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Found 8 results

  1. Artist: Centavra Project Title: Antigravity Label: Globel Sect Date: July 1, 2022 Tracklist: 1. Antigravity 2. Strange Objects Part 2 3. Dark Abyss 4. Alien Presence 5. Pulsar 6. Back In Space 7. Long Way 8. Starry Sky of Sakhalin 9. Interstellar I love Russians. Is that ok to say? Let me be more specific, I love Russian people.... mmmm, I love Russian men? There we go, getting closer, I love Russian men who make trance Not specific enough? I love Russian men who make Goa Trance. There. We got there. It’s Goa Trance baby and Centavra Project and Global Sect are here to deliver it to us. Centavra is the man of the hour. It’s Dmitry Gutsu, a Russian gentleman who has been creating Beautiful tunes since at least 2007. And he didn’t just wake up one day and say I’m gonna start making Goa Trance. No no no, he must have listened to it for years before that and been in love with it for just as long. Before this release it was kind of up in the air what the future of this label would be as it was going through all of the bullshit of the war situation that humans are and have always been responsible for. Just people, making bad decisions. It’ll never end. And thankfully Global Sect decided that their mission for this music shouldn't end either. So they found a way to release more if it. Well done space-fuckers and let me just say that is was a good choice to put precedence on Goa Trance rather than the never ending turmoil of our species. Because let’s be honest. Goa is the best thing this bunch of self-assured incompetent primates have ever created A style that’s hard to beat, a style that draws you deeper into it’s soundscapes as you search for every bit of the track, and as it sucks you in you start to lose yourself as your enthralled by the gases of the nebulae of this style Music of the past few years has become louder, more bombastic and has a certain edge to it that has felt like it has tried to assert itself into the universe. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. But it’s been a while since we got to delve deep into the deepness of the lulling attractiveness of deep cosmic Goa Trance. Oooooh I’ve missed this kind of music. The album is deep in every sense of the word and devoid of a single negative emotion. No aggression, no pain, no judgement, no message other than the glory of the cosmos and every wonder of this universe that we get to experience for a painstakingly short period of time. Sure we could figure it all out as species and find a way to prolong our existence, but not this current iteration of us. This iteration is fucked and has absolutely nothing figured out. But don’t fear, because there are people like Dmitry out there, people who kind of have figured things out. People who understand what’s important in this world. This music right here, the right to enjoy our lives. Which is exactly what he was doing during Alien Presence until the dreaded key change fucked me up (You people and your key changes). But even that didn’t stop me from basking in the glory of this track…..Well until the next key change that hit even harder. (What the fuck is going in with that)? At first it was 2 too many, but as I've listened to this track over the months it has become one of my favourite tracks. I mean it’s unbelievable. The relentless golden shocks and groove and rhythm that pound down on you making the thought of doing anything other than moving your self around is amazing. The second half is psychedelically psychotic and considerably astronautic. And the more I listen, the less I care about the abrupt shift in direction brought on by key changes and the more I find myself wrapped up in it. It's close to a favourite. Oh yea, we in the review now. The track before it Dark Abyss gave us an equivalent explosion of gentle hydrogen gases of the universe and it did it with less but less is more, so he really did it with more. More boldness and danger, some extroversion, and a little bit of confidence. What a well rounded character to find in a song. And the opening track, yes, lets go to the opening track: Antigravity We float we soar, we fly and we charge into the stars and the nebulas and the moons and the weird planets along with unidentified life of every sort. It has that patient Global Sect deepness to it that doesn't come out roaring or flip a switch into a nightmare of explosions. It is soft, thoughtful, gentle and smooth. It's a precursor to the rest of the album (Spoilers alert) with it's satisfying build of euphoria, sparkling final break and illustrious sounds. Speaking of unidentified objects, lets talk about the second track Strange Objects Part 2.............. If you insist Centavra Project ends each segment of the track with it leading into a distant