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  1. Protoculture opened his Ozora 2012 set with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb-Cl3El2X0 i was expecting Dawn Razor or Neuropop
  2. i love Kryptic Minds' stuff, very atmospheric and deep
  3. can someone please recommend some Psysex tracks worth hearing?
  4. i was curious about Psysex after reading this thread, i found this set from Tree of Life: https://soundcloud.com/psysex-1/psysex-dj-set-tree-of-life really nice groovy, almost zenonesque at the start. i always thought Psysex was an Israeli full-on artist
  5. was this an Art of Psy/Access All Areas party? i saw MWNN play a few sets at those parties when I lived in London a few years ago, including a 2011/12 NYE set. it's a shame he didn't play, his sets are the thing of legend. still blasting out the timeless classics he wrote over a decade ago, and the crowd still LOVING it
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irZLkmhWoOI
  7. one of my favourite tracks of all time!
  8. hi Ranback, thanks for listening. i have made some psytrance, but haven't shared any. it is something i really want to get right before sharing. i released 2 free albums this year (downbeat electronica, and instrumental hiphop) maybe you will be interested: https://brokenclock.bandcamp.com/ peace
  9. i actually find that Dog Days Bliss reminds me most of Dark Soho's - The Fusion, rhythmically i guess http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_023DUnwbw8 this is a fantastic album from Filteria. really keen to see where he goes next
  10. haha glad you enjoyed the track, man The Chromosome track you posted reminded me of Mr Peculiar a bit, here's a track you may enjoy
  11. you make some good points Trancenonsendance, i agree that subjectivity definitely enters into it. i wasn't listening to dance music until 2001 or so, and psy was already "modern" (though still very different to today). goa was the first genre i fell in love with, and classics like Cosmology, Pleidians etc were definitely magical to me even without the culture and resonance of the "goa period" i tend to think music technology has forever altered the way tracks sound, and more importantly how they are made. i don't think Man With No Name would sound the same if he made his tracks using modern technology. there was an insane hardware/groovebox feel to his songs which went beyond the sound and into the patterns and mentality behind the structures. i don't wish to take anything away from neo-goa, some of these guys are making the most beautiful and complex dance music currently released. but to my ears there is always something that separates it from classic goa. personally I find that Artha does the best job of summoning the old magic
  12. my favourite of the neogoa artists are Artha and Artifact303. Filteria is incredibly talented, and his set at Ozora 2011 was one of my favourites of the festival. but i feel the above mentioned artists make music which appeals to me slightly more it is strange that (arguably) no neogoa has quite captured the magic of original goa.
  13. i think there's a new Artifact303 album out next year?
  14. some great albums have been mentioned here, i would also like to encourage people to check the Frequenzwechsel album One of my favourites is from mid-year, when RadioActive Cake released Motorheart samples at this link https://soundcloud.com/radioactive-cake/motorheart
  15. i love the Cronomi label, can't wait for new goodness
  16. i respect Terrafractyl a lot but simply can't get into his music. bits and pieces grab me, but as a whole i find it a bit meandering. got a jazz feel to it, and i've never liked jazz i do enjoy this side project of his, Hypnagog http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/hypnagog-dreaming-in-pieces-ep also another side project called Mental Extensions, https://soundcloud.com/mental-extensions
  17. Drew05

    Autonomech - 1/0

    i was impressed with the sound design and overall tone of the tracks, but the content didn't engage me as much as other zenon releases. hopefully Autonomech will improve on this and i look forward to hearing what he does next
  18. great set dude. you still in Berlin? would love to hear you play this stuff through a system
  19. ^ definitely worth checking, i've listened to Sensient for years and I feel like the latest album was the best yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZEWBVTJUDc standout track
  20. ^ Hypogeo is a great producer, definitely a leader with this sound this is his set from BOOM a few years ago: https://soundcloud.com/hypogeo/boomfestival2012
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