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  1. great tunes, the Doof track really took me back!
  2. yep, tickets by lottery only. it can be an annoying policy, but i do respect the organizers they have a very punk ethos and the festival is unique because of this
  3. really looking forward to Freqs of Nature I am also going to Fusion, which keeps its line-up secret. but they always have artists on the psy stage. saw Frogacult there two years ago, totally unexpected. hopefully more good surprises this year
  4. have you heard his Beatroots project? https://soundcloud.com/beat_roots really nice stuff
  5. haha persistence pays off! glad you found it really nice tune too, super hypnotic
  6. Radi, where in Germany do you live? Like Padmapani said, "goa" can refer to the culture as a whole rather than the specific music genre. I think Germany has a good goatrance culture, but as not as strong as might be assumed from seeing multiple "goa" parties advertised every weekend
  7. here's a great chill track from Kliment: http://youtu.be/zeBOTJj8ues
  8. Enig'matik has some really nice stuff http://enigmatiksounds.bandcamp.com/
  9. ^ sounds great! Cronomi's quality is always top notch
  10. had this back in rotation recently, really great stuff
  11. ^ wow, that'd really be something!
  12. Kliment makes great music I have been listening to this track a lot recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB4oIAFwOdg
  13. Sensorial Experience by Dreamstalker (Zenon) really beautiful, low key tunes. the bottom end is mixed quite low, giving this a unique sound i haven't heard before. lovely gated musical elements and heaps of thick bush rhythm and fx. has a trippy, dreamtime day vibe like Shadow FX
  14. unbelievable...great work! i am really pleased we have people who go to such effort to curate the history of this music
  15. one of my favourite recent albums there is a very strong and sharp edge to all his sounds, they really pierce the headphones - punching bass, snapping snares, crisp fx. but this strength of sound helps get his ideas to you as best as possible. the grooves are proggy, but the strength of sound gives them a very ominous feeling...this is never openly horrific but there is a very dark tone at work...his atmospheres, FX design and rhythm tracks are all top notch. this album still gets repeat listens almost 2 years later, i highly recommend it
  16. there's this new collaboration, could be it?
  17. got this today...great set of tunes, a bit of a techier overall vibe than usual but it's top notch gear not sure who Brojanowski is but his track stood out on first few plays
  18. for an unofficial and lower quality mp3, you could google "soundcloud downloader"
  19. radi, gut gemacht! that's a good introduction to the genre. i like how you mention the music technology like analogue synths too do you live in Germany?
  20. nice work dude, you always come through with interesting, well-made mixes the styles here aren't particularly my cup of tea, but it is great to get a sense of what is happening in the broader psy prog genre (i am very tuned in to the dark prog stuff, not so much the rest) respect!
  21. fantastic live set from Reflection here too https://soundcloud.com/gibbanez/reflection-live-regrowth i'm keen to check the album
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