explosion which births something new and more intense than the last. Each melody is euphoric, each act is gripping, impossible to look away from and each moment is full of the beautiful sparkling bubbles of space. The drive is harder and more pounding than the opening track with a bit more intensity brought into the mids with layering and all of the symbol clashes up above. Still each sound is smooth and silky and easy to fall back into. We've been through track 3 and 4 (Alien Presence & Dark Abyss) so let's just move along to Pulsar. Pulsar was one of the early release tracks. I tried not to listen to it to much leading up to the full release, but naturally, just like the human desire to create boring problems, I couldn’t help myself. None of those listens changed a thing, this was a cool track then and it a cool track now. He has created a whole bunch of sounds and used them strategically to spearhead themselves into drops and melodies and new acts of progression in the storyline. This song is built exactly like some of the best tracks of this genre in the way that it already had everything it needed to be a great track, but then goes ahead an adds another layer of power over it all along with a stellar final act to drive it home. Honestly when I hear a track like this I wish for more of them, but let's be real, a full album of this would be overwhelming and take away from the greatness of this track. If every track was über-charged then no tracks would be über-charged right? It's a favourite from the album and quite possibly the year of 2023. I’m still lost in the fog of the last track by the time im a few minutes into Back in Space which is opportune as the artist is probably aware of the effect of his power, so good thing Back To Space gently propels us forward back into the cosmos. The last track was just a stop over and it’s time to continue. It hits us with perfectly pitched sounds and tuned layers giving us time to dream and float. All before he hits the button for hyperdrive which is purple button for some reason and speeds us into the karmic thunder storm of the universe eating it’s self. I guess we really are children of the universe huh? Long Way is the same starry skied, cosmi-fied banger wearing different garb. A silky smooth, Opal encrusted, violet garb. With a little extra sparkle and lustre than the other tracks but the same smoothly textured melodies I can't help but sit back, close my eyes and feel like everything is just right. After his little trick at the end of track 3 (Dark Abyss) i was hesitant to believe he was really going to build that last break of Long Way into another act. But the crazy cosmonaut does it making it the coolest moment of the album. One of the great things about this music is feels like artists aim is give you pleasure and enjoyment and when they do something like that, it feels extra nice because it’s like they are saying ~ “No, I am not done giving you pleasure and enjoyment just yet! I’m going to give you more pleasure, pleasure with my mind and my hands." And I like that goddamned it. Just like in Pulsar the track could have ended at the 5 & a half minute point, but he gives you a build that sits just under a minute (Time well spent imo) and a final act of glorious melody. The Starry Sky of Sakhalin comes in to catch us from all of that. It has some cool beat change ups and a sparkly soundscapes, the final melody opens up it’s trench coat to reveal galaxies of gaseous testicles full of all of the beauty of the universe. *Nice vocals too. The final track Interstellar is a downtempo contemplative track. A track that's good for long walk while you think. About, all of the stuff and the things, the movement and the direction of this world, the force and the motion of this existence, And what the fuck is up with Crypto Currency? Very dreamy and very nice, reminds me a lot of that Katedra style that is downtempo yet full of energy and movement. Every track really is written so well. Each break spirals into this kind of sweet oblivion and then drops into a new act that gives each track new life. Centavra’s Music is weird. It’s loud and very forward yet incredibly deep and hidden. *Moving on He also does this thing that i’ve really only consistently noticed in Arronax’s music where it feels like he is drawing back a cosmic arrow on a cosmic bow made out opals from the planet zenon b 352, Which is weird, because their opals are buried six hundred and thirty five thousand and 2 kilometres under the molten surface. How did he get them? Did he force the local population of tribal Marglarks to dedicate their existence to building the infrastructure over generations in order to dig further and further into Zenon b 352 all so he could get some opals? Did he create generations of mythos and worship around the importance of