overkill to buy a MiniMoog/Voyager if the only purpose is psy as I wouldn't say it's its strongest side. There are cheaper synths which can do psy sounds just as well - like the Evovler imo.
  8. The cover is (one of) the best ever seen in psy/goa trance
  9. Etnica - Hells Kitchen Man, this track is awesome and more so when your listen to it on vinyl. I've heard this track plenty on mp3 but on it vinyl it really gets new life.. I've never heard this track so lush, so vibrant before (just got it on 12"). Same goes for the even better flip-side: Trip Tonight remix :drama: (yeah I feel like a wanna jam along but that would probably ruin a thing or two )
  10. Today I got: Cosmosis - Synergy (2LP) Hux Flux - Crypric Crunch (2LP) Etnica - Hell's Kitchen (12"LP-s) (uh didn't even notice the Etnica single's b-side is "Trip tonight" remix - what a nice surprise ) (edit: This is what I actually thought was the original verson of "Trip Tonite" - things just got even better as I now have the best version ever made of one of my all time favs) I don't know what these are worth but 20 euros for all three seemed like a fair deal
  11. I just bought that compilation :posford:
  12. V/A - Coma Records - Mermaid tracks (1993) Contains the first (I think) Koxbox track - "Crystal" along with some other goodies
  13. Haven't tried it myself but according the reviews I've read about it, it should be one of the very best for that price. I have only heard very positive about it
  14. I wish I had this...
  15. This is in many ways goa trance taken to its extremes... And with stunning good results! Very mindblowing 9/10
  16. To put it short, this is one of the best goa comps ever made imo (can't think of any better tbh). All tracks are unusually beautiful
  17. For some reason I've always thought of Koxbox - "Fuel On" as the most defining track
  18. You should. I think it's an awesome piece of work and Phaedra was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the topic. Btw you guys who are into Tangerine Dream and want some more in that style, I can really recommend discovering Klaus Schulze (especially "X" from 1978) and Wendy Carlos (classical music gets a whole new dimension you wouldn't imagine when played all by synthezisers and don't miss her webside btw). Older Vangelis albums are worth checking too
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