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  1. Really sad, you say? Then dig this one: Vond - Selvmord This has nothing to do with psy whatsoever, it's really really good and sad ambient and might just be the thing you're looking for
  2. Generally I don't.. Still it's hard for me to say if the reason I like Koxbox, and consider them one of the bests trance acts ever, has just a little to do with the fact that they're from Denmark like me..
  3. I've never tried Delay Lama, but Clavia's NordModular synth has a vocal filter with vowels that can do some pretty extreme stuff
  4. Since you're so fond of "melodic" goatrance like astral projection and mfg, you will probably like Subcouds. Try these tracks for a start: "Greenflow" "On Red"
  5. Very fine choice, though I would have went for the Motu traveller. Especially if it's going to be used live due to its backround lit lcd-display and the metering.
  6. I've just bought TIP singles 3 a week ago and haven't listened to it yet. I bought V/A- Digital Alchemy at the same time and have been listening to that a lot instead
  7. If you don't need a mic for recording drums (besides as overhead micing) and you are not planning to sing live, I would definately go for a condenser. they sound so much better and the only benefit you get from a dynamic mic is its ability to handle higher spl levels (sound pressure). There are many to choose from but to give you at least one recommendation, GA Projects mics sound extremely good even they're among the cheapest (this is because they're are a general agent for musical intruments and stuff themselves so they avoid that connection link to keep the costs down). Also check out Blue
  8. There are hardly any oldschool goatrance in your list. Keep in mind that the heydays of goatrance was in 94-98. Thing is that nearly everything from that era are out of production and therefore - as someone mentioned - not very accessible. The good thing is however that many good compilations with a lot of classics from that time can be found real cheap secondhand. So look out for these too
  9. It wasn't so much your opinion as your formulation that seemed a bit radish You know - repeating yourself in the same sentence and never really be satisfied... reminds you of someone?
  10. Sure it's easy to make a "dirty" effect i a lot of ways, but not the way a tapedeck does. Makers of expensive plug-ins (or at least Universal Audio) are trying hard to replicate that sound digitally, but none have yet done that fully satisfying. At least not when it comes to tape-delay
  11. Totally agree Btw, I know there was problems with the old usb but didn't think there was too many with usb 2.0...(?)
  12. It just seemed to be Radis words rather than your own, I think
  13. Yeps in a used record store called Mint. I looked through it all so I don't think there are any goodies left. They still have several destination goa cheap though
  14. If you want quality, I'd say go for MOTU: either: Traveller (firewire) or: 828mkII (usb 2.0 or firewire) for a little less cash: Ultra-lite (firewire) All have superb audio quality and plenty of in's and out's RME makes some good ones too
  15. Today i just got the following: V/A - Concept in Dance - Digital Alchemy (2LP 1994) (very good cond. bought it for 4 EUR) Koxbox - Dragontales (CD 1997) (good- cond. 2.5 EUR) V/A - TIP singles 3 (CD 1998) (good cond. 2.5 EUR) V/A - Flying Rhino - Airborn (CD 1997) (not so good cond. thrown in for free) How about that??
  16. I'm going to buy Pleiadians - "Family of Light" tomorrow (20Euro)
  17. Pretty much my opinion too Here's another Etnica thing to try: Hell's Kitchen
  18. Nice for you So what are you doing - listening oldschool and drinking? (cause that's what I'm doing)
  19. What are you doing up so late monday night..? Think it's past your bedtime young boy
  20. Hmm I doubt you have a so indepth knowledge of the sound characteristics of different synths that you can aktully tell when it's a SH-101 (and not) (btw I have a SH-101 myself so think carefully before you answer, Radi )
  21. I was there back in the heydays. I started listening to goa in 96 and from 96-98 I saw live acts like Astral projection, MWNN, Orion (all three same act! and I was actually sitting on the stage 1-2m away from the artists), Koxbox, Green Nuns and so on.. So sad the style changed and the oldschool were gone...
  22. Choosing only one, it must be Unconscious Collective - "Flourostani Transcendance"
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