these opals leading the simple Marglarks to focus on their digging above their own families and tribal conflicts? Did he enslave Marglarks? What did you do Dmitry! Forget the poor Marglarks for a moment will you? Back to the bow, he draws and charges before letting it go and having it come right at you with this intensity and speed. It’s cool ...... and cosmic But Dmitry differs from Arronax in that the incoming attack is less of an attack and more of a happy pill that makes everything feel as if it's in the place it's meant to be. For a moment the world feels whole. Each track has at least 1 incredibly euphoric and fantastic moment which is all i really ask for. But most tracks are either full of fantastic euphoric moments or just one big fantastic moment all the way through. What Dmitry and the team over at Global Sect are doing is miraculous. I give it 5 out of 5 Super Hadron Colliders https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/centavra-project-antigravity
  2. Tsotsi

    Merr0w - Odysseus

    Artist: Merr0w Title: Odysseus Label: Global Sect Release: December 12, 2019 Tracklist: 1 - Lost in the Triangle 2 - Lunar Tides 3 - Odysseus 4 - Trippy Jellyfish 5 - Their Own Light 6 - Sea Wolf Howling 7 - Fractal Octopus 8 - Last Breath On Seashore ~ Under the sea, under the Sea, Darling it's better, down where it's wetter Global Sect entered the scene committed to providing rare and focused styles of the Goa trance genre. For most of their existence so far this has been cosmic themed Goa that takes you as far into the depths of space as you can go. I even began to think that this theme would be carried through for eternity. With the release of Merr0w's newest album we see that it is not the theme that matters but that there is a theme. And what better artist to show us this than the guy who really does seem to love all the magic of the deep water myths and kingdoms. Brice Fruyt is all about the sea. Don't believe me? Merrow comes from Gaelic that stands for a Mermaid or a Chimera, so like a water chimera, so like a Taor. Just look at that cover art, that's some straight up cool work, and the merch available along side this release is outstanding too. Life under the water is fantastical, but it's also slow, you can tell from listening to these tracks that a lot of time and attention has been given to them. You can't just whip up a 17 minute track like Trippy Jellyfish, that comes from somewhere special, somewhere deep inside, more mysterious than the unknown depths. Well Lost In The Triangle sure does kick it off nicely. A fine tuned super duper producer type track. Bubbles and mysterious storms of electro goodness rush around you while the maelstrom spins you down into the depths. The melody shoots at you like the stream from a TFL-B54270-Aluminum-Alloy-Water-Jet-Thruster-Pump. Merr0w knows we need a little chill time before we deal with the next onslaught from the depths. You have exactly 3 minutes until the bulging Lunar Tide comes to clear away the wreckage from the first track. At full moon we never stood a chance, the final act of Lunar Tides is like a opening a giant clam to find:- Or This Life under the sea can be lonely, you might take either. Odysseus, King of the island of Ithica, battler of mystical beasts and subject of the gods Wrath, this guy really pissed Poseidon off. Merr0w creates an epic tale that slaps harder than a giant squids tentacular club. Fast and loud, the melody and background noises develop and morph, shift, ebb & flow. A groover that comes at you harder than Charybdis from that damn Vortex. Like the 8 long years spent with Calypso the nymph (The nymphs from the myths not the internet) on the island of Ogygia Triple Jellyfish is here for a long time. Wait. You're telling me Odysseus spent 10 years trying to get home but for 8 of those he was gettin' some on a Mediterranean island? Sounds better than going home to mumma and pappa if you ask me. If those 8 years were anything as good as the 17 minutes and 12 seconds of pure inspiration coming from Triple Jellyfish then I can't blame the guy. Like streams of power coming from the Neptune's magical trident this track blasts you into another dimension. Only ever letting up to shock you with another tsunami of energy Trippy Jellyfish is one heck of a journey that makes hits you by surprise every time you think things might be calming down. A song sung by The Sirens themselves, a lure of symphonies that traps you in a scaly grasp. The sound of Triton's Conch Shell Trumpet begins tooting overhead and now we are in the thick, there is no way to go but right through Their Own Light. A treasure greater than anything found at the depths of the Bermuda, just listen to that damned production quality. Melodies that morph faster than the Agulhas current are just the cherry on