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  1. i am pretty sure Posford worked with Space Cat on that album, on "Invasion"
  2. i've heard Classical Mushroom being played at a Subway (the food place), and some OTT played at a petrol station
  3. https://soundcloud.com/eat-static/eat-static-popcorn-cover yay!
  4. i'm not sure if techtrance is completely dead...Opsy and Cujorius One have carried the flame, as well as others i'm forgetting (some Uroborus Records stuff) very good point. the aesthetics of "dark" are broader than some pure darkpsy fans might think
  5. Ormion's YT series is definitely the best thing to expose you to the broad subgenres of psytrance psybient may not have qualified for the videos cos it isn't trance, but sure it is still part of the wider culture. I think if you searched youtube for psybient and clicked around you'd get an idea of the genre pretty quickly
  6. this is fascinating. how does one get to this island? what's the nearest airport?
  7. hey Shpongled, what's the Berlgium party? there's very little chance I can make it so far South for Boom, but a cheeky trip West to Belgium could be possible. especially if Filteria is playing thanks
  8. i don't find it particularly psychedelic, but since it has been mentioned in this thread - you can download Tristan's UK Psychedelic compilation for free (legitimately, via Nano) at http://www.nanomusic.net/website-news/free-download-dj-tristan-uk-psychedelic/
  9. excellent (best track of 2014, too)
  10. it's a short train ride, I believe, from Berlin. the 2014 line-up is very much to my taste, lots of good psygressive on the forest floor.
  11. http://www.freqsofnature.de/ suuuuuper excited for this, particularly Sensient's 10-year Zenon anniversary set anyone else going?
  12. Entheogenic - Soma (Veda Mix) ["Phoenix", Zion 604, 2013] the spiralling synth from about 2.30 reminds me so much of Star Shpongled Banner
  13. Dolmot this mix is incredible, thank you
  14. i absolutely agree i think music can be clever, but never intelligent. such wankery.
  15. i recommend the Wingmakers compilation http://www.discogs.com/Various-Wingmakers/release/343319
  16. i have a question: what is the DAT Mafia? is this a concept that existed before you guys chose the name for your label? because i remember a Neuromotor song called "Fuck the DAT Mafia" and i wondered even then what it referred to
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