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  1. Back in the mid/late 90s there were stores in Copenhagen where half their stuff was goa and all the commercial stores had their section. Too bad I didn't bought more of the good and now rare albums. I remember standing in the one of those shops with I.F.O. (and countless others) in my hand thinking "I wonder if this is a good album" and then put it back...
  2. Encens is underestimated imo. Too bad they never released an album.
  3. Best album I bought 2008 is Before - "A Wish of Life"
  4. Bonus info: The former owner of these is Ian Ion (from Koxbox etc.) and he sure takes good care of his stuff cause all these are in absolutely perfect (NM) condition
  5. Yea that's what I tried. Thanks, I'll try and post them from somewhere else. You're right. 7 out of the 11 tracks according to the booklet
  6. Infinity Project - "Feeling weird" "Etnica - "Alien Protein" TIP Records - "Yellow compilation" TIP Records - "Orange Compilation" So this is what I got today - not bad, eh? Edit: Ffs how come the pics not show up? clumsy layout but I made it work
  7. Check out Overlords (with Ian Ion - later Koxbox and Psychopod) tracks like "Sundown"(1991) and "Wow! Mr. Yogi"(1993)
  8. I think the "What evil lurks" EP from 91 is very nice
  9. 1st my Clavia Nord Modular 2nd hmm my electric guitar or my condensator mic (edit: or my Roland SH101 or my Arp Odyssey)
  10. "What is the best party you have ever been to?" "Not yes..."
  11. "Out of Space" is the very track that got me into techno/electronic music
  12. I just found out the former owner was Ian Ion. Kinda cool
  13. If the bass department sounds messy with Adam A7 speakers then it is your material that sounds messy and not the speakers
  14. True but that can be said equally about people who are into lot of other genres including psytrancers. Are you any different yourself?
  15. If you like this, you should definitely check the whole compilation: Concept in Dance - Digital Alchemy Pure oldschool
  16. Exactly why it is bad imo. The music is compressed to even out all the dynamics, making it louder, to fit to crappy music systems like iPods etc. This means the music becomes flat, dull, sterile and where there is a musical idea of changing volume, that idea will be lost, thereby killing the character and liveliness of the music as the artist intended it. Still this even loudness is better than not for crappy systems, radios, ipods etc., because these can't handle higher dynamic ranges w/o sounding bad. But for anyone who cares the slightest about sound quality and have a decent or audiophile
  17. The next time I use an LFO the frequency will be 1.618 or 0.618...
  18. Hey Radi, climbed some stepp mountains lately? Anywho, here are some suggestions: Subcodes - "On Red" and "Greenflow" I have suggested you those tracks before but since you never responded to it I assume you haven't heard them yet. It's oldschool goa and the style reminds me somewhat of MFG and some Astral although these guys are from Sweden. Unconscious Collective - "Flourostani Transcendance" The must have oldschool track beyond them all. Maybe a little too many voice samples but still one of the best goa tracks of all time. Sundog - "Touch the Sun" Very melodic Egyptian s
  19. Vond - Selvmord And everything with Joy Division
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