top but by no means the whole meal. The howls of a wolf through the trees are horrifying enough, but one from this guy:- No thanks. Good thing nothing but good luck is meant to come from the sighting of this thing. And after the first howls in Sea Wolf Howling that good luck brings itself to you in the form of one of the best Merr0w compositions you have heard. The Akkorokamui shoot their tentacles of raw rusted synths and melody through the darkness and wrap them around your body. This is one monster you don't want to fight but give yourself in to. Maybe the terrifying bastard is benevolent. Urchins, Lobsters, Poseidon and Odysseus all come together for one glorious moment of fractalised unity. Like a storm crafted by Aeolus Fractal Octopus is wild, fast, loud and exciting. it's been 10 long years but the journey has come to an end with one last piece to guide us home, and one Last Breath on Seashore. Merr0w get's to really bring the ocean into this track with enigmatic atmospheres you really do start to feel like you are in a lost world. A beautiful way to finish this adventure of deep sea myths and monsters. ~ I think everyone here will agree that this has got to be Merr0w's best work to date. The theme is carried along completely from start to finish, the melodies are great, the atmospheres are bubbly and deep, the production and composition of sounds dance around one another like sinking treasures. It's Merr0w but unlike you have heard him, perhaps unlike we will hear him again. Well done to Global Sect and Merr0w for this fantastic release, special shout out to Andrei Verner who has nailed the artwork. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/merrow-odysseus
  3. Artist: Atlantis Title: Cosmic Waves Label: Global Sect Date: 24, Feb, 2020 Tracklist: 1. Chi-A.D - Astral Warrior (Atlantis Remix) 2. Contact With Peace 3. Infinite universe (With Alienapa) 4. Cosmic Waves 5. Altered State of Consciousness 6. Acid Mantra 7. Astral Way (With Proxeeus) 8. Miranda - Phenomena (Atlantis Remix) 9. Inner Energy You can’t be sure of everything in this life. One minute you can be with the love of your life, the next you can have your heart stolen by another out of nowhere. You can be rich, make a few bad choices and then be out on the streets. Most terrifying of all, a strong mind can turn into a weak one, changing who you are and what you know, revealing you to be the same kind of human you used to think you were different from. But you can be sure that Global Sects mission for high quality Goa trance has extended into 2020. You can be sure that Atlantis knows how to carry you away from your problems and tribulations for some much-needed R&R. Clearly a much needed journey into the cosmos is exactly what The Surgeon general ordered for us , so here we are. My god what beautiful cover art. Atlantis AKA George Christoforidis has, like in the battle of Martyropolis led by Bahram, shot a storm of arrows into the sky turning it as black as a star-less galaxy. Pay attention to the mantra’s, hymns and galactic energy. Each break brings with it a calm euphoria, laden with synths that rise and fall before climaxing into more cosgasms. Take track 1 Astral Warrior (Remix), although personally to short for my liking, (I was certain that final moment was just a break) You get a track filled with acidic whips and melodies, encouraging vocal samples come and go getting you ready to charge into war with the ShlimSlums of Glaxy Hexaden 438. Contact With Peace spiritualises things up a notch further. Deadly basslines grind in the back bringing in an industrial edge as acidic chops of Solar Flares shoot their way through the galactic storm. If I was picking favorites this would be up there, but, well, you’ll see. A much missed Alienapa joins our boy Atlantis for Infinite Universe and it’s just as epic as you would want this collaboration to be. Welcome back baby, and thanks for bringing the coronal mass ejections to the party. Raw leads are introduced to shred up the asteroid belt leaving nothing but space debris. The huble telescope couldn’t track the layers of Infinite Universe, despite it showing up to be one of the biggest tracks of the night. The duo brings their A game for that main break and blast us completely out of this world. Cosmic Waves instantly fills the air with the enigma of nebula clouds expanding to consume everything around us. The melody swings out of the giant vaporous masses again and again, bringing you in each time to be lost in the beautiful sound of this music. While not overly complex the main melody works with the other elements in near euphoric harmony. Altered State of Consciousness comes in with more hardcore whispers and basslines. Whispers and words turn into mantra’s and anthemesque shots of comets across the known layers of the human