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  1. hi sorry if this is in the wrong forum but i need some help for a collage assingment i need to know how i woukld connect a master keyboard to a nord rack then to a midi interface ie: is it from the midi in/out of the keyboard to the midi interface then from the keyboard midi thru to the noard lead mmidi in ? any help appreciated
  2. hey can you tell me what synth u used and maybe a screenshot of the automation or stuiff like that cause oim haveing a hard time getting a lead sound like this aswell
  3. anyone else got any ideas i think its missing something but these are only my first few attepts at something thatsound close to psy
  4. anyone got any suggestions i dont really like th bass notes ie thgey seem to merge together or is it just me anyone got anyscreen shots of their bass note and how may note do u fit in , inbetween the kicks
  5. t read this on a website Goa trance tracks nearly always have a 16th note single pitch repetition, using a sharply defined upper harmonic filter swept synth timbre with the oscillator close to the point of resonance. The filter cut-off point is often achieved graphically using tools found in the most popular computer sequencing packages such as Steinberg's Cubase or E-Magic's Logic. This enables a simple 16th note single pitched repeated note to become a rhythmic entity in its own right, as the audible component of the sound fades in and out of the human hearing range. It can also take on melodic qualities as the resonance control on the filter approaches higher values but can you tell me how to do it in fl studio - like what synth to use and stuff
  6. what about bass notes do you have a screen shot at the moment i us a kick then 3 bass note right after and then a kick again and the 3 bass notes again etc what did you do on this track + how fast are thge motes played
  7. these are 2 new tracks iv just started let me know what u think Lost : Lost.Mp3.Zip by Bigupload.Com and Blind: Blind.Mp3.Zip by Bigupload.Com
  8. Fl studio 6 but i have cubase sx but i find it quicker to get ideas down in fl studio first
  9. anyone? what do you think of the bass sound and kicks
  10. hey can you tell me what bass u used and some rough settings + can you tell me where the bass noptes are Eg: is is KBBB KBBB or K-B- K-B- or KB-B k-B- or what thanls the songs great
  11. ok, does anyone know what frequencys are boosted or rolled of in my headphones
  12. ok how about Behringer F-Control FCA202 FireWire Audio Interface i have to get an external soundcard as i have a laptop
  13. Hi i bought some AKG K271 headphones a while ago for my collage course i have been using them when making track and was wondering if they are ok to do so, or should i buy some monitors i only have a small budget of like £100 something like that. i dont need them to be that loud just so i can get my levels righ and hear any frequencys im missing any help is appreciated
  14. yes but there there incase i ever do and also has an input for guitar which could be usefull but is this what im looking for - ie: will it get rid of those annoying click when making a track cause all im using at the moment it the laptop sound card
  15. i have seen the Tascam FireOne FireWire Audio Interface on the internet and am wondering if its any good for me i am not usoing a mixer i dont need and inputs for mics or anything like that all i want is a soundcard that will give me a better sound to monitor is this a good product or should i be looking at completely diffrent thing any advice is greatly appreciated
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