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  1. Damn.. Thanks anyway, I have a nice time listening to them so it it doesn't matter too much
  2. I don't have too much knowledge about prices, so I was wondering what these could be worth (not all together) if I decide to sell them Astral Projection - "In the mix" (still sealed- mint cond.) Astral Projection - "Dancing Galaxy" V/A - Tip world: "The Secret of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls" V/A - Tip world: "Divi:nations" V/A - Flying Rhino: "Re-Evolution" (cd2) V/A - Flying Rhino: Fourth Flight "Velocity" V/A - Flying Rhino: Fifth Flight "Mælstrøm" V/A - Flying Rhino: Seventh Flight "Elevation" 1200 Mics - "Heroes of Imagination" Synchro - "Science Friction" X-Dream - "Radio" All are cds and in Near mint or excellent condition Would be nice if someone could give me an idea of these titles could be worth Thank you
  3. Are you dating Moni (the mod from here)?? Radi you womanizer
  4. I think I hate this thread, but right now I can't help supporting it 'cause i'm listening to Doof - "Angelina" the greatest track on "Let's turn on" me thinks..
  5. Don't know about the vst's but this may be useful for you as well. When you play those sounds, try playing them in a harmonic minor scale (that's a minor with a raised 7th note) in A it would like this: A-B-C-D-E-F-Ab-A Hope this makes makes sense, otherwise let me try to show it in another way This scale is very used in oriental music and has this "arabic" feel
  6. I agree. max price for juno 60, I would say 400-450EUR. 400 would be a fair price but they can sometimes be found cheaper. For Virus B.. hmm I don't really know, but I wouldn't pay more than 600EUR. Don't bother min. prices The ms2000 is a good synth, yes, but for some reason I just never liked Korgs sound too much, I think ms2000 sound a bit too thin in the higher frequencies. But that's just my taste.
  7. The whole question about sequencers seems to be very individual. For me Live is the most intuitive program but cubase may be just as good. Live though, has an approach to recording music that's pretty different from the other great ones, and I guess it's really a love it or hate thing
  8. In the lastest ver. of Live, midi recording has been immensely upgraded and is now fully satisfying (at least for me). I really love Live so that would be my choice, but having them both indeed be nice
  9. If you really want a polysix, you should check out Korg Legacy collection. If you are looking for an affordable used synth I would say Roland Juno 60/106 or SH-101. (But don't pay too much - 400EUR at max). And don't pay too much for the ms2000 either.. It's good nut nothing special For trance music the most used synths are probably Juno 60/106 or Clavia Nordlead (2/2x) and they are all good for starting too. The latter is probably the best of all the synths mentioned here and can even be found for a decent price, so look out for that one too!
  10. That's a generous offer, but I think you'll be the first to understand why I'm gonna keep it. I shall keep you in mind if it should be relevant though. And no, these are not bought from eBay nor the internet at all. I found them in a record store which had just got a nice load of old trance goodies in. I was shown them in their stock before anyone else, and the rest is still not for sale in the actual shop.. They are usually quite expensive, I guess they just don't know too much about goa trance, though they're experts in most other genres. So I guess it's a bit of goldmine I've found there..
  11. Yeah I guess it must be one of the very best synths out there these days. And Btw the MonoEvolver is also now available as keyboard. Yes it's mono but with four osc's and so damn many modulation options, it's insane how much you can get from a single note...
  12. Juno-D has is a sort of all-in-one synth with a lot of features you may never use when it comes to trance. It's also short of knobs and is more based on using the many sounds included rather than experiment and creating your own, and I don't think the sounds are directed for trance music. Still it may be good and with some creativity it may be useful for trance too, there're just other synths better suited for that. The SH-201, on the other hand, has a build-up that seems perfect for both a starting synth and for making trance. I haven't heard it yet but if it lives up the SH name, you can expect very good sound, so check it out. Edit: So all in all I guess Juno-D is a good starting "how to play and work with a synth", where SH-201 is more a "how to create and experiment with sounds" synth (which is more or less the most basic thing in making trance)
  13. OMG Those guys at Fairway really knew how to make a great goa comp. And they were actually so oldschool that they released some of the titles on casette.. Strange how they could remain hardly unknown but maybe they were more known in France Thanx for the info, and btw how is the track "King of Death Posture"?? (I assumed you know it")
  14. It's always hard to know what to expect from Koxbox. They have probably been the most unpredictlible artist, as all their releases (incl. Psychopod) have been very different in sound and style from their earlier releases as from anything else.. The only thing I didn't like was Phutures and options - all other is genius...
  15. How cool but I do think I'm going to hang on to Synthetic flesh anyway; such a masterpiece.. I had no expectations to that CyberTrance thing but goddamn it's great as I'm listening to it right now.. A mixed thing from an unknown french label.. Seems to truly be a gem from '95
  16. It may be good but not for trance or techno in general, if that's what you're up to
  17. The greatest artist name: SUBCOUDS (misspelling of "subcodes" by a swedish girl) There're many great track names but for one: Green Nuns - "THUNDER THIGHS"
  18. Today I've just expanded my collection with some old goodies. I'm a poor man so I spend more than I could afford but I couldn't help it... Here it goes: (prices in euros) Doof - "Let's turn on" (CD) (20e) Technossomy - "Synthetic Flesh" (CD) (17e) Technossomy - "V.T.O.L (full length version)" (CDs) (10e) X-Dream - "Radio" (CD) (10e) V/A - TIP.WORLD. "Divi:nations" (CD) (10e) V/A - Goa Gil. "Ceiba. kode IV @ Burning Man" (CD2) (17e) V/A - "CyberTrance" (CD2) (10e) All titles are in very good or NM condition. I don't have a clue about prices, so please tell me if this is a good buy. Thank you And btw - "Cybertrance" may sound like a cheezy comp. but it's almost purely great artists (Hallucinogen, Green nuns, T.I.P., Synchro and so on) from 1995..
  19. A reason to break up, I think... You must've loved her a lot not to...
  20. Koxbox: "Insect" "Pipfugl" "Tokyo Nights" just a few...
  21. I've been writing several projects about postmodernity at uni and I might have something to contribute with here... Anyway, for now it's just a minor thing: When you say postmodernism you mostly refer to the art, while postmodernity primarily refers to the theories of science (psychology, sociologi and so on)
  22. Hey Collin can't we buy OOOD things directly from you?
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