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  1. Really good album which actually set the standard of the goa scene when it was released
  2. I think "Breaking limits" is the best Human Blue track
  3. Unconscious Collective - Flourostani Transcendance
  4. Yeah lets hope so.. Think it's time for radi to expand his horizon...
  5. Check out stuff by Wendy Carlos (she made most of the stuff to A clockwork orange and 'lots more) Mebbe you may also like Stockhausen
  6. Koxbox is always changing... always eciting to see what's new there...
  7. Seems hard to fulfill all these requirements.. but so much more challengeing.. try Ballet Mecanique: "An attempt of interruption" (not that electronic.. but eclectic on another level!) Well, within the genre i'd suggest: Cosmosis "Howling at the moon" Abstrakta araberr "Sitt i soffan" Koxbox "Fuel on" (you probably know this one.. and if not , get the hell out and get it!) ... more to come eventually...
  8. You should really try: Abstrakta Araberr "Sitt i soffan" and: Nervasystem "Initiation" I'm not quite sure it fits what you seek for, but give 'em a try.. (anyhow they are brilliant tracks..)
  9. So nice you name it twice.. So nice you name it twice..
  10. Come on.. how interesting can this topic be? think it's time to end it...
  11. Koxbox is the absolute best when it comes to use very many sounds at the same time without sounding messy. With this album Koxbox really showed that they are one of the most innovative and skilled names on the whole scene. My favs are: Life is D.m. turner Tokyo nights (listen to the "lights" turn on as the night is coming on) Colordrops 9/10
  12. Koxbox/Psychopod Green nuns of the revolution Etnica/Pleiadians Encens Psychaos Subcouds Miranda And many more... And then there's a lot of one or two wonders
  13. You got that wrong - no matter the quality, digitally processed sound can never reach the quality of analog, since analog is infinite. There is certainly af difference and the digital stuff that has the same quality as analog is just as expensive. But it's true that digital technology sometimes come pretty close, and analog signals will of course be converted into digital when plugged into a computer for recording so unless you have access to an old all analog studio, the process will turn digital sooner or later (also when it actually becomes a cd)
  14. The Cure Joy Division Ballet Mecanique The Doors Einst├╝rzende Neubauten The Smiths Siouxie and the Banshees The Knife Smashing Pumpkins Mayhem Dark Throne Lush Isengard Kraftwerk Soft cell Visage Depeche Mode Mercyful Fate Radiohead Bauhaus Pink floyd The Clash ...and the list could go on and on... But if you add some punk (also a lot o' mid-60s garage), some indierock, some new romantics and some more metal it should be a bit more complete... What, on the other hand, makes puke is 99% of the soul and rap shit on Mtv, on the radio and... feels like it's everywhere.. The musical crap seems to be centered about the vocals and lyrics but at the same time the lyrics are mostly some lame shallow shit about how cool an attitude they got or about the tough streetlife in the gettho, while they actually sit in their 2 million$ mansions, cut away from anything that has to do with the lives of people in ghettos... And then there is all the usual pre-teen crap like timberlake, britney and boybands and so on and on and on...
  15. This single really stands out. Nearly too good..
  16. Gee.. seems like a bunch of very one-sided mainstream pop-goa stuff.. may sound good at first but will become tiresome in a short time due to its lack of depth.. Many years since I got bored with most of these tracks...
  17. Btw - you're welcome to coment this guys/gals.. (that is if you know the tracks.. if you don't you're really missing something)
  18. Something like this (in no particular order): Koxbox - Fuel on Unconscious collective - Flourostani transcendance Section x - Galaxian Sundog - Touch the sun Ect - Helpless Shakatura - All hallows morning Psychaos - Dense dawn Psychopod - Psychopod Abstrakta araberr - Sitt i soffan Etnica - Trip tonite Cosmosis - Howling at the moon ---------------- Mebbe also: Technossomy - V.T.O.L Ubar tmar - Eternal return Human blue - Breaking limits Analog pussy - Psychobitcth from hell Psychaos - Keyboard widow Koxbox - Life is Cosmosis - Doors of perception Green nuns of the revolution - Atomic armadillo
  19. Slinky wiazard - "the wizard" (Koxbox remix) Begins with a way too cool sample from Twin peaks
  20. Be sure to get this track: ECT - "Helpless" One of my alltime favs...
  21. I have a pair of AKG 141 Studio, they have very precise clean response and a good clear sound, so they are recommended. Also consider the 241 and 271
  22. My hardware: Clavia nord modular (the heart of my homestudio) Arp odyssey (sounds really really good and can do some amazing things that no other synths can do except for modulars) Roland sh-101 (nice little thing) Yamaha cs-1x (a good synth though i don't use so much anymore) Fender stratocaster el-guitar (you may think it's no use in making trance, but then try putting it through the Nord modular) Different mics and effect boxes
  23. Definately Nord modular and nordlead 2x but its above your price limit.. Within your price limit I suggest you take a look at Novation x-station or alternatively a used Novation a-station which sounds fantastic. It's not in production any more but can be bought really cheap used. Personally i don't like Korg's sound too much...
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