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  1. The only bad thing about this baby is the ridiculous cover. The music deserves better and if it wasn't because I knew psychopod already when i bought it, I probably wouldn't have payed attention to it in the first place
  2. Fine stuff here. Koyote records and Encens have always been underrated IMO. 8/10
  3. Pretty fine comp. It is also one of the very few places you can find the ultracool blasting all-time classic 'Galaxian'. Well worth just for that track, and then some extra goodies for a bonus.
  4. The only SH-101 clone I know is from TC electronic. It should be really good but it's a part of the powercore plug-in bundle (awesome good effects) so it's not really cheap if you just want the synth
  5. Thanks a lot, and it doesn't matter too much with the psytrance comparision since it's mostly a secondary part of my music creation. My choice will probably be between KRK V6 II and Genelec 8030A, the price is about the same. By the way - are your KRKs V or VII?
  6. Great stuff. I'm considering buying a pair of KRK V6 as I my first (and only)impressions with them were really good. It's hard to say though if this impression is going to last, so please tell me your experience with them
  7. Cool things - especially the Roland ones. Well my instrumentation is: Clavia Nord modular Arp Odyssey Roland SH 101 Yamaha cs1x Fender el-guitar different mics and effect pedals + diffenrent stuff like metal plates and chinese hanging cymbals
  8. Still nothing radi..? As I understood it, you could the notes right away..
  9. Don't blame him for that... Neither did I ! (but I do listen other genres now...) 568261[/snapback] Oh I'm not blaming him at all - it's just hard for me to imagine with all the music I've been listening to myself. And psy-trance is for most people a relatively extreme genre, so it's probably not so common to start there
  10. Aktually there are no best non psytrance tracks out there. 564718[/snapback] This means you didn't listen to music before you discovered psy-trance??!
  11. Come on radi, now you've got a chance to prove you can. You can even choose another track if you want (but don't cheat)
  12. The original Scatterbrain band from the early 80's is much better
  13. Okay let's try.. What keys are used in the lead melodyline in MFGs - When we dream?
  14. I think these tracks had made me cry Joy Division: "Atmosphere", "New dawn fades", "Decades"
  15. This definitely not true. And by the way, I really doubt that you can tell if a melody is played with black or white keys. That requires an ear that almost only very experienced musicians have.
  16. Eh? Sure you know what you're talking about? I got an SH 101 and you really can't make it sound distorted unless yor're using an external unit.. Anyway V.T.O.L is an all-time classic that really beats the hell out of most other releases. If your perception is inadequate concerning feeling something for this track then keep listening. You should also try Subcouds who are probably closer to your taste. They are just as melodic and somewhat sounds like Ass tral projection and mfg but their melodies are more emotional (to use your own terms) and the music holds a higher quality. Try "On Red" and "Greenflow" for a start
  17. I've got the some old stuff and I was wondering what these could be worth: V/A: Order Odonata vol.1 (dragonfly) V/A: Distance to Goa 1 (distance) V/A: Goa-Head vol.1 (legoan/nova tekk) V/A: White Rhino (flying rhino) V/A: Top of the Tips 94-98 (TIP) V/A: Destination Goa 2 (why not) Menis - Temporary Insanity (koyote)
  18. It seems you're not the only one experiencing this crapiness concerning the way of things. This may sound naive but wouldn't it be an idea to unify and perhaps create a label on your own - controlled by the artists. I know that starting a label isn't something you just do but you're probably not the only feeling this way so maybe the prospects are still there..
  19. My first trance buy was "Trancentral five", bought in 1996
  20. Yeah.. I totally agree here Anyway radi, you should really try Subcouds - they're just as melodic as Ass tral projection and Mfg (and somewhat sound a bit like them) but they're a whole lot better.. Try out tracks like "On red" and "greenflow"
  21. Some of the tracks are quite interessting but the production and variety are overall poor 5/10
  22. "Howling at the moon" is one of the all-time best goa tracks imo.
  23. One of the really good albums o' the era. Very energetic, fun and acid.. Only track 2 and 3 lacks a bit compared to the rest and be sure to dig the original Atomic armadillo instead of this version.. 8/10
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