experience. Raw dirty industrial sounds fill the track from underneath, daring you to look down. We float for a bit and the song takes off again before ending maybe a little to early. Those whispers are so clean and sexy though I don’t mind. Acid Mantra picks up with more foreign wordplay making this one spiritual beast of a track. Another favourite for all the reasons that make a track great. Clean clear production, interesting, raw background noises and a melody that goes higher and further. The main break is the best so far, so soft and silky with such a beautiful vocal hymn going on, this is pure trance baby. Astral Way. We all heard how the last duet worked out, and now we have another legend of the genre, Proxeeus to work some acidic fury into the fabric of space time. Acid whips around the track like elastic electricity as a star-studded melody is introduced. The atmospheric background reminds me of Ra’s R.O.M which is nothing but a good thing. Astral Way is probably the most complex and diverse track here, another showing of what you can achieve with a little collaboration. Phenomena is maybe the only track here I think could have been better. It’s slightly more cosmic than the original, although the original feels like it has more depth and rawness to it. Maybe if I hadn’t heard last years remaster of her treasures, but damn it’s hard to beat an original. Inner Energy slows us down a little but not a lot. The slower pace allows more space for the track grow and morph. The mid break is just straight up bad ass, The rest of the track doesn't offer too much variety but for a couple of listens it has been neat. I personally love when vocals are placed into tracks and think that leaning towards the spiritual side of things is almost always a good choice. Think somewhere in between Zopmanika and Psy-H Project. But really this is Atlantis' unique style that I really haven't heard like this before. The presentation, of the album is interstellar, this is a beautiful piece of artwork that hits every sweet spot in my body. My ideal kind of trance, beautiful and moving, in fact i was head bobbing and doing subtle little hand dances for about 5 hours straight as i had this on repeat on a flight back to Australia. The collaboration tracks really stand out and show great teamwork, my other favourites are 1, 2, 6, 7. Bom Shanka you beautiful people over at Global Sect. Andrei Verner delivers another beautiful piece of artwork to add to the collection. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/atlantis-cosmic-waves
  4. Title: Shambhala Label: Global Sect Music Date: October 2018 Format : CD and Digital Tracklist: 1. Fiery Dawn - Magic Mirror 07:31 2. Skarma - Cianendeon ( Median Project Remix ) 08:53 3. Goasia - Hidden Waves 06:46 4. Median Project - Heaven and Earth (Omneon rmx) 08:10 5. Zopmanika - Namaskara Mantra II 08:58 6. Сentavra Project - Shambhala 09:18 7. Median Project - Scarab 07:26 8. Mindsphere - Floating in a Widescreen 12:11 9. Astrancer - Neighbor 10:14 DJ Adept's latest offering from Russia. Here we GO! For those who follow Global Sect music, you know what to expect. And they deliver more than that. Shambala is the bulls eye shot of Goa anno 2018. Opener is a down to mid-tempo track by Fiery Dawn. It has a nice groove, but I find it out of place on a compilation that is otherwise filled with space fuel. But ok, it gets you in the mood slowly. And then we're off for a goa rollercoaster without any disappointing tracks. Really, they are all fantastic! Median Project is back with a stunning remix of Skarma to crack the goa case open. Sweet melodies! Goasia in full force with a rolling bassline without pauses. Omneon takes on a remix of Median Project. Heaven and Earth gets a more acidic and raw facelift. Dance muttha's! I took an aromatic bath while listening to Zopmanika's belter Namaskara Mantra II. Good lord, kamasutra, India, spiritual lifting, and all that! It does it so well. Then we're off to space with Centavra's title track Shambhala. What great mixing in this track. Wonderful goa. Up and down we modulate. This disc is unstoppable, man. Median Project slams with his very own Scarab. This man only produces quality tracks nowadays. Scorching acid and goa synths flowing around from left to right. Amazing. And then, Mindsphere! Mindsphere treats us with a 12min(!) long goa odyssey. The lengths fits the quality. It's so good. A pleasure for the ears. His arpeggio's are back, and they are hot! And look who's back? Astrancer! Astrancer blesses us with the last track. He takes down the energy from the cd a notch, so we can all have a smooth comeback to earth in style. Great melodic easy listener. Conclusion: Don't hesitate to get this one! From start to finish this is what modern Goa is all about. Talented artists with a wealth of inspiration and skills. Goa lives!! Buy link (CD and Digital) Global Sect bandcamp
