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  1. Hi, any update on locations/details? I just got to London...would love to check this out! :0
  2. Hi guys, can someone please identify the first track Eat Static plays in this set? the one with the female vocal snippet looped for the hi-hat part at the beginning, and the samples about being half-alien half-human? tune is amazing!
  3. this is an awesome compilation, really pumping tunes with interesting layers and rock-solid grooves I love the Kurt Cobain samples in track 6 (Arahat)! good to hear Kurt kept alive in a psy tune
  4. the relentless unending chug of kick and bass cascading ever onwards; with heavenly soaring melodies perched atop i fucking love it!
  5. anyone got a direct link to that Twisted thread? maybe it isn't graceful to discuss financial woes in that manner...but Twisted shutting down will be terrible for us all
  6. whole body headnod wobble style to the synths, arms and legs snap along with the snares that's how i do it anyway! (i actually find the groove has alot of similarities to a full-on psy track in an obscure way)
  7. greetings drew...thanks4the compliments on the melodicon mix...it's the melodic stuff that really hits the spot with me..i'm glad you liked it


  8. ya know, 4 quite decent tracks to be honest that 'Infected' touch is definitely there. not gonna delve into the vocal stuff though
  9. there's some great albums been mentioned here! i'm a hip hop head originally, didn't think folks into psy would know their rap shit, but i am pleased to stand corrected
  10. i really loved the melodicon mix. instant melodic insanity. very well mixed and selected i used to get tired of this style, but these days i really enjoy the upbeat, head-twisting nature of it thanks
  11. ^ link isn't working, anyone know if it's mirrored anywhere?
  12. hi guys i've been loving this mix lately, by Lysdexic: http://humanworkshop.com/index.php?modus=download_track&download_id=267 Playlist: Vaski - Resonate Nero - Something Else Reso & Ruckspin - Oxygen Reso & Ruckspin - Runway Reso - Onslaught Shock One - Adachigaharas Theme TRG - Horny [Reso Rmx] Vista - Exit Wound Broken Note - Crux Innasekt - Bug Powder 12th Planet - 28 Hours Later Downlink - 6 Million Wayz Reso - Climbing The Walls Bar9 - Murda Sound VIP Faun - Game of 3 Halves Reso - If You Can't Beat Em Skream - Oskillatah Bar9 - Shaolin Bassnectar - Roustabout [Rmx] Torqux - Relentless [16bit Rmx] Vibesquad - Jowels VENT - Crystallite VIP Tipper - Ton of Brix can anyone recommend me any mixes in this same style of dubstep?
  13. i really love the music of the Cujorious One, very techy percussion in rhythm and EQing, but also has the psy kick tone. very minimal synths, excellent atmospheres. hope to hear more from these guys soon
  14. ^ sounds fuckin delicous! bring on the acid techno
  15. this is a really sick set man, i love the way you've sewn it together every track lasts just as long as it needs to before segueing unnoticeably into the next wicked!
  16. thanks! playing that track now, it's beautiful peace
  17. great to see so many happy people dancing :posford: may I ask, what track are you playing?
  18. Drew05

    Goa-Getter XII

    great mix, thank you!
  19. + 1 fantastic album, well worth the purchase
  20. gotta go with Slinky here...pure insane goa-trance, delightful!
  21. really enjoy Asura, especially the last album...the rest is OK but a bit too chill for me
  22. this arrived recently, and i've been enjoying it quite a bit. it's not mindblowing, but i really enjoy the happy, melodic vibe i would compare it to say the latest Tikal album; well produced, dancey and with interesting ethnic influenced melodies and samples there's definitely some rippers on here
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