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  1. I chose it primarily because "Flourostani transcendance" was the very track that made me interested in whole genre back in 96 (at the time I listened to Prodigy). It really changed my life, and now, ten years (and many hundreds of tracks o' goa) later it still remains as the single best track imo.
  2. "PSYCHODELIC SPECTACLE CASE" seems a bit foolish.. Btw I think my own nick is cool; suddenly it just emerged OOMyD .. Anyway, has the opposite topic (coolest names) been brought up? I think Subcouds is too cool a name, can't believe they gave it up...
  3. This my first goatrance buy I ever made. I chose this one because of the very track that made me interested in the whole genre: "FLourostani transcendance". Now 10 years (and many many albums, EPs and singles) later this track remains the single best track imo. Anyhow, all in all this comp. isn't that fantastic. There several much better from that era
  4. This is one of my first goa compilations and I really think it sucks. There is only one really good track and that is Atomic armadillo (not to be compared to the Rock bitch album version which is very different). Mahadeva is also a good classic but i probably heard it too much. Waiting for a new life is also fine - a bit boring maybe but with a cosy atmosphere. Besides that, there is a couple of acceptable tracks and some sporadically interesting moments through the compilation. The rest is crap. And by the way, a couple of the tracks (specially 'Van basten') isn't goatrance at all... verdict:
  5. 9 and 10 out of 10 for this album?! Come on... This album is way too mainstram (like much of the israel goa stuff) to stay interesting. Even though I prefer melodic Goatrance from this era of time over effectbased psy-trance, I think Trust in trance is too much "pop-goa". In the beginning it sounds oh so good but after a while it becomes tiresome, also because the tracks are so similar in sound. I could do with just Kabalah og maybe People can fly... 4-5/10
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