  5. I don't know if I'm stepping on Global Sect's toes here, and boy oh boy is that the last the last thing I would ever want to do to our interstellar command centre. However. But. Anywho. Check the absolute wonder that is going to be this release. This release is 100% cosmic wonders. So much so that the tracklist titles have dropped the pretense of anything else, the cover art says it all and damn am I excited. Well, I'll let the Bandcamp bio take over. VA - Astronauts in The Solar System (compiled by DJ Masala) ~ Yea Get em Dj Masala, ya'll know it's gonna be hot. This is the Genesis. A legend is told about the Mankind, which advanced to the new frontier in the Solar System. This is a story about the Astronauts who were challenged with the exploration of the Solar System and developed the future of the mankind. The Genesis of the Cosmic century. ~ Oh Shit, A concept, an idea, a journey. ... VA Astronauts in The Solar System opens a series of releases called "Intergalactic Cult" in which various goa trance DJs will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and create their own compilation with the support of our label. We invite you to follow the development of Intergalactic Cult with us, to enjoy new ideas and amazing releases. We hope that thanks to this project, talented goa-trans DJs will be able to build more interesting and successful careers, and even more musicians will have the opportunity to graduate on our label. ~ We all wish all the success to these beautiful composers of magic. We thank our good friend DJ Masala from the Land of the Rising Sun for the magnificently done work, and wish him creative success. ~ We thank him, we thank Global Sect, we thank the Artists, we dance and we cry. Enjoy! And a final word to get you even more excited for this series. P.S. The next compilation from the series "Intergalactic Cult" will be "Wicked Forest", compiled by DJ Mozza (Serbia). we wish him success! ~ Boom and out! https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-astronauts-in-the-solar-system
  6. Artist: Median Project Title: In The Depths of Space Label: Global Sect Music Date: January, 2018 1. Astral Fobia (w/ Centarva Project) 2. In The Depths of Space 3. Heaven and Earth 4. In the Dark 5. Morning In Space (w/ Atlantis Project) 6. Artifact303 - Life Support System (Median Project Remix) 7. Wishmaster 8. Third Element (Original Mix) 9. Over the Horizon 10. Kometa Helloooooo? Crap on a cracker this place is deader than an R. Kelly sleep-over camp. I'm afraid the reviews section has taken quite the hit over the last year it seems. I suppose we are all getting older and spending time with our families to the detriment of the music. I realize I have been absent for an extended stretch and I will tell you life happens and review writing doesn't seem to be such a priority any longer. Does anyone even care to read reviews these days? I thought I would throw my .02 cents in here and maybe it will snowball into some more. Gotta at least justify the fees Mars is paying for the real estate. Been listening to this for awhile now and I'm impressed. First of all Global Sect has become a titan when it comes to releasing goa trance. They go big and mostly have released multiple CD sets of cosmic goa trance. But they don't stop there. They also do t-shirts and huge (if you like) backdrops so this label based in Mother Russia seems to be firing on all cylinders. Now if they could only take their orange, bloated grandpa puppet back and get him and his asshole family out of my country. Seriously, have you ever seen a group of bigger douchebags? This is Sergei Petrenko and after releasing a few ep's he drops an album in our laps that continues with the trend of cosmic, doing barrel rolls in a rocket ship, deep space goa trance. Just look at the track titles. Think of is as an offshoot to the label's last effort, the mega opus to the cold abyss Terraformer. It's beautifully layered and powerful creating floating atmospheres that are easy in which to get swept up. The middle of the album is my favorite and where I believe he hits his stride. The remix of Life Support System is a stellar track with just a liquid, aggressive style that I really like. Most of the album is like that so that's a win. The label has been beating that drum for awhile now so I'm sure it can get tiresome for some. But the album itself sounds fantastic and it is everything I could ask for in this type of goa trance. Also, I just want to say that I really like their artwork. Good job. BTW, top marks for using a sample from the under appreciated 1983 classic Johnny Dangerously. Global Sect Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  7. Artist: Psy-H Project Title: Dance of Distant Worlds Label: Global Sect Music Date: January, 2013 1. In A Shade Of Dadrrount'got 2. Second Coming 3. Boloto Trip 4. Infernal Candyflip 5. Active Meditation 6. Chatlane 7. Ramayana 8. Infinite Freedom 9. Spiritual Experience First things first...look at that spectacular cover. LOOK AT IT! F*cking gorgeous. I can't stop staring at it. There have been times where I have bought an album without knowing how it was going to sound just because the cover was so kick a**. Of course that was before the interwebz when I didn't feel like dragging my a** to the listening station. It was done by Ahankara (real name surely) who also did the cover for the Tabula Rasa compilation. This is one of those cases where you should judge an album by its cover. Psy-H Project is Igor Kititsky from St. Petersburg Russia (yes I'm aware you cannot spell Kititsky without tits) and this is his debut. And what a f*cking debut it is. Cosmic goa trance is contained within people and should be purchased post haste. I haven't wanted to have sex with an album since M-run, but I'm getting all oiled up as we speak. Let that image sit with you for a bit. This is a deeply atmospheric journey into the cosmos with alien textures and exquisitely layered melodies. A goa album that in the beginning has some darkpsy elements. And let's face it it doesn't get any darker than Emily Rose reciting the multiple names of Lucifer on Infernal Candyflip. But it's not all dark. Hell, in the same track you have distinctive goa melodies as well as Buddhist chants. It's also not afraid to poke fun at itself evidenced by the growls and I presume Brad Pitt laughter in Boloto Trip. While the entire album is full of lush and detailed goa trance, the second half is brimming with stormers. Active Meditation shimmers and coalesces like melody quicksand while Chatlane sparkles like my toddler just threw glitter in the air. Maximum twirling potential, I'm telling you. And what did you think would happen when he teamed up with fellow Soviets Alienapia? Total bedlam ensues with more layers than an onion. So good I wanted to cry. I'm not one to tell you what to do, just a guy with an opinion. But buy this f*cking CD. Own it. Stare longlingly at it. Love it. Damnit, I'm outta baby oil. Goastore Beatspace Psyshop GlobalSectMusic
  8. Artist: Various Title: The Mystery of Crystal Worlds Prologue Label: Global Sect Music Date: October, 2015 1. Psy-H Project - Krishna or Maya 2. Morphic Resonance - Outro (Extended Version) 3. Liquid Flow - Event Horizon 4. Celestial Intelligence - Hidden Valley 5. Artifact303 - Delirium (Downward Spiral) Gettin' all hot and bothered over here! Like all loyal goa heads I was transfixed when the latest compilation from Global Sect Music was first announced and promptly pre-ordered 2 copies. Like...zero waiting. The track list alone demanded that I do nothing less. Having already released the delicious Space of Power and debut album Dance of Distant Worlds from dark goa producer Psy-H Project it was a foregone conclusion that their 3-CD compilation was going to be a must have. The previews showcased super sounds with some fantastic artwork as they decided to go all out. Not only can you order the album (only goa trance released that was apparently based on a poem), but they're offering t-shirts, posters, backdrops...the whole 9. I was ready to throw my money at them (and I eventually did), but at the time of this writing we had to wait for it to be released. To tide you over they offer a digital five track taste of what's to come. A prologue if you will. And like the edges of my home made brownies it's f*cking awesome. The aforementioned Psy-H blows the doors off your Renault with a 15 minute bomb of spiritual napalm. Mystic goa trance at the highest state of enlightenment. Morphic Resonance (debut album just released as if you didn't know) combines goa trance with post apocalyptic atmosphere in a downtempo slog. Lush and powerful it's like Frontline Assembly and Downward Spiral NIN joined forces in an unstoppable Voltron of goa trance. Do you, ah even know what a Voltron is? The measured journey continues with Liquid Flow that just has me shaking my head. This is a prologue? Sinister and bubbly. Man this is good. Celestial Intelligence picks up the pace and delivers an entrancing, bouncing track while Artifact303 resurfaces to close out this gift with a storming breakbeat track. This was a free EP when you pre-ordered the Mystery of Crystal Worlds, but unfortunately that ship has sailed. Some might have a problem with forking over 10E for 5 tracks, but the first three tracks are so good that I felt it was worth it. I feel like I'm preaching to the choir here, but you guys probably already have this anyway. Highly recommended! Global Sect Bandcamp
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